My natural hair tag.

Hey beautiful people

Today’s post is on my natural hair. I decided to do the natural hair tag. So we’ll just go straight into the questions

How long have you been natural? I’ve been natural for 3 months, transitioned for a year.

Why did you return natural? I was tired of relaxer burns. My scalp is very sensitive, and any little thing irritates my scalp. I also wanted to have a dark and healthier hair. My relaxed hair was brown due to relaxer damages.

Hair type? I have 4c low porosity, medium density hair with strands between coarse and fine

Hair goals? Bra strap hair

Health or length? Health

Favourite products? Mega growth daily leave in strengthener

Go-to hairstyle? I don’t really have one. I’m yet to try out styles with.y natural hair. It’s either I’m wearing it in cornrows or I’m wearing it out with a headband to pull the front backwards a little bit. I only wear puffs to take pictures and after that I’ll loosen the puff, cause my hair is still quite short and it takes a lot of tension to keep my hair in a puff for now.

Which technique do you think is overrated? Inversion method, where you massage your scalp with your head upside down to grow an inch of hair in 1 week.

Which technique do you think is underrated? Trimming. It helps to grow healthy hair, and some people take it for granted.

Most annoying part of natural hair? Certainly shrinkage and single strand knots.

Current hair products? The full line of hemp oil range from We Naturals(a Ghanaian brand) which consists of hot oil treatment, shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, moisturizing hair spritz and whipped Shea butter.

Best protective styles? Cornrows with just my hair and box braids with extensions. I also like sew-ins, but once in a while

What advice would you give someone who wants to go natural? Just do it. Not everyone will be happy with it, but don’t bother. Love your hair no matter what type it is and it’ll love you back. Be patient with your hair, and it will grow beautifully.

So this concludes my natural hair tag. Thanks for reading

Stay blessed 🙌

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