Prepoo: My washday saviour

Hey beautiful people!

Happy New Year guys. I pray we all achieve our set goals for this new year and new decade. Sorry for the long wait for a new post. Many more are coming. I’ll be dropping like 4 consecutively this week before school work takes up all my time, because school has already resumed.

So from the title, I’ll be talking about how prepoo has helped me a lot, especially when I was transitioning. I have a post on prepoo on my previous blog nappycoilyhaven here on WordPress, if you’re interested in checking it out.

What is prepoo?

Prepoo is a treatment applied to the hair and scalp then left for a period of time before shampooing the hair. It’s a treatment that I hardly ever miss during my wash day because of the detangling benefits.

How to prepoo

Step1: Divide your hair into sections and clip or band it. I normally divide my hair into six sections, 2 at the back and 4 on the top because the top of my head has more hair than the back.

Step2: Spray your hair with warm water and apply your prepoo mixture, making sure to coat your strands very well and finger detangle.

Step3: Twist or braid each section. I’ll normally flattwist each section cause my hair is still quite short that when I twist each section, it tends to unravel. But flat twists stay perfectly.

Step4: Cover your hair with a plastic cap or bag and leave it from 30minutes to overnight.

Step5: Now you can proceed to detangling with a wide tooth comb or a brush.

These are the five steps to achieving a good prepoo session.

How prepoo saves me on washday

1.) Detangling is a breeze. If you prepoo appropriately, it will melt most of the tangles in your hair, making detangling easy.

2.) Protects your hair from the harsh actions of shampooing your hair. Especially when your clarifying your hair, this step shouldn’t be skipped because it helps to prevent excess oils from being stripped off your hair.

3.) It restores shine to your hair.

4.) It restores moisture back to the hair, especially when you use a moisturizing prepoo mixture.

There are various prepoo mixtures. You can use oils coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, whipped Shea butter, honey and oil mix, banana hair masks, avocado hair masks, hot oil treatments, conditioners, even store bought masks. I know African pride miracle has a prepoo treatment and I’m yet to try it out. The most popular prepoos are oils and conditioners

I normally use olive oil or palm kernel oil for my prepoo which have been amazing for my hair.

If you’ve made it to this point, you’re the real MVP😘😘

Thanks for reading

Stay blessed 🙌

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