Do protective styles the right way.

Protective styles are hairstyles we use to limit manipulation of our natural hair. There are so many protective styles available which are box braids, passion twists, spring twists, feed in braids, Bantu knots, sew ins etc. Most of these sltyles make use of hair extensions, and while they help to make the styles last longer, they can have adverse effects like drying the hair out or causing tension thereby pulling the hair.

Another thing to take note of when doing protective styles is that your hair has to be prepared properly before installing these styles. So these are the right steps to take in order to prepare your hair properly.

1. Shampooing

This is a very obvious step as you have to start with a clean hair when installing hairstyles, especially when you want them to last long. I’ll recommend you clarify your if you haven’t in a while though this is not really necessary.

2. Deep condition

You have to make sure your hair is healthy when you want to put it away. If you’re someone like me, I like to keep my protective styles for about 6 weeks this is a really long time to keep your hair out. So to prevent unnecessary breakage, this is essential. You can either do a light protein treatment and follow up with your moisturizing deep conditioner or use a deep conditioner that balances both protein and moisture so your hair is not lacking any of the above.

3. Moisturize and detangle properly

You have to make sure you moisturize your hair well with either the LOC( liquid, oil, cream) or LCO(liquid, cream, oil) method and be sure to detangle your hair so it’s free of knots

Now that we’ve established how to prepare our hair, it’s important to note some things while installing these styles. If you’re going to be doing them yourself, make sure not to grab your hair too tight to reduce the tension on your hair. You can also tell your stylist if she starts grabbing your hair too tight so she can reduce it.

Be sure to be careful around your hairline. If you’re installing braids, avoid using too much of braiding hair compared to your own hair so that it doesn’t pull out your edges.

After your protective style had been installed, you want to make sure you’re not neglecting your underneath. Be sure to moisturize every other day or even once a week if you’re too busy and seal in the moisture with a light oil. You can proceed to cleaning your scalp if you’re on braids. And don’t forget to always sleep with your satin bonnet, scarf or pillow case.

Take note that you have to give your hair some breathing space before you install another protective style so you don’t stress your hair too much.

If you’ve made it to this point, you’re the real MVP 😘

Thanks for reading. Feel free to check out my other posts.

Stay blessed 🙌

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