Cowashing natural hair.

My hair needed a boost of moisture in between my biweekly washes so I decided to cowash my hair. I’ve always wanted to try out cowashing but I never got around to do so. I was skeptical about it working for my hair but I comforted myself with the fact that if it doesn’t come out well, I’ll be clarifying my hair the next wash day the following week, so it won’t matter.

Cowashing is a process where you use just conditioners to cleanse your hair. Cowashes are done when you’re hair isn’t really dirty, but you still need to cleanse your hair mildly.

Why you should cowash

1.) It’s more gentle to cowash your hair than to use a shampoo.

2.) Less moisture loss

3.) Less frizz

4.) Faster and easier washday. You get to cleanse and condition your hair in one step.

5.) It’s perfect for refreshing your hair midweek or in between shampooing.

With cowashing, you can decide to deep condition afterwards but I decided to skip it because I was cowashing my hair in the night, and I was kind of tired. Plus I felt my hair was already moisturized enough. No need to put it through unnecessary stress because I know deep conditioning is good, but excess of it can be harmful.

So, I used my xpel hair care banana conditioner to cowash and washing my hair has never felt so good because I literally jumped into the shower without detangling my hair prior to that time, drenched my hair in water and applied the conditioner on my hair.

I was able to detangle my hair easily with just my fingers and just used a comb for necessity sake, just to make sure my hair was properly detangled.

The whole process of cowashing took me about 20mimutes and I spent most of the time admiring my curls in the bathroom 😂. My hair was soft, bouncy and moisturized after the whole process. This is something I see myself doing more often.

The key to adding a cowash in your hair care routine is to not over do it. Just cleansing your hair with conditioners can cause product build up which can cause breakage.

Do you cowash your hair? Let me know how you add it to your hair care routine.

I did a thing to my hair after cowashing my hair guys. Stay tuned to see what I did in my next post.

Thanks for reading.

Stay blessed 🙌

2 thoughts on “Cowashing natural hair.

  1. Edima says:

    Hi, my name is Edima and I so happened to stubble upon your blog and I am impressed really. It’s been hard to find Nigerian blogs where you can actually find detailed yet lazy hair talk. I’m transitioning to natural and it’s been so stressful. I do not know where to start or where to even begin. . Any ways, I usually watch most of these natural hair things on youtube yet I’m still unsure if I’m doing this thing right. I bought a cantu cowash for my hair because I heard it’s real nice to wash your hair with a cowash. Butttt my hair really doesn’t get so clean. Let me equally just say my hair is 2 months and 2 weeks into post relaxer. I just really need your help on what to do with my hair, should I still do cowash or should I get myself some good Ole shampoo and conditioner? These things are really hard and researching about it just makes me get even more confused…😡😧
    And equally, your blogs were helpful but more info would be nice.😊


    • Hey Edima. I totally can relate to you and that’s why I started this blog. Anyway about this cowashing thing, the best way to use it is as sort of a refresh wash in between washdays when your hair is not so dirty. So yes, you still need a normal shampoo and conditioner. And since you’re transitioning, you need to deep condition regularly and a good and affordable deep conditioner is mega growth deep conditioner. It would help with breakage because you’ll start experiencing breakage soon. And you need to just wash and deep condition your hair, moisturize it and let it breathe in simple protective styles. Have you read my post on transitioning hair? I have some more tips there as well.


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