Wash and No or Wash and Go?

What was I thinking when I picked up my eco styling gel to do a wash and go? Nothing. I clearly wasn’t thinking because for a moment I forgot I have thick thick 4c hair with hardly any visible curl pattern except when soaking wet.

Before I tried this hairstyle, I was on YouTube for a good amount of time trying to find the perfect video I could follow for 4c hair and my hair length. It’s very hard to find videos for short real 4c hair wash and go. After all the search and watching all the videos I found, I decided to do a wash and go on dry hair (was this a sensible idea?) I was trying to minimize shrinkage.

I cowashed my hair the previous night and moisturized it with a leave in conditioner and an oil. Then went to bed.

The faithful day of the wash and go came and I started off with okro gel, it didn’t clump my coils to my liking so I topped it with eco styling gel and I started getting better definition of my coils. It was a struggle to get my hair to clump properly. I alternated from shingling, to raking, to smoothing just so that my hair will act right.

I finally got it to work. I did a combination of raking and smoothing. I realized that I shouldn’t have used a leave in conditioner prior to doing the wash and go because it was flaking and creating a barrier that was not allowing the gel to clump my coils properly.

I learnt from my mistakes and next time I’ll use a water based moisturizer like a spray so that it doesn’t occur again. I’ll also start on freshly washed hair, clarified if possible because when I clarify my hair with a clay mask, my coils tend to come out from their hiding place which will be a good base for doing a wash and go.

I’ll still use the same method of raking the gel through my hair and smoothing gel through very little sections. This created a very good curl pattern for me so I’ll stick with it.

I probably won’t use eco styler the next time. It depends on if I get a new gel which I plan to.

The end result came out okay for my first time. By the time it was dry just you could only see the coils on the ends of my hair because of how thick my hair is.

Half way done
Freshly styled. You can see the first section had started shrinking already
After 2hours

So do you think this was a wash and go or wash and no? The shrinkage and struggle were real…smh.

Side note, I didn’t sleep with this style. I did flat twists and changed the look to a flat twist out.

I love how easy it is to switch up styles with natural hair. It’s so versatile. So watch this space to see how my flat twist out turned out with a nice updo I did (it may or may not be my best hairstyle yet).

4 thoughts on “Wash and No or Wash and Go?

  1. That thick thick 4c hair is its own animal, lol. I think it’s a WASH AND YESSSSS GIRL! It came out precious. I have such a love-hate relationship with shrinkage. Well done 🌻


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