I was scammed

Welcome back to my blog. Hope you’re all doing good and staying safe. Today I’m ranting because I’m pained.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has asked someone with a very smooth and pretty skin for her skin care routine and she replied ‘oh I just drink a lot of water’.

‘Drink a lot of water, you’ll have clear skin’

‘Drink a lot of water, you’ll have glowing skin’

‘Drinking a lot of water will clear your pimples’

I love water so much that I’m always with my water bottle. If I had my way I’ll have so many water bottles in different colours and according to my mood because water is just life. In school I always have my water bottle in my school bag and when I’m carrying a bag that’s too small to contain my bottle, best believe I’ll carry my bottle in my hands. My water bottle is my signature anywhere anytime.

So now that we have established my love for water, when these daughters of God tell me that all they do to keep their skin clear is to drink water I used to wonder if the water I’ve been drinking is acidic.

No problem. I googled it to know exactly what happens behind the scenes because I like to be informed.

Google told me things and things and I became convinced because who doesn’t want clear skin? So I read that drinking 2-3 litres of water everyday would do the job.

What did I do with the information above? I judiciously drank 3 litres of water everyday like I was taking prescribed drugs. I was wasting so much water 😂.I used to drink water randomly before, but I then started keeping track of how much water I drink exactly.

Remembering my trips to the toilet every few minutes makes me want to roll on the ground in frustration because it didn’t do anything visible.I know how much strength I put into drinking all that much water. I know drinking water is really good and all that, but it didn’t do what I was expecting. My trips to the toilet were in vain.

Mind you, I was still doing my normal skin care routine and avoiding foods that made me break out the more like butter and fried groundnut just so that my skin can finally look like I love it😂😂.

What was failed to mention in Google is that it does cure hormonal pimples. At least not immediately. It only helps in the long run. For 3 years I’ve been having hormonal pimples. A week before my period I’ll have devilish pimples which will come to drop the invitation card to announce that my period is coming soon.

These pimples would stay for 2 weeks. 1 week before menstruation and 1 week during and after menstruation. So I have only a short time to nurse my skin back to health and bam! It’s another month and another cycle of hormonal pimples.

I was scammed but I’m still drinking water and minding my business🤷. It’s all good. One day I shall tell my children how I fought these pimples.

I still try to keep track of how much water I drink. There’s just a sense of fulfilment in knowing that I’m doing what I know is good for my health.

Do you drink a lot of water and do you keep track of it like me?

Thanks for reading.

Stay blessed and stay safe.

14 thoughts on “I was scammed

  1. Honestly ever since I can remember I have drank 2 littres of water a day. I love love love water just like you, but I had a lot of skin problems, from pimples to scarring to texture, So when these people were shouting ” Drink Water” I was confused but kept drinking my water regardless.
    Now that I have okay-ish skin, I do believe drinking water is necessary though.

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