An Introvert Vs Quarantine Life

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog.πŸ™‹πŸ™‹. I think 1am is becoming my thing now cause I’m awake at 1am again and I was going through my drafts and saw this work halfway done.

Hope you’re all doing good? Are we still in quarantine? Movements are ongoing but schools haven’t been open yet so I guess we’re still in quarantine. Well, I’m still in quarantine because I’m not really going anywhere.

I’ve had this post sitting in my draft and I don’t know why I never got it edited and posted, probably laziness, probably forgetfulness, but here it is now.

When they first told me about a quarantine and having to stay at home, I was like ‘great! I do that anyway, now I can stay at home and no feel guilty for not leaving my house and rest an actual rest’. This quarantine came at a time when I actually needed to rest, because I felt like school was draining my soul at that time. Well, we were on 2 weeks warning strike before then so I was already resting but the resting time ended up being extended and now we’ve been at home for about 4 months now.

The introvert in me has been pleased to stay at home all this while, but staying at home with everybody at home is a lot of work. I love my parents and siblings but I like my personal space too and somehow, just somehow they find a way to get in my personal space and it’s frustrating because I did not sign up for this. We’ve stayed at home longer than a normal holiday and it’s taking a toll on everybody.

Have you ever stayed in your room and one of your sibling enters, then the next, then the next again and before you know it there’s a family meeting in your room. It’s now a norm so I’m not complaining again.

Or is it when you drop something in a place and find it somewhere else? It’s now another norm.

I miss when everybody had somewhere to go to and leaving me alone at home.

I miss disturbing my roommate.

I miss my midnight snacks I take in school.

I miss the process of dressing up to go out. Emphasis on the process and not ‘going out’.

I miss making plans to go out with my friends.

Most of all, I miss my personal space.

What do you miss about pre-quarantine(I don’t think this is a word but it would do) life?

Thanks for reading.

Stay blessed and stay safe☺️

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