Quick Emergency Product Haul

Welcome back to my blog🙋🙋

I said from one of my previous posts that my hair products had finished and I wasn’t planning on restocking till school resumes but since nobody knows when that is, and I’m about to take down my braids in about a week, hopefully because minus feeling lazy and enjoying my freedom with this braids, I’ve been a little under the weather so I don’t know if I’ll be up for dealing with my hair by next weekend.

As an adequate planner which I am, I wrote down and calculated the price of what I wanted to buy but on getting there, their hair products aisle was almost empty. I almost cried because all my plans were shattered. I honestly didn’t expect what I saw. I planned on getting blue magic leave in conditioner and mamiya organics hair cream or any curling cream and any instant conditioner.

There were only 3 brands of leave in conditioners and as usual, mega growth leave in conditioner was part of there and you guys know I said I don’t want to use it again so I had to get another one. I got miracle leave in conditioner and I was really skeptical about getting this product but I’ve read a few reviews about the product and decided to just try my luck. The leave in conditioner sold for 750naira.

For the instant conditioner, I had either vo5 conditioner or XHC conditioner in mind so I got the vo5 pomegranate bliss moisturizing conditioner which sold for 820naira.

For the cream, my sister and I really wanted to try a real curling cream so instead of the mamiya hair cream, we got double sheen Shea butter moisturizing curl activator creme. I found out that this brand is a direct dupe for Cantu because they imitated most of their products with their product range and the names of the products. But the cream sold for 2,300naira and hopefully this works if not I will cry.

You can see from the prices of the products that I’m a really cheapskate and don’t do the most when it comes to products because at the end it’s how you take care of your hair that matters. Everything sold for 3870naira and that’s really cheap for 3 products. And I hope they last till when school resumes so I can get the hair products I really want. I might just get them as my birthday gift to myself if care is not taken.

I’ll be trying the products first on my sister’s hair because I’m going to be washing her hair tomorrow and I’ll blog on how it goes. But I’ll post a review on the products after I’ve used them for my hair.

Thanks for reading this short and quick post.

Stay safe.

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