Do You Know How To Massage Your Scalp Properly?

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Just recently I found out that I’ve been massaging my scalp the wrong way, and sometimes not even massaging at all. I’m even lazy at times because I’m just lazy. Most times we’re more concerned about our hair strands than the scalp, the actual place were the hair grows from.

A video by green beauty on YouTube made me aware of this. Are you part of this table? Well, you’ll find out by the end of this post.

I used to basically just move my fingers around my scalp thinking I’m massaging it and I think my growth oils were even wasting then because what’s the essence of applying growth oils on your scalp if you won’t massage the oil into your scalp?

The Right Way To Massage Your Scalp.

1.) Place the the tip of your fingers on your scalp and apply light to medium pressure.

2.) With your fingers on a spot, move in a circular motion.

3.)Work your way across your scalp to cover all areas and continue for about 5-10 minutes.

Make sure that you are using your finger tips and not your nails as this can damage your scalp.

Also, make sure you’re applying pressure to the scalp and not just moving your fingers around.

Benefits of a proper scalp massage

1.) It promotes sebum production which will prevent your scalp from being dry. So if you suffer from dry scalp, you should be massaging your scalp every day.

2.) Massaging your scalp helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp which promotes hair growth.

3.) It’s relaxing, and help to reduce stress, tension and even headaches.

4.) It strengthens the roots of your hair.

You can also use a scalp massager instead of your fingers. Either a manual or electric massager would work fine.

This is a manual scalp massager.

So are you on the table of not massaging your scalp properly? Have you learnt how to do it properly now?

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe.

7 thoughts on “Do You Know How To Massage Your Scalp Properly?

  1. I’ll do well to inculcate this habit. I’ll channel the energy I use in playing with my hair to massaging my scalp from henceforth.

    You’re welcome. Your posts have really come in handy for me as they are very relatable and now I have ideas about some natural hair stuff*.
    I’m happy I found you hear on WordPress ๐Ÿค—

    Liked by 1 person

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