Appreciation Post: Thank You For 50 Followers

Welcome back to my blog πŸ™‹ πŸ™‹

This was supposed to be done a few days ago but life of laziness got in the way and now I’m here.

I’m really happy right now typing this because I remember when I created this blog late last year and I was really down because I lost access to my previous one and when I created this one I basically abondoned it for a few months because I saw that as a setback. The purpose of creating a blogsite was to share my hair journey, from transitioning to when I big chopped then growing my natural hair but I lost the transitioning phase and it’s okay I guess.

Well, I got back my mojo and basically did more this year than the first 2, 3 months since I created this blog.

Anyway, I’m really happy for 50+ of you guys that find my content helpful or interesting enough to want to see more. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll see I’ve diversed from just natural hair and reaching out into different other topics because I want to use this blog as my space where I can vent, discuss and rant to you guys. I’ve met amazing people here and you might not know it, but you’re my friend in my mind already.

Okay, this is a lowly girl expressing her gratitude to you all. I’m not a girl of many words so this is really short and straight to the point. And I’m looking forward to when I’ll be writing an appreciation post for 100 followers and more.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe ☺️

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