Story Corner|| I thought I was wise as a child

Welcome back to my blog πŸ™‹ πŸ™‹

Hope you’re all doing good? I’m starting a series where I give you guys gist you didn’t ask for because why not? It’s going to be random stories from my life even though I have quite a boring life, I have days when some ‘interesting’ things happen.

So today we’ll be talking about one from my childhood. I was 7 or 8 years I think.

I’ve said that I have 2 sisters here before right? So when we were younger there was a lady who used to come to our house to make our hair and she always used to complain that my hair is very strong and hard.

This faithful Saturday, since I was tired of hearing that my hair is hard, I decided to pour water on my hair while having my bath so my hair is softer and easier to manage. Mind you, my hair was relaxed and water had no business in my hair.

I knew what I did was wrong, so I decided to wear a hoodie and used it to cover my hair so that my mum wouldn’t see it and that day was sunny so when she saw me, she asked if I was alright and I said yes very quickly so she wouldn’t suspect anything. I think that’s even what made her suspect the more.

Fast forward to when our hairdresser came, I was called first to get my hair done and when I removed the hood from my hair, she saw that my hair was wet and reported to my mum to find out why my hair was wet. When my mum touched my hair, the slap she gave on my back that day ehn?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’ll forever remember it because I was a very good child and never gave her any issues to slap or flog me till that day.

Well, my punishment was to sit under the sun till my hair driedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Even if it wasn’t much of a punishment because we had swings in our compound then and I was busy swinging till my hair dried.

Did you enjoy my little story? I thought I had a lot of sense as a child, but looking back, I guess not.

Thanks for reading

Stay safe☺️

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