Long Time No Natural Hair Talk|| Don’t be like me and wash your hair.

Welcome back to my blog 🙋 🙋

How are you all doing? I’ve been spending most of my time sleeping because I can. It’s almost a year since my big chop and I’m super excited to see what my hair would look like when I do a proper length check and blow out.

Since I took down the braids from my hair, I’ve been moving around the house with a scarf because my hair has been in chunky braids for a week now which was meant to be for a braid out but I got lazy and have been wearing scarfs or a wig if I have to leave the house. I wore a wig to church on Sunday because I couldn’t be bothered.

I’ve been lazy to do my hair which is good in a way because I’m not manipulating my hair. The six weeks of having my hair away helped me curb hands in hair syndrome which I was battling with. Now my hair is looking not at it’s best(it’s still moisturized though)and I can’t be bothered okay? But this is so unlike me because right now, my scalp is feeling itchy since I’ve not clarified it in a while but I’ll do that as soon as I have the strength to do so.

I know I said I would blog about my sister’s washday but I lost most of the pictures I took and I didn’t want to post a work that wasn’t detailed and I want to start documenting my washdays like I used to do when I was transitioning but of recent, I’ve been washing my hair at night and I really can’t be bothered to start stressing myself with pictures because they won’t be as clear as if I should do it during the day. I’ve become a night owl obviously because I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day so I tend to have more energy in the night. But for my next washday I’ll force myself to do it during the day and I’ll blog about it. I’m going to be doing a clay mask and a diy deep conditioner.

So the first part of the blog was written two days ago and I don’t feel like starting all over, but as at today I’ve washed my hair and this washday was very impromptu because I couldn’t take the itchiness on my scalp again. My washday was meant to be on Saturday but I had scratched my scalp and given myself an injury and since I sweat on my scalp, and the weather is now so hot, I couldn’t continue being uncomfortable so I had to wash my hair.

It was really impromptu and quick. I still did the clay mask and that helped to give my scalp instant relief. No more itchiness and my scalp feels so good now.

I tried shifting my washday to every 2 weeks because I’m trying to conserve my hair products but you can see that my scalp is not agreeing to that decision and I don’t even understand because if I were wearing braids, I wouldn’t be having this problem. But we move sha because I just want to believe I had this problem because I’ve not clarified my hair in a while and my hair was in a scarf like 80% of the day and the weather is so hot now. So I’ll still try and see if I’ll be able to make it to 2 weeks before washing my hair again.

Thanks for reading this mini rant about my hair. Do you wash your hair biweekly? And how do you get your hair to cooperate with you till then?

Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “Long Time No Natural Hair Talk|| Don’t be like me and wash your hair.

  1. Oh…my scalp tends to itch me but I’ve decided to not wear my scarf as much as I used to when I’m at home. I feel it’s too much manipulation for my hair right now to be washing every week.


  2. Kabi says:

    I try to wash my hair every week but sometimes I don’t feel like it which is perfectly fine.
    So in the meantime, I normally have it in a satin or silk scarf till my next wash day. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I skip washdays too but I try not to exceed 2 weeks. I found out that leaving my hair in scarfs or bonnets all the time is not really good for me. My scalp tends to start itching.


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