Finger Detangling 4c Natural Hair|| Did I damage my hair?

Welcome back to my blog🙋🙋

How are you all doing? I tried to finger detangle my hair some days days ago. This was not my first time but I think I damaged my ends. As I was twisting my hair after the finger detangling fiasco, I started noticing that my ends were feeling broken.

Let me give you guys the back story. So it was around almost 9pm at night and I wore my hair in an afro to church that day so I had to put it in chunky braids and I didn’t want to comb my hair because I’m trying not to comb my hair often, so I decided to finger detangle. Good choice right? Well, not so much.

I used just water and shea butter as I was detangling so I didn’t have enough slip to detangle easily but I thought it would be better to just use my fingers. And I was pretty much tired because I had a long day. Normally, I’ll use something with a lot of slip like okro gel and I would have enough time and strength for my hair.

So combining these two mistakes made me loose more hair than usual when detangling. I used my scissors to snip off some few ends which were feeling broken or very thin at the end of some of the twists just so my hair is in good condition. My ends have been pretty much healthy since I big chopped so I plan to keep it that way. As my hair is getting longer, I’m getting more scissors happy😂. Am I the only one this happens to?

What is finger detangling?

Finger Detangling is also called finger combing. It’s the process of removing or untangling shed hair with just your fingers and arranging your hair as you would with a comb. Finger detangling is meant to be beneficial for those with kinkier hair textures.

Benefits of finger detangling.

Finger detangling your hair in place of using a comb is very beneficial for our hair because you’re reducing the risk of unnecessary breakage when you use your fingers and you’re being gentle with it. The key word there is ‘gentle’. I’ve learnt the hard way that no matter what I’m doing with my hair, I have to be gentle.

When you use your fingers to detangle instead of a comb or brush, you’re putting less tension on your hair and you can easily feel where the knots are and gently remove them instead of just ripping through it with a comb.

How to finger detangle your hair.

1.) Make sure you’re in the right frame of mind with enough strength to work with your hair.

2.) Spritz your hair with water or a moisturizing spray to prepare your hair strands for manipulation.

3.) Gently divide your hair into small sections and work through each section one at a time with a product that has good slip for detangling.

4.) Be sure to start working from the ends to the roots of your hair, making sure to remove all shed hair.

5.) When you encounter any knots, slowly remove each strand attached to the knot until the knot gives away or can’t be reduced any further then use a scissors to snip the hair as close as possible to the knot so you can preserve as much length as you can.

5.) Be gentle as you separate your hair strands to prevent unnecessary breakage.

This process is really slow and time consuming until you get the hang of it, but the results when done the right way are worth it. People who have fine hair strands or thin hair would benefit more from finger detangling because their hair strands are more fragile. So if you have fine or thin hair, I’ll suggest you try to finger detangle and see if it works for you.

My hair is on the thick side, and it’s getting thicker as it’s growing longer so I tend to have issues with finger detangling but I usually do it when I feel like using a comb would be too much manipulation for my hair.

Do you prefer to finger detangle your hair?

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe☺️

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