DIY Knotless Goddess Braids On Short 4c Hair.

First of all, my hair is still in the short hair category right? I’m like my hair’s last fan when it comes to recognizing it’s length because I’m all about my hair being healthy right now.

My current hair length

Anyway, I did knotless goddess braids on myself last week and it was my first time trying the goddess thing and it was quite difficult because I didn’t have any curly weave to add for the curly strands especially since I wanted to do red braids and not black or brown like I’ll normally do but I got to work around with just the extensions and still got a pretty good result.

I used 3 packs of X-pression extensions in colour 35. The braids are very long; they got very well past my butt before curling and after curling they’re just at my waist, above my butt. This is my first time doing braids of this length and they’re not even heavy because I did it as knotless braids. I won’t stop raving about knotless braids because they’re really very protective to the hair.


I hope what I’m about to explain would be able to give a good mental picture. I’m going to try to be as explanatory as possible.

I started by prepping my hair then the extensions.

How I Prep My Hair

So I have a really detailed post on what my washday is like before I get a long term protective style to prep my hair but after the washday and I took down the thread used to stretch my hair, I did the following;

1.)I divided my hair into 2 horizontal sections, the front being smaller than the back.

2.) I clipped the front away and started working with the back. I started sectioning my hair into smaller horizontal sections and by the time I was done with the back section, I had 7 horizontal sections at the back of my head which I wove to keep them separated from each other.

3.) I started working with the front section next. I divided my hair with a vertical part in the middle of my head to give 2 equal sections on the left and right.

4.) I clipped one section away then started working with the other one. I made 5 vertical parts on each section and flat twisted each section to keep them separated from each other.

By the time I was through, I had 10 vertical sections on the front of my hair and 7 horizontal sections on the back of my hair.

This sectioning before braiding method made me faster because I tend to take a lot of time to part my hair which makes me waste unnecessary time while braiding my hair.

How I Prep The Extensions

I used 3 packs of extensions like I said earlier on and they come very long so I cut the hair into just 2 equal halfs because I wanted my hair really long.

Next, since the ends were blunt I had to start stretching them to give feathered ends which are more desirable for the look I was going for. I stretched them to be pretty long. It’s important to note that if you stretch your hair to be very long, they wouldn’t be so thick. So you’re trading volume or thickness rather, for length.

After stretching the hair which is quite a process, I had to arrange the hair then brush it and if you’re not careful you’ll loose so much hair in this process.

After I’ve brushed for a while, I added Shea butter to the hair because I don’t have any hair grease that’s usually used in the salons and Shea butter still got the work done. After applying the butter I brushed the extension again until I was satisfied with how it looked and felt in my hands. You can work with as small sections as you’re comfortable with so you don’t end up wasting part of the extension.


I don’t think there’s it’s possible to explain how to do knotless braids without actually seeing it so I’ll just be deceiving myself. But I started with my hair then gradually added the extension. When I got to the point where I want the curly hair to hang from, I’ll drop some strands of the braiding extension and keep it separated from the hair I’m braiding so it doesn’t get mixed up.

This was a very tedious process so I didn’t bother bringing out any strands to be curled at the back.

When I was finally through with braiding my entire head which took like an entire day with a lot of breaks in between, I curled the ends of my hair with threads and soaked in hot water for some seconds. It’s a very popular way to curl hair in Nigerian salons so it was quite easy to do but you can use flexi rods or perm rods and get the same result.

For the curly hair strands, I said earlier on that I left some straight braiding hair so I gathered the straight strands in about 3 braids which were close together and wrapped around a flexi rod then soaked it in boiling hot water too.

After unraveling all the curls, my knotless goddess braids were done and I was super happy. I was so drained I won’t even lie. I did my sister’s hair on Monday and Tuesday that week and I started my own the next day so best believe I was exhausted. I was using residual strength to do my own hair but I had to because we had a wedding to attend that weekend and we had to look ghen ghen😂😂 so I had to go through all that stress but it was worth it at the end.

I still think my sister’s hair is prettier than mine but I just console myself with the fact that I’m the one who braided myself and I did a badass work at that. I was threatening my sister when she was helping me with the curls for my hair where my hand couldn’t reach that if she doesn’t get them right that I’ll cut off her own hair when she’s sleeping😂.

I didn’t get to take good pictures of the hair until 2 days ago and the curls have already started frizzing up because I forgot to fully separate all the curls while they were still wet. This is my first time doing any curly hairstyle so I didn’t know that but I’ll still recurl my hair in few weeks time to give it a refreshed look.

Little life update: I finished reading the book ‘daughters who walk this path’ and it’s such a great read. Morayo got a happy ending which made me happy too. I just finished ‘the smart money woman’ by Arese Ugwu and it’s another amazing read about finances and the African woman. I loved when Tami said she wants to be a ‘new trophy wife’😂. I really feel her. I want to be a boss lady, independent but still spoiled because I’m still a baby girl😂😂. I want to be indespoiled😂. You get what I mean right?😉

Thanks for reading😊.

What’s your opinion on getting your hair done yourself?

18 thoughts on “DIY Knotless Goddess Braids On Short 4c Hair.

  1. Yinda says:

    Your hair still looks great! I’m still amazed that you braided it all yourself. Talent o.
    I just got the Smart Money Woman myself but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. Great post, Wendy and pretty explanatory too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Yinda! I’m even amazed myself because I never knew I could do this and I always had cold feet anytime I want to try.

      You should totally read the smart money woman. I even heard there’s a sequel already. I love how the author used a story of a girl who was broke to pass of the message about managing your finances. And there’s even an exercise to do after every chapter.


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