Chapter 20🎊||Goodbye To Being A Teenager + 20 Random Facts About Me

I’m freaking 20 okay?! I’ve been brainstorming or rather ‘stressing’ on how I want this post to be, long before my birthday. I had a few ideas, but as usual few days to go, I started having doubs and questioning if I should go with what I had planned.

I’m typing this by 1am and I still don’t know how I want to spend my day. If it’s anything interesting, I’ll let you guys know. But what I’m sure of is that I’m spending my entire day being extremely grateful to God. My appreciation to Him today is on a different level. I’ve never been 20 before and it’s only by His faithfulness that I am 20 today.

I enjoyed being a teenager. A lesson I’m taking with me from that phase of my life is to read people’s energy and trust my instincts (backed up by God’s will of course). Luckily, I know when someone’s energy is not safe for me if I’m very observant. As a human being we have to connect with other human beings and this is what I struggle with. When I keep to myself, I know why I do so. I always say it’s to avoid unnecessary drama and insults that comes with overfamiliarity. And while this is true, I always leave the fact that I’m also scared so I’ll rather keep to myself.

But it’s essential to interact with other people and make new friends, connections and whatnot. Human beings can cause your downfall, but it’s still the same human being that God would use to bring you up. So I’ve started using this mentality to improve myself.

This is beginning to sound depressing, but what I’m trying to say is that I’m entering 20 being a boss lady. I’m ready to try new things, meet new people and grow where needed. I’m no more scared of making mistakes because I’m human after all. And with God by my side, I can do exploits.

So let’s move to the fun part of this post 💃💃

20 Random Facts About Me.

1.) I’m a worshipper. I love to praise God, but you see worship, that’s where I exalt Him, thank Him, even still praise Him and lay my worries at His feet. Worship is never too long for me.

2.) I love too many colours to choose a favourite colour, but I favour purple more and green is my least best colour.

3.) I talk to myself a lot. I have conversations with myself, of course not when in public before they think I’m running mad😂. But I find it really therapeutic to talk to myself. It’s like saying affirmations for me.

4.) I hate heat. Hot food❌ hot water ❌ hot places❌.

5.) I have very low tolerance to pain. ‘Ouch’ is one of my most said words of the day and it doesn’t help that I’m sometimes clumsy and can trip on even air😂.

6.) I don’t have any particular genre of music that I love. I think I even like most of them. If I like a song, then I like it and may not like another in that genre.

7.) I can eat rice everyday and not get tired. There are just so many ways to eat rice but jollof rice makes me really happy☺️.

8.) I hate skirts but I have to wear them because apparently trousers are not cooperate clothes in my faculty in school and I can’t wear gowns every single day.

9.) It’s a normal thing for me to wake up in the middle of the night thirsty so I usually sleep with my bottle of water close by.

10.) My favourite and lucky number is 5.

11.) I love people watching. It’s soothing for me, seeing random people go about their activities.

12.) My favourite holiday is New Year’s day. I don’t know if I should combine it with Christmas, but I think I love celebrating the New Year part more. I’m usually hyped up during New Year’s celebration.

13.) I love chocolates. If you don’t like chocolates, read it here that you are weird and deserve to be punished in chocolate land😂😂.

14.) I’m not a fan of tea or coffee. I take tea on veryyyy rare occasions. I do not drink coffee at all, but I love the smell though.

15.) My favourite jewelries are earings and bracelets. What are necklaces? I don’t like anything taking away the attention of my collarbones.

16.) Orange juice is the only fruit juice I can stand.

17.) I deliberately leave loose change in my clothes. They’re like gifts from me to myself when I see them.

18.) I can’t walk on barefoot when I’m inside. I mean I can, but it’s one of the most uncomfortable things for me. Whether the floor is clean or not, I prefer wearing a slippers.

19.) I’m a listener. I hardly forget things about people and I prefer being in the listening side than being in the talking side most times.

20.) I rant a lot when I’m stressed or angry. Don’t tell me I’m overreacting or to calm down, that is how I’m calming down. If I don’t let it out by talking it tends to eat me up inside and this is one of the reasons I talk to myself too.

We got to 20? I’m even surprised I got up to 20 because I wanted the facts to be really random.

Alright, I’m leaving this to go sleep because I have a long day ahead of me.

Thanks for reading☺️

49 thoughts on “Chapter 20🎊||Goodbye To Being A Teenager + 20 Random Facts About Me

  1. Happy birthday dear.
    I’ve just gone through the comments and some one doesn’t understand how one won’t like chocolate 😭 I hate chocolates 😭 and orange juice😭.
    Anyway it was nice getting to know ya better… Have a nice day

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yinda says:

    Happy birthday baby girl! More life and love.
    This was a lovely post and it’s funny how much we have in common. I Iove necklaces though. Can’t leave the house without one cause my neck feels too bare! 😄
    Was nice reading more about you.

    Liked by 1 person

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