My Black Friday/Christmas Wishlist|| Natural Hair Edition.

Welcome back to my blog 🙋 🙋 It feels like forever since I last blogged and it’s so funny how I’ve been inconsistent with blogging since I made specific days for blogging. October was a month of so many emotions. Dealing with anxiety, then I lost 2 friends, one had to be ‘cut off’ as people say. I’m grateful for a new month, I’m in a much better place right now. This is a long ass intro but I didn’t want to do a separate post for this today, maybe I’ll go into details some other time.

November is here which means black Friday is here, and Christmas is around the corner too, and all I can hear is SALES! I know I’m not the only person who scrolls online looking at things they’re not buying anytime soon. I have lots of things I want to have in my hair stash and since I’m still on a student budget these things are on the luxury list and very low in the scale of preference. I usually like buying my stuff around this time, but this year has been a different year so the flow of cash wasn’t the same with other years so I’m not making any purchase for black Friday/ Christmas sales because unlike other years, I didn’t do a huge haul for my hair products My hair products finished earlier than usual so I couldn’t wait for sales this year and I made purchases at different times because it felt better than spending so much money at once for hair products.

On that note, I decided to make a wishlist of both the things I can afford right now and the ones I can’t afford yet, but we’ll get there. My life is a very fertile ground to sow in case anybody was wondering.

So I’ll be listing the things I want to have in my stash in no particular order.

360° mist spray bottle

I’ve been seeing this a lot and it seems like such a convenient tool to have. It’s different from the normal spray bottle and works like those body spray cans where you just longpress the nozzle and the spray comes out continuously. You won’t have to keep on pressing the nozzle of your spray bottle multiple times and the water doesn’t come out in droplets like the other normal spray bottle.

EZ Detangling Brush

This seems like another really good tool to have. It has bristles which separate when detangling your hair, causing no tension which is great for gender headed people.The brush seems to be really good amd there has been nothing but good reviews about it. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that detangling my hair is a major concern for me.

Kinky Clip-in Extensions

I’ve wanted this for the longest time. I almost bought one from naturalgirlwigs on Instagram but life happened and the money was used for something else. Clip in extensions are very easy to use and it’s a fast and easy way to put your hair in a quick protective style without trying too hard. And it’s also an easy way to fake it till you make it when you get extensions which match your hair texture.

Temporary Hair Dye.

I’ll get this as soon as I find a store or someone in Port Harcourt that sells this. All vendors I found online are in Lagos and I can’t buy something of 2500naira and pay 2000 as delivery fee. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair temporarily because I can’t commit to one colour that’s not my natural hair colour and I don’t also want to deal with the extra work colour treated hair comes with but I’ve not seen any temporary hair colour here in Port Harcourt.

Bentonite Clay

This thing is so expensive right now for me, especially when kaolin clay is so cheap so this would continue being on my wishlist till further notice. But I really want to do a bentonite clay mask on my hair.

African Pride Pre-shampoo

This product is a prepoo made of aloe vera and coconut water. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know I love to prepoo my hair. And if you read my natural hair trends post, I said that I want to add aloe vera to my hair routine but it comes with a lot of stress. So seeing this product really has me curious to use it.

Camille Rose Naturals Products

The day I get to use these products, nobody would be able to talk to me anyhow. I’ll feel so bougie because these products are so freaking expensive. But they are natural products and they have really amazing ingredients. There has been nothing but good reviews about them but a lowly girl can’t afford them now.

Revlon Blow-dryer Brush

It’s the ease with how you can blow dry your hair easily with this tool for me. I’ve attempted blow-drying my hair and it was not an easy job, so having a blow dryer which is in brush form would be so cool but then again, it’s expensive as hell.

Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel

The way this thing lays down people’s hair!! I want it periodt! I’ve always been a ponytail girl and my hair is finally getting of length to do a ponytail without extensions and even though eco styling gel works fine, I want something better with a stronger hold which is this product

That’s it for this post. I can’t afford to be a product junkie even if I want to because natural hair products are so expensive. What’s on your wishlist?

Meanwhile, I wanted to do a post where I’ll respond to your assumptions about me, so if you’re interested in knowing anything, leave an assumption in the comments section and I’ll respond to all the assumptions in another post.

Stay safe✌️

7 thoughts on “My Black Friday/Christmas Wishlist|| Natural Hair Edition.

  1. Sales are everywhere indeed and you got a lot on your wish list. Sorry for your loss. As long as you’re back I’m happy. I missed you sooo much. No Tuesday or Friday or any day passed by that I didn’t check for your posts. Don’t ever do that to me again, ever😭😭😭😭😭!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mehn… Thank God you came out of October stronger ♥️🤗 I’m sending love and hugs to you.

    This post was def fun to go through and seeing three top things on my list made it funner 😅

    We hope to hear that anon sent you black friday money


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