Blogmas Day 7|I Almost Fought On The Road.

Welcome to blogmas day 7.

Today’s post should have been featured in my story corner but let’s have it in the blogmas cause why not?

I like to think of myself as a very calm person and someone who doesn’t like trouble but you see, Nigeria is a mad place and you have to have an ounce of madness in you to survive in Nigeria.

One evening on my way to church, I was about crossing the road at a junction and all of a sudden my hand was held back. I looked back in shock because I was surprised. I turned around and I saw it was a bus conductor. I was already irritated because I was running late because of the same bus conductors but that’s a story for another day.

So this bus conductor held back my hand and I had to stop to let him release my hands but he wouldn’t budge. I began to shout at him before he finally let go of my hand but he wouldn’t leave the way so that I could pass and unfortunately the road was narrow. There were people selling at one side and buses at the other side so the only way was to move forward or back.

Oga made an attempt to hold my hand again asking what was so special about me that he couldn’t touch. I began to shout that he shouldn’t touch me and by then people had started gathering. Unfortunately for me, they weren’t sensible people but just another bunch of crazy bus conductors. They were just laughing and gassing him up. I was so annoyed so I just stood there while he was still trying to grab my hand but I was dodging.

It was not until the passengers in the bus that he was supposed to be loading started shouting at him that he left. I almost slapped the guy on impulse when he was holding me but I knew that would be dangerous so I held myself back. When he finally left I let out my breath I didn’t know I was holding and I almost started crying because I was so angry and felt really weak.

If you people hear that I fought on the road though don’t be surprised. They’ll probably beat me up, but I’ll try my best to give a few slaps and hits😂😂.

Have you ever had any crazy experience with strangers on the road?

Today wasn’t a hot day😩It finally rained today guys! I was so excited when I heard rain falling. The heat has been something else.

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Catch up on Blogmas Day 6 if you haven’t read it.

Stay safe 😊

9 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7|I Almost Fought On The Road.

  1. so sorry abt that, living almost all my life in ikeja, passin thru computer village, this has become a ‘norm’. screamin jst gasses them up. i usually jst pinch, or scratch, we need help and safety.
    i was super happy when the winds started, slept so well

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  2. Oga is mad!!!! What the heck!!? And what does he mean “what’s so special”? You have a heart sha cause if it was me!! The police would’ve come there. Slaps would’ve been flying everywhere. This story makes me glad that m dad has taught me how to fight.
    I’m getting worked up😅 but I’m sooooo sorry about what happened🙏.

    I’ve had encounters like this but not in the areas I’ve lived in. Who doesn’t know I like to fight😅😅.

    Above all sooooo sorry

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    • It would have ended in tears if I acted on impulse.
      So you know how to fight? That’s really nice.
      I was even mad at myself that I didn’t do anything to him.
      Thank you!
      I’ll probably pinch or scratch them next time because I can’t fight to save myself😂


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