Blogmas Day 8|How To Drink More Water.

Welcome to blogmas day 8.

I’m bringing you a topic that is already becoming so cliche because everybody always says to drink water, but it can actually be hard if you’ve not made it a habit. I’ll be sharing ways that can help you drink more water.

Set a goal.

Have a set amount of water you want to be able to finish everyday. When you have a definite set goal, it makes things more visible and easier to attain it.

Start Slow.

Don’t rush yourself. You can start with just a bottle of water, then gradually increase it.

Have a water bottle.

Preferably, a pretty one in your favourite colour. Your bottle should be with you all the time so you can drink regularly. You’re more likely to drink more water when you have a personal attachment to your bottle. I got a purple bottle because I love purple and I love carrying it about because then, I’m compelled to drink the water.

Make drinking water part of your routine.

Let it be one of the things you write down as part of the things you want to accomplish in a day, if you’re someone who writes down daily plans. Place it in a way that you can consciously remember to do, for example, after you use the bathroom or the first thing you do when you wake up.

Use an app or set reminders on your phone.

So you don’t forget, let your phone remind you since we always have our phone with us. An app can help you monitor your progress.

Reward yourself.

The human brain loves to be rewarded. Make a plan to reward yourself when you reach your drinking goal. Who doesn’t like being rewarded? You can buy yourself a snack or a book, or anything nice you want. Just let your brain make drinking water associated with a good feeling and not a chore.

Give your bottle time marks.

Or you get a bottle that has time marks. If you’re still having a hard time sticking to your drinking water goals, try making use of time marked bottles. It would help keep track of your progress and you’ll be encouraged to reach your goal.

How much water do you drink in a day? I drink from anywhere around 1.5 to 3litres.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe.

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