Blogmas Day 12|You Should Quit Assuming Today.

Welcome to blogmas day 12.

Today we’re talking about another toxic behaviour we have to leave in 2020. Assumption. Assumption is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen without proof. I’m guilty of this and I even got into a pretty heated argument because I assumed that someone was supposed to know something but didn’t.

Assumption happens when there’s an unwillingness to ask questions to feel up blank spaces of an information or situation. In the absence of complete information, you have to fill in the blank spaces yourself which most of the time, is wrong. With your own version of the story, you start connecting dots that are non existent.

It’s important to start asking questions because you don’t live in another person’s mind. I remember when this saying was trending on social media “you should hear my silence” or something around that line. How are we supposed to hear what you’re not saying? You shouldn’t assume that somebody knows something when you haven’t stated it plainly.

Some people may say actions speak louder than words, but why are your actions and words counteracting each other? That’s not meant to be so. Your words should align with your actions so that the other party can avoid assumptions. And for the other party, ask questions!

Why you should stop assuming.

1.) Assumptions can make you miss opportunities.

2.) Assumptions causes you to make errors in decision making and in your actions.

3.) Assumptions can make you overconfident and that can be dangerous.

4.) Assumptions can make you misunderstand people because you don’t give them a chance to explain themselves.

5.) Assumptions can make you cultivate a negative mindset.

6.) Assumptions can stop you from taking responsibility for your life. They allow you to hide behind the version of your story you’ve created with false information so that you won’t own your part in the true story.

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11 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 12|You Should Quit Assuming Today.

  1. The wrong decisions that assumption can make you make🤦
    You could lose friends, misunderstand people’s intentions. It’s just so terrible.
    Rather than assume, ask questions. It just brings clarity and makes things easier.

    Liked by 3 people

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