Blogmas Day 19|A Week In My Life.

Welcome to blogmas day 19.

This post is coming a day late, but you’ll understand why once you keep reading. I’ll be taking you guys through what I did this week, well, last week now, but you get the drift.


This was a pretty good day. Church closed really early so we left early too and from church, we went to my grandparent’s place. This is like an every Sunday tradition where everybody gathers at my grandparent’s house after church. We were there till night before we went back home and I’m usually very tired after all the activities of Sundays because there’s usually lots of work to be done. If you know what a typical family house looks like, then you know what I mean.


I prepared yam and eggsauce in the morning then went out to get the extensions for my hair and for some reason the colour I wanted to use was scarce so I had to check so many shops before I found it. I got back home and stretched the hair then began curling it around barbecue skewers because the hairstyle I wanted to make needs curly extensions but that’s more expensive and you remember I’m a DIY princess right? That’s majorly what I did on Monday.


Tuesday was washday so I washed my hair immediately I woke up so I could get on with my day. I made jellof rice in the morning, then continued with the rest of the extension I didn’t finish curling on Monday. I guiltily read for about 2 hours. The student in me died long ago but I’m trying to resurrect her back so I did some reading then flipped through my anatomy atlas.


This day was supposed to be a lazy day because I was extremely tired from Tuesday so I planned to wake up late but I was up early. I ended up decluttering my room then I exercised for the first time in weeks and I felt really good. Now I remember why I used to exercise. I spent some time on my phone, clearing up my gallery and some other folders in my phone to get space. I cleared 250mb alone from clearing my screenshots. I also got to sleep in the afternoon for about 2 hours which was good.

I was meant to section my hair and twist it for locs but my hair was not yet dry and I wanted to work with stretched hair,so I skipped that.

At night, I blended tomato and steamed meat to prep things for stew the next day. I don’t know where that wave of energy came from because it was around almost 11pm I stood up to do those things.


I finished preparing the stew and white rice early because I had done most of the work in the night. My hair was finally dry so I took the braids I air-dried my hair in and twisted it for the locs.

In the afternoon, I followed my mum to go pick up my younger brother from school then my day was pretty chill from then. I got to read a little bit too.


I started making my hair quite early. I started by 10 and finished around 6. I took lots of breaks because my mum’s hotspot was on and I was surfing through Instagram and completing my incomplete downloads. When I finally finished the hair, my mum and I strolled out to see if we’ll find denim shirts but we didn’t find so we came back home and I wrote down this blogpost then retired for the day.


This was the busiest of busy days. I started off with proper house chores, then I went to see my friend whose birthday was that day. I was meant to do her makeup, but there was change of plans since my schedule didn’t match hers. So I just dropped her gift and spent a few moments with her then left to meet my family people which were already in church.

After church, we went home and I was home for a while, tried to sleep, but the heat was too much so I couldn’t sleep. My mum and I then went out again to see a family friend who was celebrating her birthday/masters convocation.

After that, we went to my grandparents’ house to pickup some foodstuffs from the yearly contribution which my mum and get siblings usually do. I carried live chickens for the first time! I didn’t want to show that I was scared when I was asked to carry it so I went there and was staring at the fowl till I was told how to do it then I did it. I was a little scared though, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy.

We came back home quite late cause of traffic and I was tired. Too tired to type out this post so the plan was to type it on the way to church which I’m doing now.

That’s how my week went. It was a pretty good and busy week.

Thanks for reading.

How did your week go?

Stay safe!

10 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 19|A Week In My Life.

  1. Looks like you had an interesting week. My week was not bad. I said goodbye to friends I don’t know when I’ll see again so yeah…also celebrated my brothers birthday last week Sunday. The rest was eat,shower,chores,TV,sleep. Oh phone and blogging too

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah. It was an activity filled week.
      I’m telling you!
      That’s nice. You’re the first person to have that tradition too. I was beginning to think my family is different different. It’s cool though, because I enjoy the weekly visitations.
      Thanks for reading!


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