Blogmas Day 4| Hairstyle Inspiration For Christmas

Welcome to blogmas day 4.

Dry season is upon us and it’s a perfect excuse to get that protective style saved as a screenshot in your phone. And Christmas is approaching so we need to make our Christmas hair. Is anybody too mature for Christmas hair? Not me sha.

Anyway, I’m bringing you a protective style lookbook to inspire your next hairstyle.

Knotless Braids

If you’ve not had knotless braids done yet, you totally should. Don’t let 2020 pass without you doing this hair. I can’t overemphasize how much this style is beautiful and actually protects your hair. I gave all the tea on knotless braids here.

Distressed/butterfly locs

This is the trending hairstyle right now and I’m not mad because it’s such a cute hairstyle. Perfect for harmattan season because your hair s locked away.

Passion twists

This was the craze of 2019 but the hair is here to stay. I prefer it over regular Senegalese twists. It’s a really beautiful hairstyle.

Bantu knots

A hairstyle that takes your hair off your shoulders. But this hair is so hard to sleep with. It’s cute though, so if you can forfeit your comfort while sleeping then go ahead.

Feed in Braids

This hairstyle always gives me a Chic vibe. It’s so beautiful when properly done.

Fulani Braids.

Another beautiful hairstyle. It’s a half feed in, half box braid hairstyle.

Are you getting a protective style this period? Or have you done on already? Let me know which look is your favourite.

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Blogmas Day 3|Harmattan Essentials

Welcome to blogmas day 3.

Today is my blog anniversary and I didn’t even know till WordPress sent a notification. Well, happy blogversary to me(again, this is not a word).

Dry season is slowly creeping in and harmattan is on it’s way (though northern and eastern parts of Nigeria are already experiencing full blown harmattan). I love harmattan, but we have a love-hate relationship with it. Our love is not all rainbows and unicorns. It comes with it’s downsides of dry skin, dust, chapped lips, dehydration, catarrh, cough etc. So I’m bringing to you a list of things that would help get through the downsides of harmattan.


Water is the first on my list, and you’re probably tired of hearing this, but you need to drink lots of water during the dry season so you don’t get dehydrated. If possible, have your bottle of water with you so you can stay hydrated or else sore throat would come for you, and that’s just one of the many effects of being dehydrated during dry season.

Lip balm/ lip gloss/ Vaseline

Chapped lips are not pleasant, healthy or attractive. Lip balms are very essential to ensure that your lips stay moisturized. For people who wear makeup, lip glosses should be your go to during harmattan because chapped lips are painful, especially when eating anything containing pepper.


Harmattan comes with a lot of dust and dirt, so sunglasses would help to shield your eyes from the dust. They also add an edgy look to your outfit.

Comfortable clothes

Harmattan is a very confused weather because the mornings are usually cold but in the afternoon, it’s like the sun is out to kill every living thing. It’s best to wear cotton clothes that would keep you warm in the morning, but can adjust to the afternoon heat. I prefer to wear clothes with a jacket so I can take off the jacket in the afternoon.

Face caps

Like I said, the afternoon sun is like it’s out to kill all the inhabitants of the earth, so wearing a face cap would protect your face from the sun, and if also protects your hair from dust.

Shea butter/ body oils

Shea butter has really good moisturizing properties and so is very useful during the dry season. Body creams alone do not keep my skin moisturized enough so I add Shea butter to ensure my skin doesn’t get ashy during the day. If you feel Shea butter is too heavy for your skin, you can make a whipped butter with oils like I did here. Or, you can opt for using just natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or avocado oil.

Hand sanitizers

Since harmattan comes with dust, surfaces of objects would usually be covered in dust and touching of these objects are almost unavoidable. Covid-19 has made almost everybody to own a sanitizer now, so having a hand sanitizer is necessary and comes in handy when you can’t get soap and water to wash your hands at the moment.

Nose masks

Again, thanks to covid, everybody now owns a nose mask. If you’re someone who gets allergies from dust or you get easily irritated, you need to have your nose masks handy for when you’re going out.

These are my harmattan essentials, and they allow me to enjoy my Christmas in peace. What’s your must have item during harmattan?

Guys, the heat in Port Harcourt is not playing with anybody. Sleeping in the afternoon now is a nightmare. The idea of sleeping outside now, sounds so tempting.

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Blogmas Day 2| How I Cleared My Skin From Hormonal Pimples.

Welcome to blogmas day 2.

Since my last blog post here where I said I’ll share how I’ve found how to overcome hormonal pimples and clear my skin, my skin has been using me to play tag. I’ve had one serious breakout from using a product which caused a setback but I bounced back and came back stronger.

A little background about my skin issues is that I have hormonal pimples/acne which means that I get pimples a week or few days before I begin menstruation and they stay till my period is over, most times leaving a prominent scar. I’ve battled this since secondary school and only got to know what it was about 2 years ago.

I’ve had 3 consecutive months without new set of hormonal pimples/acne and your girl can’t contain her joy. I know some people may say it’s too early to start rejoicing, but I know what I’ve been through and we celebrate small wins over here. I’ll be sharing what I did and stopped doing to get to this stage.

I started affirming clear skin.

I’m an affirmation lover and I took it into my skincare and life generally. I affirmed more than just clear skin. I started affirming a stress free period. Now I no longer have painful periods. I always used to dread my period because I usually feel like I’m dying. From the pain, to breakouts, to diarrhoea, to nausea and vomiting, to discomfort, to feeling bloated, I just can’t deal. I can finally say that my period is not as bad as before and I hardly have any pains. The discomfort of period is still there, but for the most part, I experience a stress free period since I started affirming it into reality.

I stopped obsessing about my skin.

I just let my skin have breathing space. I had a bad encounter with a product I was trying and that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. All I began doing to my face was washing it in the morning and night.

60 seconds rule of face cleansing.

On the topic of washing my face, I stumbled on an esthetician’s channel on YouTube and she talked about how important it is to wash your face with your fingers for 60 seconds and what she said made a lot of sense so I went to Google and it made more sense. Our face cleansers and washes need more than the few seconds we give it to remove the dirt from our skin. Since I started washing my face with my fingers for 60 seconds, the texture of my skin has improved a lot and it feels smoother.

I stopped unnecessarily touching my skin.

Well, more like reduced but it still made a lot of difference. Our fingers carry lots of bacteria which can be transferred to our skin when we keep touching our face.

I reduced my intake of dairy products/oily foods and drank more water.

I’m not much of a milk person. I majorly only take milk when I’m eating cereals when it comes to taking milk directly. Cow milk contains whey protein and some other growth hormones which are given to cows during feeding. These things, the hormones in particular can cause excessive production of oil and cause breakouts. Butter is another dairy food I had to reduce taking. I love butter so I just use it sparingly now.

The major oily food I noticed that causes me to breakout is fried groundnut and it’s also something I love and eat regularly so I found it hard to stop it entirely. I reduced my intake of groundnuts to once in a while and eating lesser quantities.

Water has always been a staple in my lifestyle so I just continued with it and with other good practices I incorporated, my skin started showing progress.

I started wearing hair bonnets.

Apart from hair bonnets helping to retain the moisture in our hair, it also helps to prevent our hair products from getting to our pillowcases and coming in contact with our skin because our skin and hair products do not like each other.

I started washing my pillowcase regularly.

Apart from hair products, dust and bacteria from the air can settle on your pillow case and cause breakouts. Sweat too, and so many other things that can hinder your skin’s progress can be on your pillowcase. So I started washing mine regularly.

If you noticed, I didn’t mention any products and I didn’t give water a space of it’s own. Drinking lots of water alone won’t give you clear skin when there are other practices you’re doing that are hindering you from getting clear skin.

For products, I’m shying away from trying new ones for fear of reacting badly to them like I did in September. I don’t know why I forgot to take a picture, but that was a very trialing time in my life and I was in hibernation so it didn’t occur to me to take pictures for future purposes when I’m celebrating my wins.

This was my skin in early September. It’s not a close shot but you can see how rough my face was.

My skin presently. The comeback was definitely stronger!

I’ll still get new products but I want to wait for some more stability with my skin first. But I’ve been using a blacksoap which has really helped a lot because like I said, all I’ve been doing is washing my face regularly and the soap has helped in clearing my pimples and giving my to face a vibrant look.

This s the blacksoap I use now.

These are the major things I did that helped me achieve a clearer skin.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe!

Blogmas Day 1: 6 Situations Where You Need To Be Silent.

First of all happy new month!! I’m out here just dropping this without an announcement prior to this post but this introduction should do. I’ve been slacking on creating content for the blog so I wanted to do a one month blogging thing where I’ll try to blog throughout the month of December but then, I came across blogmas posts and decided it would be fun to do that. On that note, my blogmas would be both Christmas and non Christmas related posts.

I’m always so excited in September and December. September because it’s my birth month and it’s the first ’ember’ month, meaning we’re gradually getting to the end of the year. December because we’re in the last month of the year and it’s Christmas. I loved Christmas as a child, and I think I even love it more now.

So we’re finally in the last month of the year and this year 2020 really came to show off. It came in a grand style and I can’t even be mad. But we’re in December and this is the month of ‘cutting off’ toxic behaviours and people. And talking about toxicity, I’m bringing to you, 6 situations where you need to let silence be the answer. Once hurtful words are said, they can’t be taken back you can only be forgiven. But! This is the season of spreading love and positive only.

Be silent when you are angry.

This is the ogapatapata(chief) of all the situations. Personally, I find it hard to express myself when I’m angry so I’ll rather just keep quiet, but the few times when I let anger have the best of me, I’m not so proud of the things I’ve said. Being silent when you’re angry would prevent you from saying unnecessary words which would hurt the recipient. And I sure do hate the excuse ‘I was angry, it didn’t mean anything’ because if you hadn’t been harbouring those thoughts in your heart, they wouldn’t have come out as words.

Be silent when you know nothing about a situation or topic.

Infact, be silent when you do not have all the facts. It’s okay to be quiet, you don’t always have to say something. Don’t go about saying things that you are not sure are true just because you want to feel ‘among’. And most of all, don’t go about saying things you know are not true. Stop spreading lies please.

Be silent if you cannot say it without screaming.

I’m low-key talking to myself, typing this. Who wants a second set of parents that’s not their parents or even their elder shouting at them? Screaming is not necessary, and even arguments can do without them. Screaming just hinders the purpose of the communication.

Be silent if your words will offend a person.

Just keep quiet. You mustn’t say that thing. Even if it’s the truth, you can say it in a non offensive way. Let’s take people’s feelings into consideration before going ahead to spit out everything in our head. But if someone was rude to you, bro! sis! Give it back to that person. You have all the right to change it for the rude fellow.

Be silent if your words could damage a friendship.

Especially if that friendship is not worth losing, be silent. It doesn’t cost much to be silent. Just swallow back the words. It’s certainly not so easy most of the time, but it’s worth it.

Be silent when you’re feeling critical.

We’re the generation of wanting to say things as it is, but that doesn’t mean we should be so rude about it. If you need to criticize somebody’s work or behaviour, do it from a place of good and not jealousy or bluntness. Especially when the person you’re criticising just needs a friend or someone to encourage him or her to do better. You can be critical without sounding judgemental, but if you can’t do that, just stay silent.

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Stay safe!

How to achieve a fluffy fro on 4c hair(short/awkward length friendly)

Welcome back to my blog ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹

Happy Saturday! November is gradually coming to a close and I can smell Christmas already. Sorry for ghosting y’all for over a week but I wasn’t really feeling up to uploading anything. I have so many ideas for new contents in my head but the hand is not willing to type.

One of my lovely followers requested that I share how I get my natural hair into a fluffy fro so I’m going to be sharing the little tips and tricks I use.

Quick disclaimer: everybody’s hair is different, so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa, but I’ll be sharing how I do mine.

My hair is in the awkward length stage where it’s not really short, but it’s not medium length either, so getting it into an afro that looks fluffy takes a lot of tricks.

Tip 1

I prefer to start with dry hair. I’ve noticed that it gives the best results. I usually spritz my hair lightly with water or a mix of water and leave in conditioner then seal lightly with my whipped shea butter then lightly finger detangle my hair. If you can’t finger detangle, then go ahead and use a wide tooth comb.

Tip 2

I prefer to braid my hair because braid outs gives a fuller and fluffier look. I noticed that twist outs make my hair look limp so I prefer to do braid outs. I don’t usually do any fancy thing for the braids. All I do is to put my hair in chunky braids after detangling. I usually have like 4 or 5 braids on the left and right side of my hair, making it 8 or 10 braids in total. You can do less if your hair is longer than mine.

Tip 3

I let the braids dry overnight then take them down. Again, I don’t do anything fancy when taking the braids down because I’m not looking for definition in my hair. I just unravel the braids then separate the hair.

Tip 4

Since you want a fluffy afro, do not comb your hair after taking down the braids. This is the important part because if you comb or brush your hair after taking down the braids, you’ll loose the fluffiness. All you have to do is to use your hands to shape your hair to how you want it. For a fluffy look, you want to tug on your hair downwards and not pat it inwards (I hope you get what I mean here)

Tip 5

I use an afro comb to pick my roots and give it more volume and shape.

So these 5 tips are what works for me and what I do consistently to always get the same results. But another alternative I do is to lightly blow-dry my hair then flat twist it. If you can’t flat twist, chunky twists done tightly would do. Then I take it down and follow the same process I usually do.

Again, you might be tempted to comb it out, maybe for more length, but that would disrupt the fluffiness.

I really hope this helps you. The weather is getting dryer,so hopefully you can still rock a nice fluffy fro before harmattan finally comes. I’ll insert pictures of the different ways my afro comes out when I comb it out and when I do not comb it.

I didn’t comb my hair here, and you can see how fluffy it look

Didn’t comb here too

I combed my hair here

I combed my hair here. You can see how clumped together it looks. It doesn’t look bad, but that’s not the look we’re going for

4C Hair|| Terrible Hair? Bad Texture? Shrinkage

Serving y’all this burriful fro

And this one too

Welcome back to my blog ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹. This post might be all over the place, but I promise you’ll get the gist of the matter. I was on YouTube watching a video the other day by Discovering Natural and she said she has a natural hair group on Facebook. I was skeptical on joining the group but I finally dusted my Facebook account and joined the group. The group has been very educative and nice. So one faithful day, I saw this post and it got me triggered.

This lady feels her hair is a terrible texture and I can certainly relate. Comparing her hair to what the media portrays as beautiful natural hair is very different. Beautiful natural hair is long hair with loose curls like 4a curls. And to be honest, real 4c hair is only appreciated when it’s long.

Nobody likes 4c hair when it’s still in the twa and short phase and I said what I said. I hardly wore my hair out when I newly big chopped because I wasn’t comfortable with the length. I’ve always had longish hair so the change was so drastic. After the excitement of finally transitioning my hair and cutting of the relaxed ends, reality finally dawned on me and taking care of natural hair is so much harder than taking care of relaxed hair. I feel that natural hair influencers always sugar coat the fact that natural hair is hard to take care of for beginners. Emphasis on the ‘beginners’. It sure gets easier with time.

The few times when I was comfortable enough to wear my hair out, I used to feel people giving me the weird looks and I swear it still happens up till now. I used to be bothered then, but recently, I’ll wear my hair out and if you feel some kind of way about my hair then please turn your eyes elsewhere. I no longer refuse to be uncomfortable wearing my hair out because that’s how it grows out from my scalp.

People still see 4c natural hair as unkept and it’s so funny because when my hair gets longer, I plan on wearing my hair out in afros whenever I have the strength to taunt all those people very well. I may regret it later, but the satisfaction that I’ve given them what to talk about would make me okay as I’m taking out the tangles in my hair after wearing my hair out. I don’t know why how we choose to wear my hair affects other people.

4c hair is beautiful and you have to keep telling yourself that if you feel otherwise you’ll just feel trapped with your own hair. There’s nothing you can do about your hair texture unless you want to relax your hair. I make it my duty to compliment every girl I see with short natural hair and it surely goes a long way.

On the topic of shrinkage, I’m that natural hair girl that doesn’t mind shrinkage because I’ve learnt that my hair strands love each other and always coil up together and shrinks up even when my hair is dry. My twist out, braid out, blow out or whatever never lasts in the stretched state. My hairstyles are never fully stretched which is annoying because I want to show off my length.

I posted a picture of my hair on my WhatsApp status and someone told me that he thinks my hair is overhyped. Bruhh, you don’t know the amount of strength that goes into taking care of this hair so your opinion doesn’t even matter.

I’m through with my rant at this point. I want to end by reminding you that short 4c hair is beautiful.

Stay safe.

The Small Habits

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Julia A. F. Carney

I remember hearing this a lot as a child, and growing up I always say to myself “the little things matter”, and truly, the little things matter.

It’s the small habits we have that make a whole difference and most times these are taken for granted. These small habits, when cultivated correctly, brings growth.

How you spend your mornings.

Mornings are a very vital part of the day. If you have a bad start in the morning, except you make up your mind not to make it affect you, it may hinder the plans made for that day. Your morning can make or break your day. Do you wake up on a positive note every morning?

How you talk to yourself

The biggest of them all. It’s good to be kind to others, but it’s more important to be kind to yourself. You can’t our from an empty cup. It’s important that we learn to speak kind words to ourselves. Most times we our own biggest critics and if not careful, you can criticize yourself into problems. Speak positive words to yourself. This is why I love affirmations so much because I’m speaking good things into my life. Let’s stop being toxic to ourselves by speaking negativity into our lives.

Who has access to you.

Surround yourself with people who share the same energy with you. Pour into their lives as they pour into yours. It’s time to start rewarding inconsistency with unavailability. Don’t let nobody save you for later. And, it’s okay to say no.

Thanks for reading.

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Stay safe.

I got sidetracked with time yesterday and didn’t get to finish up this post in time even though it’s so short.

Again, I want to do a post where I’ll react to your assumptions about me, so please leave an assumption you have and I’ll be answering them in another post. Thank you.

My Black Friday/Christmas Wishlist|| Natural Hair Edition.

Welcome back to my blog ๐Ÿ™‹ ๐Ÿ™‹ It feels like forever since I last blogged and it’s so funny how I’ve been inconsistent with blogging since I made specific days for blogging. October was a month of so many emotions. Dealing with anxiety, then I lost 2 friends, one had to be ‘cut off’ as people say. I’m grateful for a new month, I’m in a much better place right now. This is a long ass intro but I didn’t want to do a separate post for this today, maybe I’ll go into details some other time.

November is here which means black Friday is here, and Christmas is around the corner too, and all I can hear is SALES! I know I’m not the only person who scrolls online looking at things they’re not buying anytime soon. I have lots of things I want to have in my hair stash and since I’m still on a student budget these things are on the luxury list and very low in the scale of preference. I usually like buying my stuff around this time, but this year has been a different year so the flow of cash wasn’t the same with other years so I’m not making any purchase for black Friday/ Christmas sales because unlike other years, I didn’t do a huge haul for my hair products My hair products finished earlier than usual so I couldn’t wait for sales this year and I made purchases at different times because it felt better than spending so much money at once for hair products.

On that note, I decided to make a wishlist of both the things I can afford right now and the ones I can’t afford yet, but we’ll get there. My life is a very fertile ground to sow in case anybody was wondering.

So I’ll be listing the things I want to have in my stash in no particular order.

360ยฐ mist spray bottle

I’ve been seeing this a lot and it seems like such a convenient tool to have. It’s different from the normal spray bottle and works like those body spray cans where you just longpress the nozzle and the spray comes out continuously. You won’t have to keep on pressing the nozzle of your spray bottle multiple times and the water doesn’t come out in droplets like the other normal spray bottle.

EZ Detangling Brush

This seems like another really good tool to have. It has bristles which separate when detangling your hair, causing no tension which is great for gender headed people.The brush seems to be really good amd there has been nothing but good reviews about it. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that detangling my hair is a major concern for me.

Kinky Clip-in Extensions

I’ve wanted this for the longest time. I almost bought one from naturalgirlwigs on Instagram but life happened and the money was used for something else. Clip in extensions are very easy to use and it’s a fast and easy way to put your hair in a quick protective style without trying too hard. And it’s also an easy way to fake it till you make it when you get extensions which match your hair texture.

Temporary Hair Dye.

I’ll get this as soon as I find a store or someone in Port Harcourt that sells this. All vendors I found online are in Lagos and I can’t buy something of 2500naira and pay 2000 as delivery fee. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair temporarily because I can’t commit to one colour that’s not my natural hair colour and I don’t also want to deal with the extra work colour treated hair comes with but I’ve not seen any temporary hair colour here in Port Harcourt.

Bentonite Clay

This thing is so expensive right now for me, especially when kaolin clay is so cheap so this would continue being on my wishlist till further notice. But I really want to do a bentonite clay mask on my hair.

African Pride Pre-shampoo

This product is a prepoo made of aloe vera and coconut water. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know I love to prepoo my hair. And if you read my natural hair trends post, I said that I want to add aloe vera to my hair routine but it comes with a lot of stress. So seeing this product really has me curious to use it.

Camille Rose Naturals Products

The day I get to use these products, nobody would be able to talk to me anyhow. I’ll feel so bougie because these products are so freaking expensive. But they are natural products and they have really amazing ingredients. There has been nothing but good reviews about them but a lowly girl can’t afford them now.

Revlon Blow-dryer Brush

It’s the ease with how you can blow dry your hair easily with this tool for me. I’ve attempted blow-drying my hair and it was not an easy job, so having a blow dryer which is in brush form would be so cool but then again, it’s expensive as hell.

Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel

The way this thing lays down people’s hair!! I want it periodt! I’ve always been a ponytail girl and my hair is finally getting of length to do a ponytail without extensions and even though eco styling gel works fine, I want something better with a stronger hold which is this product

That’s it for this post. I can’t afford to be a product junkie even if I want to because natural hair products are so expensive. What’s on your wishlist?

Meanwhile, I wanted to do a post where I’ll respond to your assumptions about me, so if you’re interested in knowing anything, leave an assumption in the comments section and I’ll respond to all the assumptions in another post.

Stay safeโœŒ๏ธ

DIY Shea Butter Mix For Natural Hair

Welcome back to my blog ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹

I never thought I would say this, but my anxiety level has been high of late. Everything happening only helped to trigger it the more, but I’m fine. I wasn’t going to write any new post this week, but as I was moisturizing my hair for the night, my hair felt so good and it occurred to me that I was using my whipped Shea butter that I made myself, so I decided to share how I made it because I’m awesome๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿคท

Shea butter is a very common product that has so many benefits to the hair and skin. It’s very thick, so when used for your hair, it helps to seal in the moisture you have put into your hair.

We had some shea butter lying around the house so I decided to use it and I found out that my hair doesn’t like the raw Shea butter but likes whipped Shea butter with other oils and products with Shea butter in them which is weird. When I use just the raw Shea butter, it makes my hair feel dry and straw like so I stopped using it raw.

What you’ll need

  • 4 tablespoons of shea butter
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of palm kernel oil
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 10 drops of tea tree oil
  • 10 drops of vitamin C serum

I wanted to make a small batch because it was my first time doing it and also because of the honey that I put, just in case it would decrease the shelf life. You can decide not to add the honey, but I wanted a really moisturizing butter so I needed honey.

And I got a vitamin C serum a while back and it’s written that it can be used for the hair too so I decided to add it to the butter too. The serum also contains aloe vera and green tea extract which are also good for the hair so I added the serum to the butter.


  • I scooped the amount of butter I needed into my mixing bowl
  • Melt the Shea butter by placing it in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes.
  • I added the honey and the oils then gave it a thorough mix. If you have a mixer then go ahead and whisk it to make it creamy. But since I didn’t have a mixer, I mixed it with a spoon.
  • Then I turned the mix into a container, covered it, then put it in the freezer to cool and solidify.
  • After about 20 minutes I brought it out and my whipped Shea butter was ready.

Because of the oils I used, this butter can be used as both a hair and skin butter. So it’s a win win situation. The first time I used the butter, I was a bit heavy handed with it so my hair was super oily, but I didn’t need to add anymore products to my hair that week because my hair was still moisturized. I only had to spritz my hair with plain water once when I wanted to do my midweek routine because the products I put in my hair where still there.

That’s it for this post.

Am I the only person whose hair doesn’t like raw Shea butter?

Thanks for reading.

What’s Happening In Nigeria? #ENDSARS

Welcome back to my blog ๐Ÿ™‹

So I was going to do a whole post on this, but my feelings have been all over the place and my state of mind is not at it’s best right now.

But MissBluw has a very put together post which you should read and also follow the hashtag #ENDSARS on Twitter to know more.

And please let’s sign these petitions to support the movement and

Thank you.