Flat twist out + quick updo on short 4c hair.

So after my wash and go fiasco from my previous post, I didn’t want to sleep with my hair like that in it’s shrunken state with gel all over it like that, so I decided to take advantage of the gel and do a flat twist out.

Since my hair already had gel in it, all I did was to spray some water on my hair to reactivate the gel and flat twist my hair in small sections. When doing flat twists, make sure you’re flat twisting your hair in the direction you want it to fall.

The key to a good flat twist out is to make clean parts as you’re adding more hair while twisting and avoid borrowing hair so you don’t cause frizz during the takedown process. After flat twisting, I used Bobby pins to pin the twists while they dry so that they can be stretched and I have more length with the style.

The takedown

1.) Apply oil to your fingers and a little on your hair to add some shine

2.) Carefully unravel the twists, making sure to remove each curl carefully.

3.) Use your comb to pick the roots to hide the lines in your hair and to give your hair volume

You don’t need to separate the curls when you do a flat twist because flat twists give volume and definition unlike a normal twist out.

So I styled the flat twist out into a quick updo by rolling the hair at the back upwards and using a Bobby pin to secure it. This hairstyle came out so lovely and I may have found my go to hairstyle.

The pattern I flat twisted in. I wanted some of my hair to fall towards my face.
Freshly unravelled with one side pinned.
Back view

I’ve been so lost on how to style my hair since it’s still short, but if I say so myself, I did a very good job with this hairstyle. What do you guys think?

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Stay blessed πŸ™Œ

Cowashing natural hair.

My hair needed a boost of moisture in between my biweekly washes so I decided to cowash my hair. I’ve always wanted to try out cowashing but I never got around to do so. I was skeptical about it working for my hair but I comforted myself with the fact that if it doesn’t come out well, I’ll be clarifying my hair the next wash day the following week, so it won’t matter.

Cowashing is a process where you use just conditioners to cleanse your hair. Cowashes are done when you’re hair isn’t really dirty, but you still need to cleanse your hair mildly.

Why you should cowash

1.) It’s more gentle to cowash your hair than to use a shampoo.

2.) Less moisture loss

3.) Less frizz

4.) Faster and easier washday. You get to cleanse and condition your hair in one step.

5.) It’s perfect for refreshing your hair midweek or in between shampooing.

With cowashing, you can decide to deep condition afterwards but I decided to skip it because I was cowashing my hair in the night, and I was kind of tired. Plus I felt my hair was already moisturized enough. No need to put it through unnecessary stress because I know deep conditioning is good, but excess of it can be harmful.

So, I used my xpel hair care banana conditioner to cowash and washing my hair has never felt so good because I literally jumped into the shower without detangling my hair prior to that time, drenched my hair in water and applied the conditioner on my hair.

I was able to detangle my hair easily with just my fingers and just used a comb for necessity sake, just to make sure my hair was properly detangled.

The whole process of cowashing took me about 20mimutes and I spent most of the time admiring my curls in the bathroom πŸ˜‚. My hair was soft, bouncy and moisturized after the whole process. This is something I see myself doing more often.

The key to adding a cowash in your hair care routine is to not over do it. Just cleansing your hair with conditioners can cause product build up which can cause breakage.

Do you cowash your hair? Let me know how you add it to your hair care routine.

I did a thing to my hair after cowashing my hair guys. Stay tuned to see what I did in my next post.

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Some hairstyles for short 4c hair

Hey guys. So I just wanted to pop in and show some ways I’ve been wearing my short natural hair. I’ve not really been wearing my hair out a lot, but on the rare occasions when I do, I take pictures. I even take pictures when I’m not going out, just to have them, if not I’ll never have hair pictures.

My hair is 5months post big chop and 17months post relaxer.

The famous puff
2 puffs
Sleek ponytail with faux bun
Kind of a frohawk from an old twistout
Stretched out from with African threading method *sorry for the blurry picture*
Freshly washed, moisturized and shrunken
Braid out
2 puffs in front and fro at the back
Fro with 2 cornrows in front
Fro fro

So these are most of the styles I’ve worn. Hopefully I’ll wear my hair out more this year, but I’m waiting for some more length so I can have more styling options. From the pictures, you can see the versatility natural hair gives. You can have a really short hair today and a curly hair from twist out the next.

You can also note that my hair was in a stretched or semi stretched stated in most of the styles because I’ve noticed that my hair doesn’t thrive well in shrunken states. Any day I don’t twist or cornrow my hair before bed is a recipe for disaster of single strand knots and tangles, so I prefer my hair in stretched stated if I must wear it out.

Which is your favourite style??

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My natural hair tag.

Hey beautiful people

Today’s post is on my natural hair. I decided to do the natural hair tag. So we’ll just go straight into the questions

How long have you been natural? I’ve been natural for 3 months, transitioned for a year.

Why did you return natural? I was tired of relaxer burns. My scalp is very sensitive, and any little thing irritates my scalp. I also wanted to have a dark and healthier hair. My relaxed hair was brown due to relaxer damages.

Hair type? I have 4c low porosity, medium density hair with strands between coarse and fine

Hair goals? Bra strap hair

Health or length? Health

Favourite products? Mega growth daily leave in strengthener

Go-to hairstyle? I don’t really have one. I’m yet to try out styles with.y natural hair. It’s either I’m wearing it in cornrows or I’m wearing it out with a headband to pull the front backwards a little bit. I only wear puffs to take pictures and after that I’ll loosen the puff, cause my hair is still quite short and it takes a lot of tension to keep my hair in a puff for now.

Which technique do you think is overrated? Inversion method, where you massage your scalp with your head upside down to grow an inch of hair in 1 week.

Which technique do you think is underrated? Trimming. It helps to grow healthy hair, and some people take it for granted.

Most annoying part of natural hair? Certainly shrinkage and single strand knots.

Current hair products? The full line of hemp oil range from We Naturals(a Ghanaian brand) which consists of hot oil treatment, shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, moisturizing hair spritz and whipped Shea butter.

Best protective styles? Cornrows with just my hair and box braids with extensions. I also like sew-ins, but once in a while

What advice would you give someone who wants to go natural? Just do it. Not everyone will be happy with it, but don’t bother. Love your hair no matter what type it is and it’ll love you back. Be patient with your hair, and it will grow beautifully.

So this concludes my natural hair tag. Thanks for reading

Stay blessed πŸ™Œ