Blogmas Day 4| Hairstyle Inspiration For Christmas

Welcome to blogmas day 4.

Dry season is upon us and it’s a perfect excuse to get that protective style saved as a screenshot in your phone. And Christmas is approaching so we need to make our Christmas hair. Is anybody too mature for Christmas hair? Not me sha.

Anyway, I’m bringing you a protective style lookbook to inspire your next hairstyle.

Knotless Braids

If you’ve not had knotless braids done yet, you totally should. Don’t let 2020 pass without you doing this hair. I can’t overemphasize how much this style is beautiful and actually protects your hair. I gave all the tea on knotless braids here.

Distressed/butterfly locs

This is the trending hairstyle right now and I’m not mad because it’s such a cute hairstyle. Perfect for harmattan season because your hair s locked away.

Passion twists

This was the craze of 2019 but the hair is here to stay. I prefer it over regular Senegalese twists. It’s a really beautiful hairstyle.

Bantu knots

A hairstyle that takes your hair off your shoulders. But this hair is so hard to sleep with. It’s cute though, so if you can forfeit your comfort while sleeping then go ahead.

Feed in Braids

This hairstyle always gives me a Chic vibe. It’s so beautiful when properly done.

Fulani Braids.

Another beautiful hairstyle. It’s a half feed in, half box braid hairstyle.

Are you getting a protective style this period? Or have you done on already? Let me know which look is your favourite.

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The Tea☕ On Knotless Braids: Knotless Braids Vs Traditional Box Braids

Welcome back to my blog🙋🙋

Have you jumped on the knotless braids bandwagon yet? You should totally do so if you haven’t. Have you been hearing about the hype of knotless braids and you’re having doubts? I’m here to give you the tea on what to expect from knotless braids and why you should ditch traditional box braids for knotless braids.

I had knotless braids in my hair for about 6 weeks which I really enjoyed having the freedom of not dealing with my hair. I used one and a half pack of X-pression braiding hair in colour 2 and the braids were waist length. I’m not so tall(I’m 5’7) so my waist length braids aren’t super long. It took about 10-12 hours to make the hair which was split into 2 days because I was taking a lot of braids in between. I got help from my younger sister to complete the ends of some parts the second day.

So I’ll be listing the pros and cons of knotless braids and comparing them to traditional box braids.

Pros of knotless braids

They are light: knotless braids are really light compared to normal box braids because the extensions are fed into your real hair in small pieces and not just attached directly to your hair

Easy access to your scalp: since there are no knots in the braids, there’s easy access to your scalp. You can oil your scalp easily and if you’re someone who washes her braids then it would be very easy with knotless braids because there’s no obstruction caused by the knots

Less tension on your hair and scalp: because the braid is starting with your hair and the extensions are fed into your hair, there’s less tension on your scalp and hair which makes this style suitable for people who have tender scalp.

They are painless: unless your hair stylist is a wicked person, knotless braids are painless because there’s no tension on your scalp and the braids are lightweight so there’s meant to be no pain.

You can pack your braids without pain on the first day: Yep. There’s none of that stiffness that traditional box braids would give you when it’s still new.

Less braiding extensions used: For normal box braids of the same length, I’ll use full 2 packets of extensions but I used less with knotless braids.

Has a more natural look: The braids look like they’re coming from your scalp so it looks more natural.

There’s less shed hair after takedown: I experienced less shed hair after I took down my braids. This is the reason why I wanted to wait till I take down my braids before writing this so that I can be sure of what I’m saying. I had the braids in for 6 weeks that means I didn’t detangle my hair for 6 whole weeks and you’ll expect to see a lot of shed hair for that period, and for some persons, even breakage. But my hair was really healthy after I took the braids out. Trimming my hair before the braids and doing my hair myself may have contributed to less shed hair after the 6 weeks, but the fact that it was knotless braids and not traditional box braids played a bigger role in having less shed hair after 6 weeks of no detangling.

Quick tip: after taking down a protective style,a way to know that you retained length is to track the amount of shed hair because there might not be visible length difference(especially if you had the style in for just about 2 weeks) but keeping track of the shed hair would let you know if you’re retaining length. Let’s say for example you have box braids for 4 weeks and normally you wash your hair or detangle once every week. When you take down the braids, divide your shed hair into 4 places and if you’re on the right track of protective styling, the shed hair should be less than what you’ll normally have in a week.

Cons of knotless braids

Takes more time: the process of feeding in the braids may be more time consuming compared to just attaching the extensions directly.

More expensive: hair stylists tend to charge more for knotless braids because they take more time and require more work for it to look really neat and pretty.

One last con to take note of is that if you get big sized knotless braids, they might get an older look faster than traditional box braids would, depending on how you maintain the braids. But I didn’t experience this because I did small sized knotless braids, so this point is relative. It depends on the size of the braids and even how you maintain them.

As I’m typing this, my hair is washed and in twists preparing for a twist out tomorrow. I know I said I might leave my hair in the braids, but I finally had the strength to loosen and wash my hair because my hair is my baby, I can’t let it stay dry and dirty. Oh and I retained length🎊🎊. Remember I said my hair was at my top lip after trimming? Well, now it’s back at my bottom lip and I’m eggcited😂😂(I know what I spelt).

Dry, crusty puff

Anyway, have you tried knotless braids? What were your experiences? If you’ve not, are you willing to try it now?

I’m certainly not going back to traditional box braids.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe.