Blogmas Day 2| How I Cleared My Skin From Hormonal Pimples.

Welcome to blogmas day 2.

Since my last blog post here where I said I’ll share how I’ve found how to overcome hormonal pimples and clear my skin, my skin has been using me to play tag. I’ve had one serious breakout from using a product which caused a setback but I bounced back and came back stronger.

A little background about my skin issues is that I have hormonal pimples/acne which means that I get pimples a week or few days before I begin menstruation and they stay till my period is over, most times leaving a prominent scar. I’ve battled this since secondary school and only got to know what it was about 2 years ago.

I’ve had 3 consecutive months without new set of hormonal pimples/acne and your girl can’t contain her joy. I know some people may say it’s too early to start rejoicing, but I know what I’ve been through and we celebrate small wins over here. I’ll be sharing what I did and stopped doing to get to this stage.

I started affirming clear skin.

I’m an affirmation lover and I took it into my skincare and life generally. I affirmed more than just clear skin. I started affirming a stress free period. Now I no longer have painful periods. I always used to dread my period because I usually feel like I’m dying. From the pain, to breakouts, to diarrhoea, to nausea and vomiting, to discomfort, to feeling bloated, I just can’t deal. I can finally say that my period is not as bad as before and I hardly have any pains. The discomfort of period is still there, but for the most part, I experience a stress free period since I started affirming it into reality.

I stopped obsessing about my skin.

I just let my skin have breathing space. I had a bad encounter with a product I was trying and that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. All I began doing to my face was washing it in the morning and night.

60 seconds rule of face cleansing.

On the topic of washing my face, I stumbled on an esthetician’s channel on YouTube and she talked about how important it is to wash your face with your fingers for 60 seconds and what she said made a lot of sense so I went to Google and it made more sense. Our face cleansers and washes need more than the few seconds we give it to remove the dirt from our skin. Since I started washing my face with my fingers for 60 seconds, the texture of my skin has improved a lot and it feels smoother.

I stopped unnecessarily touching my skin.

Well, more like reduced but it still made a lot of difference. Our fingers carry lots of bacteria which can be transferred to our skin when we keep touching our face.

I reduced my intake of dairy products/oily foods and drank more water.

I’m not much of a milk person. I majorly only take milk when I’m eating cereals when it comes to taking milk directly. Cow milk contains whey protein and some other growth hormones which are given to cows during feeding. These things, the hormones in particular can cause excessive production of oil and cause breakouts. Butter is another dairy food I had to reduce taking. I love butter so I just use it sparingly now.

The major oily food I noticed that causes me to breakout is fried groundnut and it’s also something I love and eat regularly so I found it hard to stop it entirely. I reduced my intake of groundnuts to once in a while and eating lesser quantities.

Water has always been a staple in my lifestyle so I just continued with it and with other good practices I incorporated, my skin started showing progress.

I started wearing hair bonnets.

Apart from hair bonnets helping to retain the moisture in our hair, it also helps to prevent our hair products from getting to our pillowcases and coming in contact with our skin because our skin and hair products do not like each other.

I started washing my pillowcase regularly.

Apart from hair products, dust and bacteria from the air can settle on your pillow case and cause breakouts. Sweat too, and so many other things that can hinder your skin’s progress can be on your pillowcase. So I started washing mine regularly.

If you noticed, I didn’t mention any products and I didn’t give water a space of it’s own. Drinking lots of water alone won’t give you clear skin when there are other practices you’re doing that are hindering you from getting clear skin.

For products, I’m shying away from trying new ones for fear of reacting badly to them like I did in September. I don’t know why I forgot to take a picture, but that was a very trialing time in my life and I was in hibernation so it didn’t occur to me to take pictures for future purposes when I’m celebrating my wins.

This was my skin in early September. It’s not a close shot but you can see how rough my face was.

My skin presently. The comeback was definitely stronger!

I’ll still get new products but I want to wait for some more stability with my skin first. But I’ve been using a blacksoap which has really helped a lot because like I said, all I’ve been doing is washing my face regularly and the soap has helped in clearing my pimples and giving my to face a vibrant look.

This s the blacksoap I use now.

These are the major things I did that helped me achieve a clearer skin.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe!