Blogmas Day 10| DIY Black Soap Shampoo For Natural Hair

Welcome back to blogmas day 10.

This post has been sitting in my drafts since late October. I totally forgot I hadn’t published it, but no content goes to waste over here.

You guys already know I’m a DIY princess right?😂 I honestly want to reduce the amount of things I do myself, but we basically have these things at home and so going to buy the store bought ones are like wasting resources so I’m not about that wastage life.

When it comes to shampoos, I’m not so picky. As long as it doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped off moisture and it cleans my scalp, then I’m good. I’ve been using We Naturals blacksoap shampoo from their hemp oil range and I really liked it because it cleaned my hair without leaving it feeling dry and stripped off moisture. The shampoo was a 500ml bottle and I’ve basically used it throughout my hair journey(since I started transitioning) I got the whole hemp oil set in 2018 and the shampoo just finished. I’m almost out of it though, so I started making plans for a new one then I remembered we have black soap at home.

For this shampoo, I used the same things I used for my diy whipped Shea butter. When I tell you my hair was soft after shampooing my hair, I was shocked at how moisturized my hair felt. It felt better than when I used the We Naturals shampoo. And I was even heavy handed when using the shampoo.

How to make.

For this shampoo, I didn’t use any specific measurements. I basically just eyeballed most of the ingredients but I was able to get a 13oz bottle of shampoo.

1.) Any black soap
2.) 1 tablespoon of Shea butter
3.) 1½ tablespoon of Honey
3.) 1 tablespoon of palm kernel oil
4.) 2 tablespoons of olive oil
5.) 5 drops of tea tree oil
6.) 10 drops of vitamin C serum
7.) A cup of hot water

1.) Shred the black soap into little pieces then put in a cup of hot water and allow to melt.
2.) Melt the Shea butter using the double boiler method (put the Shea butter in a container then place it in a bowl of hot water).
3.) Add the melted Shea butter, oils, honey and the vitamin C serum into the cup containing the now liquid blacksoap then stir properly.
4.) Transfer your moisturizing shampoo into a bottle and shake.

This process is very easy. It doesn’t take up to 15 minutes and you’ve made yourself a bottle of shampoo. You can make your shampoo as much as you want and add any other oils or herbs to your shampoo. Just make sure you do your research concerning your hair’s needs and the shelf life. I wanted mine to be pretty basic so I just used basic ingredients.
Thanks for reading.

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