Flat twist out + quick updo on short 4c hair.

So after my wash and go fiasco from my previous post, I didn’t want to sleep with my hair like that in it’s shrunken state with gel all over it like that, so I decided to take advantage of the gel and do a flat twist out.

Since my hair already had gel in it, all I did was to spray some water on my hair to reactivate the gel and flat twist my hair in small sections. When doing flat twists, make sure you’re flat twisting your hair in the direction you want it to fall.

The key to a good flat twist out is to make clean parts as you’re adding more hair while twisting and avoid borrowing hair so you don’t cause frizz during the takedown process. After flat twisting, I used Bobby pins to pin the twists while they dry so that they can be stretched and I have more length with the style.

The takedown

1.) Apply oil to your fingers and a little on your hair to add some shine

2.) Carefully unravel the twists, making sure to remove each curl carefully.

3.) Use your comb to pick the roots to hide the lines in your hair and to give your hair volume

You don’t need to separate the curls when you do a flat twist because flat twists give volume and definition unlike a normal twist out.

So I styled the flat twist out into a quick updo by rolling the hair at the back upwards and using a Bobby pin to secure it. This hairstyle came out so lovely and I may have found my go to hairstyle.

The pattern I flat twisted in. I wanted some of my hair to fall towards my face.
Freshly unravelled with one side pinned.
Back view

I’ve been so lost on how to style my hair since it’s still short, but if I say so myself, I did a very good job with this hairstyle. What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading

Stay blessed 🙌