How to build a hair care regimen

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A hair care regimen is a set of rules or techniques which you follow on a consistent basis. It helps to organize your life and helps you grow your hair and see your length. It’s best to write out your hair care regimen rather than leaving it in your head.

A hair care regimen should be suitable for your hair type, density, porosity and your schedule.

Before starting your hair care regimen, you should have a set of products and tools for your natural hair.


1.) Moisturizing shampoo

2.) Clarifying shampoo or detoxifying clay mask

3.) Moisturizing treatment (deep conditioner)

4.) Protein treatment

5.) Leave in conditioner or moisturizer

6.) Oil or butter

7.) Styler (gel, smoothie, souffle etc)


1.) Wide tooth comb

2.) Detangling brush

3.) Sectioning clips

4.) Satin bonnet, scarf or pillowcase

5.) Hairbands and hair ties

There are phases of creating your hair care regimen. You should have a phase for daily, mid-week, weekly, monthly and quarterly or biyearly.


1.)wearing a satin bonnet

2.)Scalp massage

3.) No combing

4.) Refresh with a moisturizer(depends on your hair style)


1.) Moisturize and seal

2.) Oil scalp

3.) Restyle hair


1.) Cleanse hair with gentle shampoo or cowash

2.) Deep condition with moisturizing treatment

3.) Detangle hair with tool

4.) Use leave in conditioner

5.) Seal with oil or butter

6.) Air-dry hair

7.) Prepoo hair (optional)

8.) Tea rinse or rice water rinse (optional)


1.) Clarify or detoxify your hair with clarifying shampoo or clay mask

2.) Protein treatment

3.) Apple cider vinegar for detox (optional)

4.) Scalp scrub (optional)

Quarter or biyearly

1.) Trim your hair

2.) Use heat to straighten your hair (optional)

3.) Length check

You may decide to alternate between shampooing and cowashing weekly. You may also decide to wash your hair biweekly. It all depends on your hair and schedule.

These are the basic steps you can use to build your hair care regimen. 3 – 6 months is a good time to see a difference in the health and length of your hair to know if your regimen is working for you. You can also decide to make changes in your regimen every 3 months to see if there’ll be a difference.

Do you have a hair regimen? If not let me know if this was helpful in creating your hair care regimen

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