Hair Update 1- Twist Out Outcome

Day 2 hair

From my last natural hair post, I said I was going to do a twist out from the twists I did a while ago. I ended up carrying the twists for 3 days then took them down for a twist out. I used just okro gel and whipped Shea butter as my styling products and they did a very good job at moisturizing an defining my twists.

Freshly installed twists
How I stretched the twists immediately after installing them because they were wet and shrunken. I used the same method to stretch and maintain the curls at night

Guys! I’ve become an okro gel addict. I don’t remember the last time I used a leave in conditioner cause okro gel had been serving that purpose. Okro gel had been serving as my styler, leave in conditioner and deep conditioner. It’s so cheap and does a great job for my hair. I don’t even use a comb as much anymore when detangling my hair because my fingers are able to glide through my hair easily. I only comb most times for the tradition of doing it and even then it’s very easy to detangle.

So, back to my twist out. I took down the twists on day 3 and it was really defined and moisturized with a soft hold. I had major shrinkage though as opposed to when I did a braid out with okro gel too. The curls lasted for about 5 days before I washed my hair again. Next time I do a twist out, I’ll do bigger twists and start on semi stretched hair to see if I’ll have less shrinkage and more volume.

A little blurry,but it’s the top view
Twist Out styled in a puff

The curls lasted for about 5 days before I washed my hair again. I was able to maintain the curls by banding my hair in about 7-8 sections before sleeping. It helped to keep my hair stretched also.

My hair is currently in box braids I did myself about 2 weeks ago, after the twist out because I was tired of manipulating my hair. The next hair update will be my 8 months post big chop update with length check and comparisons when I take down the braids, so stay tuned.

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Some hairstyles for short 4c hair

Hey guys. So I just wanted to pop in and show some ways I’ve been wearing my short natural hair. I’ve not really been wearing my hair out a lot, but on the rare occasions when I do, I take pictures. I even take pictures when I’m not going out, just to have them, if not I’ll never have hair pictures.

My hair is 5months post big chop and 17months post relaxer.

The famous puff
2 puffs
Sleek ponytail with faux bun
Kind of a frohawk from an old twistout
Stretched out from with African threading method *sorry for the blurry picture*
Freshly washed, moisturized and shrunken
Braid out
2 puffs in front and fro at the back
Fro with 2 cornrows in front
Fro fro

So these are most of the styles I’ve worn. Hopefully I’ll wear my hair out more this year, but I’m waiting for some more length so I can have more styling options. From the pictures, you can see the versatility natural hair gives. You can have a really short hair today and a curly hair from twist out the next.

You can also note that my hair was in a stretched or semi stretched stated in most of the styles because I’ve noticed that my hair doesn’t thrive well in shrunken states. Any day I don’t twist or cornrow my hair before bed is a recipe for disaster of single strand knots and tangles, so I prefer my hair in stretched stated if I must wear it out.

Which is your favourite style??

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