A Week In My Life|School Life Post Lockdown/Strike

Happy New Year in February? Happy New Year guys! Welcome back to my blog 🙋

This is my first blogpost of the year because I’ve not been feeling up to blogging honestly. The few posts I drafted out didn’t come out well so I didn’t publish them.

This year has been an okay one so far. I’m learning to take things one step at a time and stop overthinking/worrying because it wouldn’t change anything.

I’ve still not gotten back the mojo for blogging, but I just decided to use this post as a trial to test the waters and see if I can get back to it.

So I started school again after 11 months of staying at home due to the lockdown then strike. Actually my University went on warning strike 2 weeks before the lockdown and it became a full blown strike that ended up lasting for 10 months. I’ve lost a whole calendar year and I don’t even want to think about it

We were still in first semester before the strike so we resumed to round off the semester and write exams. So let’s move into the main part of this post while I gist you guys what happened this week. I actually didn’t even spend my whole week in school but it’s whatever.


I had moved in to school the Friday of the previous week to clean up my room and arrange my stuff for school but I came back home on Saturday and the plan was to go back to school on this day but that didn’t happen.

On this day I went to church and for some reason the service took a long while and we closed late. By the time we got to my grandparents’ house (we usually go there every Sunday after church), I was too tired to even have lunch so I took a power nap. It was short, but it made me feel better. I had lunch then I went to help in the kitchen. We were celebrating my cousin’s first birthday that day so we were preparing fried rice and that food requires so many hands on deck when cooking in large quantity which we were doing.

By the time we got the food ready and we were done eating, I had received a call that there was no water and light in school so I decided to sleep over and go to school the next day because my course rep had informed us that we didn’t have any physical class the next day.


I had a pretty chill day. I spent my day with my grandparents, did some reading, had siesta then left for school. On my way to school, I stopped at the shopping mall to get some skin care products which I’ll be sharing with you guys in another post. I got to school in the evening and then did some more reading, had dinner and slept.


I woke up really early on this day and started back my normal school routine. I also woke up with a runny nose which was to be expected considering all the dust I inhaled while cleaning my room during the weekend. Before getting ready for school, I did some reading then had breakfast and got ready for class.

Being in the classroom and learning again after 11 months was an extreme sport. I had only one class on this day after which I went to the pharmacy to get medicine for the catarrh then chilled with some of my course mates before I went back to my hostel. I had some biscuits while reading that afternoon and that served as my lunch then I went out(not out of campus, out of my hostel but still on campus) in the evening to buy bole(roasted plantain) and had that for dinner. I ended my day with more reading.


I wasn’t expecting to still wake up with catarrh but I did and I was super drowsy for the whole day. I didn’t have any class this day so I slept on and off till afternoon then I left my room to run some errands. I came back in the evening and I did little reading before I slept. This day was so unproductive.


I had a fever at night and my temperature was high. By morning the catarrh had gotten worse. I went out to run some errands then came back to my room and had a nap. I had a zoom class that afternoon so I woke up to prepare for the class and it was an absolute trash. Network was acting up, we were too much attending the class because it was not only my department that offered that course. It was a faculty course so we were plenty and the class was rowdy and noisy. But we got the PDF file of the lecture after the class.

After the class, I had lunch, spent some time doing random things then I went back home that evening because I was still not feeling better.


I had another zoom class by 9am and it was quite better than the previous one. I had breakfast after the class then read. This day’s reading hit different because everything went smoothly and I was understanding with ease. In the evening, I went to the salon to get my nails painted a pretty shade of nude. My younger brother came back home from boarding school in the evening and we had a pretty chill evening.

The sun changed the colour to look brownish


I finally feel better today and the catarrh is completely gone so I did some house chores, had breakfast then did laundry. I read for a while till I got restless then went to take some pictures of my skincare products I purchased. That was the post I was supposed to publish today but this seemed more fun as my first blogpost for the year. I started typing this post in the evening and finished in the night because I took lots of breaks chilling on Instagram.

Some of the pictures I took today

That’s what my first week of resumption looks like. Physical classes have not resumed fully and as much as I may not want to admit, I miss physical classes. They’re stressful, but it’s a better means of communication for my course.

Hopefully I get back my blogging mojo but I probably won’t be posting on a schedule. I’ll post immediately I have content as long as I’m free. It may be frequent or not, we’ll see.

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Blogmas Day 15|What I Do For Self Care+Some Self Care Ideas.

Welcome to blogmas day 15.

Self care is one of the buzziest of buzz words these days. But it really can’t be over emphasized. It’s important that you take care of yourself and show yourself some love. Adulting can take a toll on a person so you should remember to place yourself first and take care of yourself.

You should practice self care not only when you feel down, but also when you’re in a good mood. It should be a daily habit/lifestyle. I’ll be sharing my go-to activities for my self care.


Writing on paper can be very relaxing to me. I love writing a lot. It helps me to be able to analyze how I feel because you can agree with me that sometimes you can be feeling different types of emotions at a time. I properly started keeping one(a gratitude journal) from my birthday in September but I had a journal where I write down my affirmations and basically anything. I’ve found that it’s best to keep a journal for a specific purpose.


Old gees of this blog know I love affirmations. It boosts my self confidence, keeps me in a constant state of gratitude and helps change negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s really a great way of life.

Cleaning/Rearranging my room/space.

Decluttering in general is something I do steadily because for some weird reason, I hoard things a lot so I have to declutter and arrange my room regularly. I love the feel of a fresh looking room and newly made bed. It makes me feel like I have my whole life put together.

Doing my hair and skin routines.

I love doing my hair, so it’s natural that I would see that as a self care activity. I love washdays and I’m usually extra so I plan my skin care routine to match my washdays, so that I’m doing a facial consisting of exfoliating and masking on the day I wash my hair. I usually deep condition my hair with a face mask on while taking green tea. It makes me feel like I have no problem in the world. Even doing my daily skincare like cleansing and moisturizing is self care to me.


This is literally the least, amongst everything I do, and I mean even the ones I didn’t mention. But I’m trying to do as much as I can. I started exercising again last month but I became inconsistent because for some reason, I was eating less and I exercise to keep fit, and if possible a little weight gain. So not eating well while exercising was counteracting the purpose of the exercise. But I love exercising, anytime I can.

Some Self Care Ideas.

1.) Consciously drink plenty water.

2.) Get 8 hours of sleep.

3.) Call a family member or friend.

4.) Go for a walk.

5.) Take a long shower.

6.) Drink a healthy tea.

7.) Listen to a podcast.

8.) Practice gratitude. Write a list of things you’re grateful for.

9.) Indulge in your comfort food.

10.) Cook and eat a healthy meal.

11.) Declutter your belongings.

12.) Wear an outfit that makes you feel good.

13.) Listen to your favourite playlist and sing at the top of your lungs.

14.) Read a book. A hardcopy book preferably.

15.) Edit who you follow on social media.

16.) Massage your scalp.

17.) Exfoliate your skin. Give yourself a facial.

18.) Talk positively to yourself.

19.) Write yourself a love letter.

20.) Compliment yourself.

21.) Pray

Thanks for reading.

Dpo you practice self care? What do you do for self care?

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Blogmas Day 1: 6 Situations Where You Need To Be Silent.

First of all happy new month!! I’m out here just dropping this without an announcement prior to this post but this introduction should do. I’ve been slacking on creating content for the blog so I wanted to do a one month blogging thing where I’ll try to blog throughout the month of December but then, I came across blogmas posts and decided it would be fun to do that. On that note, my blogmas would be both Christmas and non Christmas related posts.

I’m always so excited in September and December. September because it’s my birth month and it’s the first ’ember’ month, meaning we’re gradually getting to the end of the year. December because we’re in the last month of the year and it’s Christmas. I loved Christmas as a child, and I think I even love it more now.

So we’re finally in the last month of the year and this year 2020 really came to show off. It came in a grand style and I can’t even be mad. But we’re in December and this is the month of ‘cutting off’ toxic behaviours and people. And talking about toxicity, I’m bringing to you, 6 situations where you need to let silence be the answer. Once hurtful words are said, they can’t be taken back you can only be forgiven. But! This is the season of spreading love and positive only.

Be silent when you are angry.

This is the ogapatapata(chief) of all the situations. Personally, I find it hard to express myself when I’m angry so I’ll rather just keep quiet, but the few times when I let anger have the best of me, I’m not so proud of the things I’ve said. Being silent when you’re angry would prevent you from saying unnecessary words which would hurt the recipient. And I sure do hate the excuse ‘I was angry, it didn’t mean anything’ because if you hadn’t been harbouring those thoughts in your heart, they wouldn’t have come out as words.

Be silent when you know nothing about a situation or topic.

Infact, be silent when you do not have all the facts. It’s okay to be quiet, you don’t always have to say something. Don’t go about saying things that you are not sure are true just because you want to feel ‘among’. And most of all, don’t go about saying things you know are not true. Stop spreading lies please.

Be silent if you cannot say it without screaming.

I’m low-key talking to myself, typing this. Who wants a second set of parents that’s not their parents or even their elder shouting at them? Screaming is not necessary, and even arguments can do without them. Screaming just hinders the purpose of the communication.

Be silent if your words will offend a person.

Just keep quiet. You mustn’t say that thing. Even if it’s the truth, you can say it in a non offensive way. Let’s take people’s feelings into consideration before going ahead to spit out everything in our head. But if someone was rude to you, bro! sis! Give it back to that person. You have all the right to change it for the rude fellow.

Be silent if your words could damage a friendship.

Especially if that friendship is not worth losing, be silent. It doesn’t cost much to be silent. Just swallow back the words. It’s certainly not so easy most of the time, but it’s worth it.

Be silent when you’re feeling critical.

We’re the generation of wanting to say things as it is, but that doesn’t mean we should be so rude about it. If you need to criticize somebody’s work or behaviour, do it from a place of good and not jealousy or bluntness. Especially when the person you’re criticising just needs a friend or someone to encourage him or her to do better. You can be critical without sounding judgemental, but if you can’t do that, just stay silent.

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My Morning Routine For A Productive Day

You’ll agree with me that your morning can make or break your day. It determines whether you’ll have a productive day or a ‘meh’ day. Even if I’m staying at home, I like to feel useful to myself. I’ll be sharing how I start my day for a productive day.

Start early

I know I’m not the only person that feels like 24hours is not enough time for a day sometimes. So in order to get a lot of things done when I have a lot of things to do, I wake up early. This is step 1 in making sure you have a productive day. Starting early may not even necessarily mean waking up by 5am. You can decide to wake up by 12pm or even 1pm, depending on what your routine is like.

Start my day with gratitude and speak into my day.

You should know that it’s not everybody who had the opportunity to see a new day, and when you do, you should be grateful. I start my day with prayers of gratitude then go ahead to read my devotional; Wisdom for the day by Dr. Bishop Mike Okonkwo. After this I listen to my worship playlist or praise depending on my mood, but it’s worship for me 70% of the time. I then continue my other activities listening to the songs.

Giving my day direction.

The next step is to plan my day. Most times this is done in the night, but when I wake up in the morning I then decide what I would add or subtract from what I decided in the night.

Put my plans on paper.

After planning, I go ahead to write it down in my notebook. Sometimes I use my phone, but that’s only if I have errands to run. Since I started writing my plans down, it has made all the difference. Writing it down helps to hold you accountable so that you actually get the work done so you can strike it off your list.

Organizing myself.

After writing down my plans, I organize myself and put things in order for the day. Obviously, I start with my room because that’s where my day would take place, my room is my office. After arranging my room, I go ahead to do other house chores which I have to do for that day. If I’m going out later in the day, I organize my things for them to be ready. When things are chaotic around you or in your life, there are chances that you won’t get a lot done.

Have breakfast.

I can’t function without breakfast and that’s on period. If I’m not fasting, I don’t joke with my breakfast. When I know that I have a lot of things to do, I always eat very well in the morning. I’m not a light eater in the morning. I love to eat to my satisfaction in the morning and save the light eating for evening and night. Of course, this part changes when I’m in school.

So these are the basic things I do every morning for a productive day. If my day is not going to be productive, I’ll know from when I wake up. Lazy days are still my best days, but I like to feel productive if not I’ll start feeling guilty for wasting my day.

What’s your morning routine like? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

Thanks for reading🤗