Blogmas Day 18|What My Christmas As A Child Looked Like.

Welcome to blogmas day 18.

How are you all? Christmas is already a week away. Is it looking like Christmas in your area? Me, I’m just waiting patiently for the inhabitants of Port Harcourt to travel to their village so there’ll be less traffic.

Today I’ll be sharing sharing some things that were very important during Christmas time when I was younger. Putting together this blogpost brought pack so many memories and I wouldn’t mind being a child again.

Christmas Hair

Christmas hair was very important when I was younger because that’s the only time I got to put beads in my hair since my school then, banned wearing of beaded hairstyles. Making your hair shows that you’re ready for the Christmas festivities.

Christmas Parties/Seeing Father Christmas.

Whether it was organized by our primary school, church or our parents workplaces, there were so many Christmas parties to always attend. And that meant seeing father Christmas and getting gifts. And yes, the picture is real guys. This is what our father Christmas can look like😂😂 and children usually cry.

Live chicken

We don’t rear chicken at home, but during Christmas time, there’s usually live chickens bought few days to Christmas that would be killed on Christmas day. I enjoyed feeding them with remaining grains of rice from my food and giving them bread too. It always made Christmas rice complete.

Christmas hat

This was always a necessity and I can remember wearing it around the house even before Christmas day. And my Christmas outfit is never complete without this cap.

Knock out(Bangers)

Is it even Christmas if you’re not shooting knockout or hearing people shooting it in your area? I was actually scared of shooting it myself. I was scared that it could explode while still in my hands so I shot only once but I always played with the shooters of the knockout. And if was fun asking for 20naira to buy knockout everytime.

Ball gowns

This was the non negotiable attire for Christmas every year. I loved ball gowns cause they made me feel like a princess. And they usually came with shawls which were pretty too. Christmas was never complete without a new ball gown.

Eyeglasses and wristwatches

Another part of the cool kids Christmas attire😂. The wristwatch was legit the one my mum used to get for my sister’s and I. I can’t remember the ones for my brothers though.


The best part of this was when visitors give us money on their way out. Every anger I had while entertaining visitors that wouldn’t let me watch television in peace would disappear once they share money for us. I didn’t like the serving foods and drinks part too. Then the washing plates?😩 Stressful stuffs.

This is the major part of what I can remember and they always made Christmas fun.

Thanks for reading.

What did your Christmas as a child consist of?

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