My Favourite Low Manipulation Styles For My Short to Medium Length 4c Hair

Welcome back to my blog 🙋Happy Friday. I’ve been waiting for the weekend since Sunday night. Classes have been hectic and we were told we’ve not even gotten to the stressful part. Chile…I don’t like it here but I’m grateful nonetheless.I think I can finally put the medium length when describing my hair even though I feel my hair is still on the short side. I mean, if my hair can be packed into a low ponytail then it’s not so short anymore.So low manipulation styles are very simple styles which are done to prevent everyday manipulation of your hair. They last anywhere from 3 days to a week. I like to think of them as short term protective styles even though all of them are not really hiding your ends.When I’m not wearing braids or wigs which are my 2 go-to protective styles, I try to do simple styles that prevent everyday manipulation.

Low Bun

This is my favourite. It’s very simple and suitable for any occasion. Together with my glasses, it gives the ultimate serious medical student look(don’t mind me, I just had to throw that there). I usually tuck my ends in with this style so it’s kind of protective for me and I don’t have to worry about shrinkage or tangling. I sometimes add kinky extensions for a fuller looking bun to elevate the look.With this style, my satin scarf is my best friend. I always tie my hair down so it lays flat and doesn’t get frizzy or start getting loose and scattered. I’m currently wearing my hair in a low bun and it has been this way for 2 weeks now.

High Bun

Basically the same as the first but it’s rather on the top of your head. Another chic hairstyle for any occasion.

Two flatwists

This was a favourite when my hair was quite shorter and I could flatwist easily. Now for some reason I can’t get my flatwists to come out right which is really annoying. But it’s a simple and quick style that lasts for about 3 days to a week.

Twist out updo

This is the last and it’s the only style that my hair is sort of free. I’m no longer a fan of twist outs. I only do them once in a while now. But when I do a twist out, after wearing it free the first day, I put it in an updo situation by pinning the back of my hair upwards with bobby pins and leaving the front in a side fringe or bangs situation.

What’s your go-to low manipulation style?Is it the high puff? I only wear high puffs on special occasions. I used to have issues with the tension it causes on the hairline but I’ve found a way to reduce the tension to almost none.Thanks for reading.Don’t forget to tell me your go-to hairstyle in the comments😊

6 Reasons Why Protective Styles Are Damaging Your Hair

Welcome back to my blog 🙋

Anytime I’m asked how I grow my hair I always say I just make my hair and make sure it’s always moisturized. Now when I say moisturized I don’t mean applying oil or hair cream to my hair or the actual LOC or LCO(leave in conditioner, oil and cream) method but that’s a whole separate story.

Today we’ll be discussing on how protective styles can do more harm than good to your natural hair. But before that you should know that I protective styles are really good and I swear by them. Why?

  • It reduces knots and tangles in your hair and keeps it more manageable.
  • It gives your hair a break from frequent styling or manipulation.
  • Protects your hair from harsh weather.
  • Reduces hands in hair syndrome.
  • Helps retain length.
  • Allows you to easily switch up your style.

Now if they do these great things for your hair how can they still damage your hair?

It’s too tight.

Do we still make styles that snatches away our edges in 2021? No ma’am, miss me with that. Your style can be neat without it being tight, don’t believe that lie we grew up with that tight hairstyles last longer. If it’s too tight, it causes too much tension on your scalp and can damage your hair follicles causing hair breakage or worse, hair loss.

You don’t prep your hair properly.

Since your hair is going to be tucked away for a while you need to make sure that it’s clean, deep conditioned and properly moisturized. Do not put away dirty or dry hair in a protective style.

You abandon your hair.

I know protective styles give you a break from your hair but it doesn’t mean you should totally abandon your hair. Leaving your hair dry in protective styles is doing more harm than good. You need to regularly moisturize your hair, oil your scalp and clean your scalp every 2 or 3 weeks.

Sleeping without a satin/silk scarf, bonnet or pillowcase.

With natural hair, we’re trying to avoid dryness at all cost and this is a good way to do so. I’ve recently started wrapping a satin scarf around my pillow because I sometimes get lazy and sleep without my bonnet or scarf. Protecting your hair properly also prevents your protective style from getting frizzy early.

You leave it in for too long.

It can be very tempting to leave your protective style for long because it’s easier to manage but that’s not a good idea. If you leave your protective style for too long your hair would be dehydrated and extremely tangled when you want to take your hair down. Your protective style should last you anywhere between 2-6 weeks. 8 weeks is okay but that’s a stretch for the brave.

You’re not gentle when taking them out.

Now that you can feel the new growth through your braids and it’s time to take it down, if you’re not gentle with the process you’ll be losing the length you were able to gain while your hair was tucked away. Your hair is going to be fragile since it has been away for a while so you have to handle your hair with care.

Are you guilty of any of these? In my next post I’ll be sharing how to take down your protective style properly and retain all the length you gained.

Thanks for reading✌️

Product Review: VO5 Dry Scalp Moisturizing Shampoo

Welcome back to my blog 🙋

Today I’ll be reviewing this very affordable shampoo I got a few months ago. I’m almost out of it so I’ve used it quite a number of times. I’m a black soap shampoo stan but I couldn’t be bothered to make one and this vo5 shampoo was really cheap so I got this instead.

This brand is famous for their five vitamins and five oils formula but this one contains just 5 vitamins and one oil.

Key ingredients: sodium laurel sulphate Sweet almond oil, panthenol, tocopheryl, niacinamide, ascorbic acid and biotin

Packaging: the shampoo comes in a 325ml(11oz) plastic bottle with a flip cap which closes perfectly so I didn’t experience any spilling.

Texture/Appearance: it has a light runny gel like texture and has a whitish transparent appearance.

Scent: the scent is not so overpowering.

Claims: Soothes and relieves dry scalp.


The shampoo is really cheap. I got it for less than a thousand naira. It was 850naira(about $2) in everyday supermarket.

It cleanses the hair properly.


It contains sulphates so it’s drying to the hair. It left my hair feeling dry and tangled.

It’s too runny and I wasted a good amount of product.

My experience

This shampoo is quite drying to be a moisturizing shampoo. Moisture where? If I don’t wash my hair in sections or in twists my hair is left feeling dry and tangled.

The only time I enjoyed using this shampoo is when I prepoo my hair with oil or shea butter. The oil barrier prevents the shampoo from drying my hair while still leaving my hair clean and the best part? My hair is soft whenever I use it this way.

I got about 8 uses from this bottle of shampoo. It would have been more but it’s quite runny and so it usually slips from my hands if I’m not careful. I feel like it can be used up to 10 times or more if you’re not heavy handed.


I’ll give this shampoo a 5/10

It’s an okay shampoo if you wash your hair monthly. If you wash your hair weekly, stay away from this shampoo. If you wash your hair biweekly you can get away with it if you prepoo your hair.

Have you used this shampoo before?

What’s your favourite shampoo for your hair?

Hair Update|Dry Hair, Extreme Shedding, Bald Edges And A Drastic Trim.

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This is an old post that has been sitting in my drafts since April. I just didn’t get to edit and upload it before my exams in May and after exams I forgot about it. I just wanted to publish it before I bring out the new natural hair content I have stashed in the drafts.

My hair went through IT this year whew!

After the braids I did in late January which I took down mid March, my hair has been going through a lot. I finished 1st semester exams last month and I’m preparing for another one next month so my hair is the last thing on my mind. When I took down the braids, my ends were raggedy and rough because the girl that braided my hair thought it wise to comb my hair with a rat tail comb while dry despite my complains but that’s a story for another day. So I had to trim quite an amount of hair.

I’ve always heard that stress can affect your hair and skin but I had never experienced it on my hair before now. My skin usually gets most of the effect. Once I’m stressed, it would start showing from my face but my hair has always been a strong girl. She couldn’t take much this time I guess. My skin hasn’t really acted up yet. I’ve been maintaining beauty with all these stress.

This has been the most stressful time of my life. My routine has been wake up, eat, go to class to read, sleep, eat, read in the hostel, complain,rant or cry then read again.

My hair has been in cornrows for the most part but it’s currently in twists now. It has been dry and feels so crusty. The shedding is also crazy. I try to avoid using combs now because that’s a recipe for disaster so I use my fingers to detangle.

My edges? They’re slowly getting bald. It doesn’t also help that I sometimes twirl loose hair around my edges when I’m stressed, anxious or reading and I’ve been reading a lot, so yeah.

I’m consciously trying to at least spritz my hair with water or a moisturizing spray everyday before I go to class since I put my hair in twists and it has helped to an extent.


My exams have come and gone and yeah I passed😊. April and May especially, was the most stressful time of my life. I had 6 weeks to prepare for my exam. And the exam ran for 3 weeks. Those 9 weeks? Horrible. But I’m happy it’s over.

My hair is in a better place now. The shedding has stopped, it’s no longer extra dry and my edges are growing back.

I had kinky twists before my exam started so I wouldn’t be bothered about it. Right now my hair is getting better and I love that for me.

Thanks for reading.

See you in my post✌️

Blogmas Day 17|My Updated Washday Routine.

Welcome to blogmas day 17.

Let me first say that I can finally comfortably wash my hair in twists now!! I mean, they’ll unravel at the end, but I use a scrunchie to hold it in place.

So as my hair is getting longer, I’m looking for ways to make managing it easier and make washdays easier. I wash my hair weekly or biweekly depending on how I wear my hair and how my hair feels. There’s no much difference or newly added steps, just a different technique.


I prepoo my hair 80% of the time. The remaining 20% is when I do a clay mask or I’m lazy. I don’t know how some people just hop in the shower and drench their hair in water then proceed to shampooing. My hair would be a tangled mess.

So I’ve moved from using an oil to prepoo, to using conditioners cause it’s faster, to using Shea butter and conditioner, to using an oil and conditioner. I’m back to my old gee palm kernel oil which I used to use when I was transitioning. It really does work amazingly on my hair and I remember why I used to love it. My hair does this weird thing we’re it stops responding to a product like it used to, so I’m forced to stop using it or take a break.

Palm kernel oil is a penetrative oil and is a good alternative to coconut oil if your hair doesn’t like coconut oil like me. I use olive oil sometimes, but like I said, conditioners just make things easier cause the slip is better even though ideally, oils should be used to prepoo.

Excuse my mini rant here, I just wanted to explain myself and share somethings that might be helpful. So for my prepoo, I divide my hair into 4 sections and spritz my hair with some water to make it pliable then take a smaller section and apply some palm kernel oil, working it in with my fingers, then I go over it with a conditioner. When my hair is feeling very dry, I go over the conditioner with Shea butter. After applying everything, I finger detangle as much as I can to get the products in and lightly remove any shed/tangled hair then twist up that section.

When I’m through with the 4 sections, I cover my hair with a plastic cap and let it sit for 30 minutes to overnight, depending on how dry my hair is, my schedule, and how energetic I feel.


This is the part that has the new technique. I wash my hair in twists now. So instead of unraveling the twists and pack into sections like I used to do, I’ll just use scrunchies to tie the twists into 4 sections.

I use very lukewarm water. Somewhere between cold and lukewarm. I don’t like using hot water cause I feel it just strips excess moisture from my hair. And cold water won’t easily remove the oils I slathered on my hair like lukewarm would.

I shampoo my hair twice if It’s really dirty or when I do an oil prepoo. I take down each scrunchie to shampoo the section, focusing on my scalp then running the suds through the twists then tie it back with the scrunchie when I’m through. After shampooing, I rinse off the shampoo then squeeze out the excess water and wrap my hair with a cotton t-shirt.

Deep Conditioning

By this time, the twists would be looking raggedy and hanging on to their dear lives, but I’ll take down each twist and apply my deep conditioner then twist it back. I don’t attempt to use any tool to detangle my hair until I’ve deep conditioned with heat or just wrappingng a warm towel over my head. By then, my hair would have absorbed the conditioner better and it would be softer. So I go ahead and take down each twist then use my tangle teezer to gently detangle my hair from tips to root then twist it back up.

When I’ve detangled everything, I rinse off the conditioner with my hair still in the twists. And yes, I’m able to get all the conditioner out.


I usually let my hair to air-dry to about 80% or I’ll leave it wrapped in the tshirt for a while before I go ahead to moisturize it. I don’t like working on soaking wet hair.

So I take down each twist and apply my leave in conditioner then seal it with my whipped shea butter then twist or braid it back to air-dry. When I’m done with that, I oil my scalp and massage it in for a few minutes and I’m done.

Everything usually takes about 2 hours including the deep conditioning time but most times I take breaks in between. I can shampoo my hair and leave it for a few hours to do other things before I proceed to deep condition.

The new method of washing my hair in twists has made it a whole lot easier. It keeps my hair somewhat stretched and prevents tangling. I’m through with everything relating to washing my hair for the year and I’m happy. It’s prepped and ready to be put away before aunty harmattan comes.

P.S- A little digressing, my hair goal for this year was to reach chin length and armpit length by the end of the year, but I didn’t quite get there. I’m not so far from it though. All things being equal, by the time I’m taking down my protective style next year, my hair should have grown to that extent.

Thanks for reading.

Did you reach your hair goal this year? How long does your washday take?

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Stay safe!

Blogmas Day 13|Quick Fixes For A Bad Hair Day.

Welcome to blogmas day 13.

Have you ever twisted or braided your hair, expecting a bomb hairstyle the next day? Or you’ve imagined how your that hairstyle you’ve planned is going to be but it doesn’t come out as planned? Girl, me too.

I’ll be sharing some solutions to salvage your hair game.


I love me a pretty headwrap. It’s a perfect solution for a bad hair day and can work for all hair lengths cause you’re literally hiding your hair, except you want a style where your hair still shows. Just get a pretty headwrap and tie it to your style. The good thing about headwraps, there are different ways to style it to suit your style.


Am I the only person who thinks that wigs are lifesavers? They are a good alternative for headwraps when you need to wear cooperate clothes (this is what I just personally feel). Perfect for all hair lengths too. Just throw a wig cap on and put on your wig.


High puff has been saving the natural hair girls since 1960. Just throw your hair in a puff sis. It’s a go to style for almost everyone, but for some reason I feel high puffs look weird on me, but I wear it anyways (I can actually count the number of times I’ve worn a high puff and that says a lot). It can work with different hair lengths too.


Do you know there are satin lined facecaps too? I know, that’s amazing. You can now wear a facecap and still protect your hair with the gentle texture of a satin material. Perfect for when you don’t want to be bothered with your hair and still look amazing.

Faux Ponytails

This is another chic hairstyle that I love. But it can only be a quick fix if your hair is long enough to be put in a quick ponytail before attaching the faux ponytail. It’s beautiful anyways, and if you get a ponytail with your hair texture, you might just get away with making people believe that it’s your hair.

There, you have it! 5 quick fixes to get you through a bad hair day.

Thanks for reading.

What’s your go-to for a bad hair day?

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Blogmas Day 5|A Gift Guide For A Naturalista

Welcome to blogmas day 5.

It’s the season of giving and I’m sure you have a sister or friend with natural hair who you’re planning on getting a gift, so why not something that would be beneficial to her hair? It would be a very thoughtful gift.

I shared my Christmas wishlist in case you need an extra inspiration for gift ideas. But today, I’m bringing to you, general stuff that anybody with natural hair would love and appreciate.

Steaming Cap.

This is a very essential item when deep conditioning your hair. It makes your hair feel soft when you steam your hair with your favourite deep conditioner. It really steps up your deep conditioning game and ensures that your hair absorbs all the nutrients from your deep conditioner.

Satin Lined Hoodie.

Who doesn’t love a good hoodie? Not me. And I’m sure we know how natural hair loves satin. There are now hoodies that are lined with satin which means that you can wear a hoodie and still have your hair protected.

Satin/Silk Scarves.

Satin and silk scarves are beautiful and they’re a nice way to add accessories to your hair and also good to rescue a failed hairstyle or your go to on a lazy day.

Satin Bonnets.

Good for protecting natural hair at night and it helps to retain the moisture in the hair to leave it soft and manageable.

Scalp Massaging Brush.

I talked on the benefits of massaging your scalp here. And a massaging brush makes it so easy to do so. Plus, it doubles as a shampoo brush and can be used to scrub your scalp instead of your fingers.

Wigs/Clip in Extensions.

For when she needs a break from getting her hair done. Which can be everytime. I think I everybody deserves to own 2 or 3 wigs.

Temporary Hair Dye.

Everybody deserves to have some fun and we can have it with our hair right? Temporary hair dyes are a fun way to add colour to your hair without commiting to one colour or the stress of dealing with colour treated hair.

Essential Oils.

Everybody needs essential oils in their lives. And they’re useful for more than just haircare that’s why they’re so important.

You may still go ahead and get a complete range of hair products for that naturalista because why not?

Did you see anything on your wishlist here?

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How to achieve a fluffy fro on 4c hair(short/awkward length friendly)

Welcome back to my blog 🙋🙋

Happy Saturday! November is gradually coming to a close and I can smell Christmas already. Sorry for ghosting y’all for over a week but I wasn’t really feeling up to uploading anything. I have so many ideas for new contents in my head but the hand is not willing to type.

One of my lovely followers requested that I share how I get my natural hair into a fluffy fro so I’m going to be sharing the little tips and tricks I use.

Quick disclaimer: everybody’s hair is different, so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa, but I’ll be sharing how I do mine.

My hair is in the awkward length stage where it’s not really short, but it’s not medium length either, so getting it into an afro that looks fluffy takes a lot of tricks.

Tip 1

I prefer to start with dry hair. I’ve noticed that it gives the best results. I usually spritz my hair lightly with water or a mix of water and leave in conditioner then seal lightly with my whipped shea butter then lightly finger detangle my hair. If you can’t finger detangle, then go ahead and use a wide tooth comb.

Tip 2

I prefer to braid my hair because braid outs gives a fuller and fluffier look. I noticed that twist outs make my hair look limp so I prefer to do braid outs. I don’t usually do any fancy thing for the braids. All I do is to put my hair in chunky braids after detangling. I usually have like 4 or 5 braids on the left and right side of my hair, making it 8 or 10 braids in total. You can do less if your hair is longer than mine.

Tip 3

I let the braids dry overnight then take them down. Again, I don’t do anything fancy when taking the braids down because I’m not looking for definition in my hair. I just unravel the braids then separate the hair.

Tip 4

Since you want a fluffy afro, do not comb your hair after taking down the braids. This is the important part because if you comb or brush your hair after taking down the braids, you’ll loose the fluffiness. All you have to do is to use your hands to shape your hair to how you want it. For a fluffy look, you want to tug on your hair downwards and not pat it inwards (I hope you get what I mean here)

Tip 5

I use an afro comb to pick my roots and give it more volume and shape.

So these 5 tips are what works for me and what I do consistently to always get the same results. But another alternative I do is to lightly blow-dry my hair then flat twist it. If you can’t flat twist, chunky twists done tightly would do. Then I take it down and follow the same process I usually do.

Again, you might be tempted to comb it out, maybe for more length, but that would disrupt the fluffiness.

I really hope this helps you. The weather is getting dryer,so hopefully you can still rock a nice fluffy fro before harmattan finally comes. I’ll insert pictures of the different ways my afro comes out when I comb it out and when I do not comb it.

I didn’t comb my hair here, and you can see how fluffy it look

Didn’t comb here too

I combed my hair here

I combed my hair here. You can see how clumped together it looks. It doesn’t look bad, but that’s not the look we’re going for

4C Hair|| Terrible Hair? Bad Texture? Shrinkage

Serving y’all this burriful fro

And this one too

Welcome back to my blog 🙋🙋. This post might be all over the place, but I promise you’ll get the gist of the matter. I was on YouTube watching a video the other day by Discovering Natural and she said she has a natural hair group on Facebook. I was skeptical on joining the group but I finally dusted my Facebook account and joined the group. The group has been very educative and nice. So one faithful day, I saw this post and it got me triggered.

This lady feels her hair is a terrible texture and I can certainly relate. Comparing her hair to what the media portrays as beautiful natural hair is very different. Beautiful natural hair is long hair with loose curls like 4a curls. And to be honest, real 4c hair is only appreciated when it’s long.

Nobody likes 4c hair when it’s still in the twa and short phase and I said what I said. I hardly wore my hair out when I newly big chopped because I wasn’t comfortable with the length. I’ve always had longish hair so the change was so drastic. After the excitement of finally transitioning my hair and cutting of the relaxed ends, reality finally dawned on me and taking care of natural hair is so much harder than taking care of relaxed hair. I feel that natural hair influencers always sugar coat the fact that natural hair is hard to take care of for beginners. Emphasis on the ‘beginners’. It sure gets easier with time.

The few times when I was comfortable enough to wear my hair out, I used to feel people giving me the weird looks and I swear it still happens up till now. I used to be bothered then, but recently, I’ll wear my hair out and if you feel some kind of way about my hair then please turn your eyes elsewhere. I no longer refuse to be uncomfortable wearing my hair out because that’s how it grows out from my scalp.

People still see 4c natural hair as unkept and it’s so funny because when my hair gets longer, I plan on wearing my hair out in afros whenever I have the strength to taunt all those people very well. I may regret it later, but the satisfaction that I’ve given them what to talk about would make me okay as I’m taking out the tangles in my hair after wearing my hair out. I don’t know why how we choose to wear my hair affects other people.

4c hair is beautiful and you have to keep telling yourself that if you feel otherwise you’ll just feel trapped with your own hair. There’s nothing you can do about your hair texture unless you want to relax your hair. I make it my duty to compliment every girl I see with short natural hair and it surely goes a long way.

On the topic of shrinkage, I’m that natural hair girl that doesn’t mind shrinkage because I’ve learnt that my hair strands love each other and always coil up together and shrinks up even when my hair is dry. My twist out, braid out, blow out or whatever never lasts in the stretched state. My hairstyles are never fully stretched which is annoying because I want to show off my length.

I posted a picture of my hair on my WhatsApp status and someone told me that he thinks my hair is overhyped. Bruhh, you don’t know the amount of strength that goes into taking care of this hair so your opinion doesn’t even matter.

I’m through with my rant at this point. I want to end by reminding you that short 4c hair is beautiful.

Stay safe.

My Black Friday/Christmas Wishlist|| Natural Hair Edition.

Welcome back to my blog 🙋 🙋 It feels like forever since I last blogged and it’s so funny how I’ve been inconsistent with blogging since I made specific days for blogging. October was a month of so many emotions. Dealing with anxiety, then I lost 2 friends, one had to be ‘cut off’ as people say. I’m grateful for a new month, I’m in a much better place right now. This is a long ass intro but I didn’t want to do a separate post for this today, maybe I’ll go into details some other time.

November is here which means black Friday is here, and Christmas is around the corner too, and all I can hear is SALES! I know I’m not the only person who scrolls online looking at things they’re not buying anytime soon. I have lots of things I want to have in my hair stash and since I’m still on a student budget these things are on the luxury list and very low in the scale of preference. I usually like buying my stuff around this time, but this year has been a different year so the flow of cash wasn’t the same with other years so I’m not making any purchase for black Friday/ Christmas sales because unlike other years, I didn’t do a huge haul for my hair products My hair products finished earlier than usual so I couldn’t wait for sales this year and I made purchases at different times because it felt better than spending so much money at once for hair products.

On that note, I decided to make a wishlist of both the things I can afford right now and the ones I can’t afford yet, but we’ll get there. My life is a very fertile ground to sow in case anybody was wondering.

So I’ll be listing the things I want to have in my stash in no particular order.

360° mist spray bottle

I’ve been seeing this a lot and it seems like such a convenient tool to have. It’s different from the normal spray bottle and works like those body spray cans where you just longpress the nozzle and the spray comes out continuously. You won’t have to keep on pressing the nozzle of your spray bottle multiple times and the water doesn’t come out in droplets like the other normal spray bottle.

EZ Detangling Brush

This seems like another really good tool to have. It has bristles which separate when detangling your hair, causing no tension which is great for gender headed people.The brush seems to be really good amd there has been nothing but good reviews about it. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that detangling my hair is a major concern for me.

Kinky Clip-in Extensions

I’ve wanted this for the longest time. I almost bought one from naturalgirlwigs on Instagram but life happened and the money was used for something else. Clip in extensions are very easy to use and it’s a fast and easy way to put your hair in a quick protective style without trying too hard. And it’s also an easy way to fake it till you make it when you get extensions which match your hair texture.

Temporary Hair Dye.

I’ll get this as soon as I find a store or someone in Port Harcourt that sells this. All vendors I found online are in Lagos and I can’t buy something of 2500naira and pay 2000 as delivery fee. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair temporarily because I can’t commit to one colour that’s not my natural hair colour and I don’t also want to deal with the extra work colour treated hair comes with but I’ve not seen any temporary hair colour here in Port Harcourt.

Bentonite Clay

This thing is so expensive right now for me, especially when kaolin clay is so cheap so this would continue being on my wishlist till further notice. But I really want to do a bentonite clay mask on my hair.

African Pride Pre-shampoo

This product is a prepoo made of aloe vera and coconut water. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know I love to prepoo my hair. And if you read my natural hair trends post, I said that I want to add aloe vera to my hair routine but it comes with a lot of stress. So seeing this product really has me curious to use it.

Camille Rose Naturals Products

The day I get to use these products, nobody would be able to talk to me anyhow. I’ll feel so bougie because these products are so freaking expensive. But they are natural products and they have really amazing ingredients. There has been nothing but good reviews about them but a lowly girl can’t afford them now.

Revlon Blow-dryer Brush

It’s the ease with how you can blow dry your hair easily with this tool for me. I’ve attempted blow-drying my hair and it was not an easy job, so having a blow dryer which is in brush form would be so cool but then again, it’s expensive as hell.

Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel

The way this thing lays down people’s hair!! I want it periodt! I’ve always been a ponytail girl and my hair is finally getting of length to do a ponytail without extensions and even though eco styling gel works fine, I want something better with a stronger hold which is this product

That’s it for this post. I can’t afford to be a product junkie even if I want to because natural hair products are so expensive. What’s on your wishlist?

Meanwhile, I wanted to do a post where I’ll respond to your assumptions about me, so if you’re interested in knowing anything, leave an assumption in the comments section and I’ll respond to all the assumptions in another post.

Stay safe✌️