Bantu knot out on short 4c hair

I’m back again with another hair style I tried on my short natural hair. Quarantine has been making me do things I wouldn’t do on a normal day. Since I took down my braids, I’ve been trying out hairstyles which I never have time to do on a normal day. But with so much time on my hands now, I can experiment with new styles and not care whether it turns out good or not.

Initially, I was going to do a flexi rod set or perm rod set but I found out that I didn’t have enough flexi rods and not enough perm rods for my whole head. I then decided to use both the flexi rods and perm rods since I’m not going anywhere and I really wanted to try out the hairstyle. I started the process but wasn’t getting the hang of it so I just changed my mind.

I still wanted a look that would give me a curly effect like that of perm rods, so I decided to do a Bantu knot out.

So this hairstyle was a fail and not a fail at the same time. First of all, when I was styling my hair I didn’t have high hopes for it because I didn’t boil my okros enough to give me the right consistency I needed so I couldn’t use my normal okro gel as my styler and I’ve run out of leave in conditioner so I had to use a random moisturizer I too from my mum as my styler.

As usual, I started on freshly washed and deep conditioned hair, but I made sure my hair was about 70% dry before I started styling my hair.

Doing Bantu knots was not that hard. There are two ways to do a Bantu knot, and you can check it out on YouTube. I did the one were you do a two strand twist first then wrap it around itself as opposed to the when were you roll it then wrap it around itself.

I washed my hair hair on Thursday, then took down the Bantu knots on Saturday. I always leave my hair to dry for 2 days or at least a day and a half to make sure it’s properly set.

The takedown process is the same as taking down a braid out or twist out. You can check out my previous post on braid out to see how I take down my hairstyles.

The Bantu knot out came out decent. I really didn’t like the look a normal afro was giving me so I went ahead to style it in a half up half down look and it came out cute.

I can’t say how long the style lasted since I didn’t use a gel or any styler. I ended up fluffing out all the curls the next day and put my hair in 2 chunky flat twists till my next wash day.

I want to try out a cowash for the first time and see how my hair will like it. Will keep you guys updated on how it goes.

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How Not To: Detangle Natural hair

Welcome back to my blog. I’m starting a ‘how not to’ series where I’ll be explaining how not to do some hair practices we do to take care of our natural hair. The first one is going to be how not to detangle your natural hair.

If you have natural hair, especially as a 4c girl, detangling can be a whole sport which can make or break your hair journey. It plays a crucial role in how much length you’ll be able to retain while growing your hair.

Let’s go straight to the things you shouldn’t do while detangling your hair.

1.) Detangling dry hair: YOU DO NOT WANT TO DETANGLE YOUR HAIR DRY. I can’t stress this enough. Many naturals complain about their hair being painful to comb but do you spray water or apply moisturizer on your hair before combing it? Using water or a water based product will help to loosen up the knots in your hair and let the comb glide through easily without ripping through your hair.

2.) Using a small teeth comb: it’s very important to always use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. I’ll even advice to first detangle with your fingers before going in with a comb so that your hair is less tangled and easier to comb through. Using a small teeth comb to detangle your hair is going to cause so much harm to your hair.

3.) Not working in sections: since natural hair is really thick, it’s best to work in sections so you can detangle all parts of your hair adequately without stress or pains.

4.) Detangling your hair in a hurry: natural hair will test your patience. You need to be gentle and patient when detangling your hair. Try not to be in a rush when dealing with your hair, this way you’ll have enough time to work through your coils without causing harm to your hair.

These are some simple tips to keep in mind when detangling your hair so you’re doing it properly.

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Kaolin clay mask for natural hair

Kaolin clay in solid form

I tried a clay mask for the first time and I liked it. Since I started making conscious effort to care for my hair, I’ve been using a sulphate shampoo(vo5 moisturizing shampoo) to clarify my hair.

In as much as it says moisturizing, the shampoo still leaves my hair dry and tangled after shampooing which I try to prevent by prepooing my hair before I use it. There was still no much difference. So I decided to try a clay mask and the only one I could get was kaolin clay. I was looking forward to using bentonite clay, but during this quarantine period, I’m not about to stress myself and risk going out.

Kaolin clay is also called China clay. It is the gentlest amongst all other types of clay. Kaolin clay is white and has a soft texture, though it may also come in other colours like pink and green depending on the mineral present. It is rich in ‘kaolinite’ a type of mineral.

Kaolin clay is perfect for cleansing natural hair because it will remove dirt from the scalp and won’t strip it off it’s natural oils. It basically cleanses and conditions the hair.

Benefits of kaolin clay

1.) Gently exfoliates the scalp while cleansing.

2.) Increasing the circulation on the scalp in other to strengthen the hair roots.

3.) Improves hair elasticity and repairs damaged hair.

4.) Soothes the scalp, helps treat dandruff and encourages hair growth.

How to make kaolin clay mask

What you’ll need

*Kaolin clay

*Green tea or water or apple cider vinegar

*Any oil of your choice (I used palm kernel oil and olive oil)


I forgot to snap the mask after I mixed it
Clay mask I’m my hair and on my face
After rinsing out the clay mask

1.) I got the kaolin clay in solid form so I cut out the portion I wanted to use and ground it.

2.) Combine all your ingredients together and mix till you get a paste like consistency.

3.) Apply mask to your wet hair and scalp.

4.) Cover for your hair with a plastic bag or cap for 30minutes.

4.) Rinse out with warm water and proceed with a deep conditioner.

Things to note

* do not use a stainless or iron spoon or plate for the clay mask. It will react with the clay and remove the essential minerals.

* your hair should be detangled and wet before applying the mask. Trust me, you don’t want to struggle with your hair while applying this mask cause it is messy.

*wear an old t-shirt while applying the mask so you don’t ruin your regular clothes.

So I tried kaolin clay mask on my last washday and I was really happy with the results. I wanted to do the bentonite clay mask, but due to this COVID-19 pandemic, I’m trying to stay at home as much as possible. Kaolin clay was the closest I could get and it’s even cheaper than using bentonite clay.

Initially I was skeptical about using the mask but after my research on YouTube and Google I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. The mask didn’t clump and define my curls the way bentonite mask would have, but my hair was still decent. After rinsing out the clay my hair felt really soft like I could skip using a conditioner, but I still went ahead to deep condition.

This mask can also be used for your skin, though depending on what you add to the mask. For example if you add castor oil you shouldn’t use the mask for your skin. I used products that work with both skin and hair, so it wasn’t a problem.

Have you used a clay mask for your hair? Let me know your experience.

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Bomb braid out on 4c hair

At this point, I prefer braid outs to twist outs. They give better definition and volume than twist outs on first day hair. Twist outs are nice, but I don’t get the volume I’ll like with first day hair.

All thanks to quarantine, I’ve been trying out new styles with my natural hair and I’ll be sharing the outcome with you all.

Let’s go straight to the process of achieving a bomb braid out.


1.) You should start on freshly washed and deep conditioned hair. I feel this gives the best results.

2.) Work with small sections especially if your hair is short and make sure it’s thoroughly detangled.

3.) Apply your styling products and braid your hair. I twisted the ends of my hair so it would be easier to take down.


Before takedown
After takedown, before separating the curls
After separating the curls and styling my hair

1.) Rub some oil on your finger tips and carefully take down each braid.

2.) After you’ve loosened all the braids, gently separate the curls where they naturally want to separate so you don’t cause frizz.

3.) Use a comb or your fingers and pick your hair at the roots to hide the harsh parts and make it look fuller.

4.) Style your hair and your bomb braid out is ready.

How I wore my hair to sleep. I banded it in 8 sections

I used my regular okro gel and whipped Shea butter for this braid out. If you’ve been following me I know you’re tired of hearing this by now😂. I’m in need of new products but can’t get any till this quarantine is over so I’m making use of what’s available.

Do you prefer braid outs or twist outs? Let me know in the comments.

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Clarifying natural hair

Do you ever feel like your hair is not acting right and you’ve done a moisturizing and protein treatment, and even trimmed and still no change? It may be time to clarify your hair. Every week we apply different products; gels, creams, oils and yet still use gentle shampoos to cleanse our hair so the hair isn’t dry. Once in a while like 4-6 weeks, is an ideal time to clarify your hair.

Clarifying the hair is simply using deep cleansing products to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify your hair and remove build up. It gives your hair a fresh base for new products.

You can clarify your hair using the following:

1.)shampoos that have been made specifically for clarifying like suave daily clarifying shampoo and Ouidad superfruit renewal clarifying cream shampoo.

2.) Regular shampoos containing sulphates.

3.) Clay masks such as bentonite clay, rhassoul clay and kaolin clay.

Benefits of clarifying your hair

1.) Rejuvenates and refreshes your hair.

2.) Thoroughly removes build up( hard water, styling products, silicones from hair products etc).

3.) Prevents bacterial growth on the scalp.

4.) Restores natural ph balance of your hair.

5.) Prepares hair for colouring.

6.) Soothes itchy and irritated scalp.

So I hope with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that it’s important to clarify your hair regularly; every 4-6 weeks.

Thanks for reading.

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How to build a hair care regimen

Welcome back to my blog. Hope you all are doing great.

A hair care regimen is a set of rules or techniques which you follow on a consistent basis. It helps to organize your life and helps you grow your hair and see your length. It’s best to write out your hair care regimen rather than leaving it in your head.

A hair care regimen should be suitable for your hair type, density, porosity and your schedule.

Before starting your hair care regimen, you should have a set of products and tools for your natural hair.


1.) Moisturizing shampoo

2.) Clarifying shampoo or detoxifying clay mask

3.) Moisturizing treatment (deep conditioner)

4.) Protein treatment

5.) Leave in conditioner or moisturizer

6.) Oil or butter

7.) Styler (gel, smoothie, souffle etc)


1.) Wide tooth comb

2.) Detangling brush

3.) Sectioning clips

4.) Satin bonnet, scarf or pillowcase

5.) Hairbands and hair ties

There are phases of creating your hair care regimen. You should have a phase for daily, mid-week, weekly, monthly and quarterly or biyearly.


1.)wearing a satin bonnet

2.)Scalp massage

3.) No combing

4.) Refresh with a moisturizer(depends on your hair style)


1.) Moisturize and seal

2.) Oil scalp

3.) Restyle hair


1.) Cleanse hair with gentle shampoo or cowash

2.) Deep condition with moisturizing treatment

3.) Detangle hair with tool

4.) Use leave in conditioner

5.) Seal with oil or butter

6.) Air-dry hair

7.) Prepoo hair (optional)

8.) Tea rinse or rice water rinse (optional)


1.) Clarify or detoxify your hair with clarifying shampoo or clay mask

2.) Protein treatment

3.) Apple cider vinegar for detox (optional)

4.) Scalp scrub (optional)

Quarter or biyearly

1.) Trim your hair

2.) Use heat to straighten your hair (optional)

3.) Length check

You may decide to alternate between shampooing and cowashing weekly. You may also decide to wash your hair biweekly. It all depends on your hair and schedule.

These are the basic steps you can use to build your hair care regimen. 3 – 6 months is a good time to see a difference in the health and length of your hair to know if your regimen is working for you. You can also decide to make changes in your regimen every 3 months to see if there’ll be a difference.

Do you have a hair regimen? If not let me know if this was helpful in creating your hair care regimen

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Tips on how to retain length

Welcome back to my blog. Do you think your hair is not growing? Read this please.

Our hair grows everyday. But the hard part of it is how do we retain the length we grow?

Here are some simple easy tips to follow

1.) Never detangle dry hair: always make sure that your hair is damp with water or a form of moisturizer or conditioner so that you can detangle your hair properly without causing breakage.

2.) Detangle with a wide tooth comb: the teeth of a wide tooth comb is gentle enough to comb through your hair strands without damaging your hair. Do not use a rat tail comb to detangle please. Your fingers can also work perfectly fine

3.) Never skip deep conditioning: as often as you wash your hair, you need to deep condition it. This helps to keep your hair moisturized, improve your hair elasticity, make your hair manageable, and so many other good stuff.

4.) Avoid over manipulation: try as much as possible to keep your hands out of your hair. Do not style your hair everyday. Do styles that can last for about 5-7 days before you restyle or wash your hair.

5.) Protect your ends: your ends are the oldest part of your hair. You need to keep them protected as often as possible. Pay extra attention to the ends when applying products to your hair and try to keep them from rubbing on your shoulders or clothes as often as you can.

6.) Sleep with satin bonnet or scarf: this helps to prevent friction between your hair and surfaces where you sleep to prevent breakage. It also helps retain moisture in your hair.

7.) Use good hair products: in as much as I stand with the fact that products do not grow hair, it’s good to have hair products free from harmful substances such as parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, etc. Make sure when you’re purchasing your products you read the ingredient list to know what it is you are buying.

These are the basic things you need to do to retain length.

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Hair Update 1- Twist Out Outcome

Day 2 hair

From my last natural hair post, I said I was going to do a twist out from the twists I did a while ago. I ended up carrying the twists for 3 days then took them down for a twist out. I used just okro gel and whipped Shea butter as my styling products and they did a very good job at moisturizing an defining my twists.

Freshly installed twists
How I stretched the twists immediately after installing them because they were wet and shrunken. I used the same method to stretch and maintain the curls at night

Guys! I’ve become an okro gel addict. I don’t remember the last time I used a leave in conditioner cause okro gel had been serving that purpose. Okro gel had been serving as my styler, leave in conditioner and deep conditioner. It’s so cheap and does a great job for my hair. I don’t even use a comb as much anymore when detangling my hair because my fingers are able to glide through my hair easily. I only comb most times for the tradition of doing it and even then it’s very easy to detangle.

So, back to my twist out. I took down the twists on day 3 and it was really defined and moisturized with a soft hold. I had major shrinkage though as opposed to when I did a braid out with okro gel too. The curls lasted for about 5 days before I washed my hair again. Next time I do a twist out, I’ll do bigger twists and start on semi stretched hair to see if I’ll have less shrinkage and more volume.

A little blurry,but it’s the top view
Twist Out styled in a puff

The curls lasted for about 5 days before I washed my hair again. I was able to maintain the curls by banding my hair in about 7-8 sections before sleeping. It helped to keep my hair stretched also.

My hair is currently in box braids I did myself about 2 weeks ago, after the twist out because I was tired of manipulating my hair. The next hair update will be my 8 months post big chop update with length check and comparisons when I take down the braids, so stay tuned.

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How’s your hair game this self isolation period?

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. Hope you all are well and staying at home and washing your hands regularly.

For most of us, we’re stuck at home till further notice and have a lot of time on our hands, so now is the time to really take care of your hair. I was about to get box braids before school was shut down here in Nigeria, but changed my mind because I’m not about to braid my hair just to sit at home and have my hair out when I’m in school.

I kind of organize my hairstyles to match my schedule, so if I’m going to be really busy, I like my hair to be in long term protective styles and if I have a lot of time on my hands, I like to just do low manipulation styles.

Now is the time to try that hairstyle you’ve been wanting to do because if it fails, you’re not going anywhere and can always try again the next week. I washed my hair a few days ago and wanted to do a twist out. I’m yet to do a real twist out on my hair. The few ones I’ve done were just chunky twists I put in my hair to prevent it from tangling and shrinking up so there was no definition and of course, there was a lot of frizz.

So I’m currently still wearing the twists, contemplating whether or not to take them out for a twist out or to just wear them as a protective style since I’m going nowhere. I really want to know how the twist out would be like, but I’m trying not to manipulate my hair too much. So maybe what I’ll do will be to wear the twists for about a week (I’m not sure it’ll get up to a week but I’ll try) then take them down and wear a twist out for a day or 2 then put my hair into 2 buns or chunky flat twists till wash day. This way I’m not over manipulating my hair.

If my twist out is successful, I’ll blog about it. I’m quite curious to see how it will turn out because I used just okro gel and whipped Shea butter as my styling products.

Another reason why I don’t want to get braids yet is because I want to try out new products and see what works for my hair and what doesn’t. I wanted to try out using rice water in my hair. I’ve used it before but I wasn’t consistent, and now I have the time I want to get back to using it again. Maybe weekly and or biweekly.

How are treating your hair this period? Let me know in the comment section please.

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Easy and quick protective style using braiding hair

Welcome back to my blog. Today I’ll be talking about a very easy and cute hairstyle I did which was 2 buns with braids by the side. I used normal braiding hair (X-pression brand) to create this look. It looks curly because I braided it and soaked in hot water before loosening it to give it some sort of texture so it’s not silky straight. This way it sort of matches my natural hair texture.

Items needed

1.) Braiding hair

2.) Gel. I used eco styler( Olive oil)

3.) Hair ties

4.) Hair scarf

5.) Bobby pins

6.) Hard bristle brush

7.) Rat tail comb

8.) Spray bottle of water


1) start of with detangled hair and divide it into 2 sections.

2) do a single braid on each side of your hair and wrap the ends like you’re doing a Bantu knot.

3) spray each section lightly with water and pack apply the gel around the perimeters of the section.

4) brush with the hard bristle brush and tie it with your hair tie into a bun.

My hair in a sleek bun without extensions

5) tie down with your scarf and wait for a few minutes. You can do your makeup or dress up while you wait. If in a hurry, you can use a blow dryer over the scarf.

6) when your hair is dry, attach your extensions to your hair and wrap it around in a bun. Use Bobby pins to secure it.

7) lay your edges if you want to.

You’re style is complete. This style can be achieved without gel but I wanted to use gel so I can have a sleek look.

You can also use beads for the end of the braids if you have, but I didn’t have any at the moment. This hairstyle can last for a week or 2 depending on how you manage it. Make sure your hair is properly moisturized so you won’t have to do that again and risk spoiling the hair.

Will you try this hairstyle?

Thanks for reading 🤗

Stay blessed 🙌