Natural Hair Trends I Love

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My last blog post was on natural hair trends I’m ditching, today I’ll be sharing the trends I love. These ‘trends’ are what I’ve been doing since I started transitioning my hair and they’ve made handling my hair easier.

Without further ado, let’s begin.


If you’re an OG of this blog then you’ll know I love prepooing. It was a lifesaver while I was transitioning because washing hair that has two completely different textures was not easy but prepooing before shampooing made it a whole lot easier. Prepoo is basically applying oils or oil mixtures to your hair and letting it sit for a while before you get into shampooing your hair. This helps to keep your hair moisturized and prevent it from being stripped and feeling dry.

I stopped prepooing for a while, but I went back to it when I learnt the hard way. It’s kind of stressful because it’s a whole step being added to washing your hair but I try to do it the night before and it’s easier that way.

Washing your hair in sections.

I’ve been doing this again since transitioning, but stopped after I turned fully natural because my hair was too short to be in sections. But as my hair grew longer I went back to shampooing and conditioning my hair in sections. Infact, whatever I’m doing I like to do it in sections. Whether I’m moisturizing or detangling, sections always save the day.

As my hair gets longer it’s getting thicker and if I’m not working in sections I’ll just be frustrated so sectioning your hair is key. It ensures that whatever you’re applying to your hair gets to every part of your hair.

Rice Water

Rice water is really popular now in the natural hair community and some people might be wondering why it wasn’t in the last post but it’s here now. I’ve been using it as far as since 2018 when I started transitioning my hair. I heard that it grows hair so I watched tons of videos and read tons of articles and I knew exactly what I was doing before I started it. I used to use it as the last step in my wash routine as a hair rinse. This used to help to leave my hair soft but strengthened.

Of recent, so many people have been complaining of it damaging their hair. This could be caused by a lot of reasons which I’ll explain in a whole separate post, but doing a proper research before jumping into any trend will save you from unnecessary problems and this is where so many people miss it.

Avocado hair masks

Who doesn’t love a good diy hair mask that’s cheap and moisturizes the hair properly? Avocados are really moisturizing to the hair and this used to be a staple in my hair routine but I’ve stopped it because I can’t continue to deal with the messiness that comes with it. When you want to be on a budget though, avocado hair mask is the way to go.

Clay Masks

I lovvve clay masks. I’ve only tried kaolin clay, but the results are enough to make me excited to try a bentonite clay mask. Clay masks are meant to deep cleanse your hair without stripping off moisture from your hair. When I use clay masks, the coils in my hair always come out from their hiding place and my hair is usually soft and completely tangle free.

That’s it for this post. Which of these trends do you do?

I’ve been super busy this week so I wasn’t able to keep to my schedule. I skipped Tuesday and I felt really bad. This one is even going to be published on Saturday because it’s already almost midnight. My youngest brother is going back to school so we’ve been up and about buying him the things he needs for school. Why do children grow so fast? I vividly remember when this child was born and now he’s in SS1.

I feel like a mother sending her.first child to the university😂😂.

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Natural Hair Trends I’m Ditching.

Welcome back to my blog 🙋 🙋

Today is Friday and what does that mean? Some natural hair content for you guys. Today we’re talking of trends that I’m ditching.

There’s so much information to be consumed in the natural hair community. This can be very overwhelming and can lead to confusion if one is not careful. What’s important is to sift through the lot of information and do what works for you and your hair.

There are so many trends on how to do your hair and products to use in your hair. These are trends I would never try and the trends that I’m ditching.

Chebe powder

The hype on this product when it first came up was so much that people started selling fake chebe powder which made people’s hair break or fall of(yes, some people experienced severe hair loss after using fake chebe powders). People claimed that it grows hair and I did my research and found out that it doesn’t because you’re not even applying it to your scalp. It basically prevents your hair from breaking so that you retain length.

I personally do not care about this powder because of it’s smell. It has too strong of a smell which is borderline offensive to me. I’ve seen different brands of chebe powder and while they don’t all have the same smell, I’ve not seen one that has a tolerable smell. Another reason why I won’t use chebe powder is because of it’s grainy texture and messy application. The closest I may ever get to using chebe would be in a hair butter or when it’s infused in an oil.

Onion juice

The next hair trend you’ll never catch me doing is using onion juice for hair growth. I absolutely love onions. I love the taste and aroma it gives my food and I also love the smell of it in my palm after I chop a ball of onions. But that’s how far I can tolerate the smell. I’m not about to be uncomfortable with the smell of onions in my hair. And even if you scratch out the smell, the eye tearing would also chase me away from using onions in my hair.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the purpose of using ayurvedic herbs for your natural hair is meant to make your hair grow healthier, stronger and thicker. My hair is already healthy and thick so I’m not ready to go through the stress of ayurveda because it’s something that requires a lot of research and trial and error to see which one works you. And you also have to transition your hair slowly into using ayurvedic herbs before you dive fully into it. It’s also a messy process most times and it’s not even the most affordable haircare practice, for me at least. So with all that being said I’ll not be doing an ayurvedic haircare. The closest I’ll ever get is using either hibiscus or aloe vera because I’ve been eyeing these two for the longest time before I even knew they were ayurvedic herbs.

Red Palm oil

Yes, you read that right. People use palm oil for their hair and I had to put the ‘red’ out there so you know exactly what I’m talking about. I have nothing against it except the fact that it’s food, and my mother would chop off my head if she sees me using her palm oil for my hair. Let’s not also forget the colour. I’m not about to get my bathtub stained red or orange from the oil. Yes it can be washed out after washing your hair but I’m lazy and do not have the strength for that kind of unnecessary work when I can get the same result with other proper hair oils.

Replacing shampoos with conditioners.

I’m even of the opinion that conditioners have any business on the scalp. No amount of conditioner or cleansing herb would remove the build up in your scalp like a proper shampoo would. If you’re on this table girl, go get yourself a proper sulphate free moisturizing shampoo.

Edible mayonnaise as a deep conditioner.

You wouldn’t catch me doing this ever. No broke situation can make me use it for my hair. I love diy conditioners, but there’s a limit to what I’ll put in my hair. I restrict my use of mayonnaise to using it for coleslaw because that’s the only way I can eat it.

Egg masks

I’ll be honest and say I’ve done this before, but I didn’t know what I know now so that doesn’t count…I think? People claim eggs can be used in natural hair as a protein treatment to give your hair strength and elasticity but the truth is that they lied. Yep. The molecules of eggs are too big to penetrate the hair shaft and so just sits on the hair and gives a superficial and make believe strength from the stiffness you’ll feel in your hair after using eggs.

Also, apart from the scientific fact, I do not like eggs as a food. I only recently started forcing myself to eat it because it’s healthy for the body and all that, but I’ll only try to eat eggs and not put it in my hair.

Banana hair masks

This is another one that I’ve done before but I have a very horrible experience with it, twice actually, but that’s a story for another day. If you’re interested in that story let me know in the comment section.

What natural hair trend are you ditching?

Thanks for reading🤗