The Small Habits

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Julia A. F. Carney

I remember hearing this a lot as a child, and growing up I always say to myself “the little things matter”, and truly, the little things matter.

It’s the small habits we have that make a whole difference and most times these are taken for granted. These small habits, when cultivated correctly, brings growth.

How you spend your mornings.

Mornings are a very vital part of the day. If you have a bad start in the morning, except you make up your mind not to make it affect you, it may hinder the plans made for that day. Your morning can make or break your day. Do you wake up on a positive note every morning?

How you talk to yourself

The biggest of them all. It’s good to be kind to others, but it’s more important to be kind to yourself. You can’t our from an empty cup. It’s important that we learn to speak kind words to ourselves. Most times we our own biggest critics and if not careful, you can criticize yourself into problems. Speak positive words to yourself. This is why I love affirmations so much because I’m speaking good things into my life. Let’s stop being toxic to ourselves by speaking negativity into our lives.

Who has access to you.

Surround yourself with people who share the same energy with you. Pour into their lives as they pour into yours. It’s time to start rewarding inconsistency with unavailability. Don’t let nobody save you for later. And, it’s okay to say no.

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Story Corner|| My First Time Seeing A Cadaver

Welcome back to my blog 🙋 🙋

I’m in my very comfortable room thinking about how I’m so not missing school and i remembered when I newly started medical courses and practicals. So my first year in medical school was basically O level courses and they were quite easy.

From second year, we were bombarded immediately with medical courses. There was no ease into the new courses and it was overwhelming at first but I scaled through.

So I had heard very thrilling stories about cadavers from so many people(I heard that someone even dropped out of medical school because of the sight of the cadaver) and I was very anxious prior to the day. One of my roommates then was an anatomy final year student so she had gone through the same thing and she could relate with my worries and anxiousness.

One of the things I had heard about seeing a cadaver for the first time was not to eat that morning so that in case you have the urge to throw up the food won’t facilitate the urge (I don’t even know how true this is) but on the set day of the practical, I woke up with a mild fever and I had to eat in order to take some medicine for the fever and I was already panicking with the thought that I would have to eat. I was already panicking about not eating because if you know me, you’ll know I never miss my breakfast for anything, especially when I’m in school. I’ll rather go late to class than not eat but since it was supposed to be necessary not to eat, I had made peace with the fact that I was going to miss breakfast.

So I told my roommate the problem I had and she suggested I just stay back in the room because of the smell of formalin used to preserve the bodies which might affect me. Long story short, I ate indomie that morning and I took the drugs then went for the practical. It turned out that we had an anatomy class before the practical so the food I ate was already digested and I was sort of hungry before the practical started.

It was finally time for the practical and when we entered the dissecting room and the cadavers were uncovered. I was very dissapointed with what I saw. The cadavers were very dryyy. It was like seeing skeleton with skin on it. And the bodies we were given were already dissected by other students so we didn’t get the thrill of seeing actual or rather fresh cadavers for the first time. We were divided into groups and we were meant to dissect the breast first but my group was given a male cadaver so we had to join another group that had a female cadaver and it was very stressful to see what was going on because we ended up being so much in one group.

I ended up not throwing up because it wasn’t even an irritating sight per say(I was already planning on having a dramatic story to tell my children😂😂) but the smell of the formalin was what I had problems with. My eyes sting and tear up when they’re exposed to the formalin smell and sometimes it comes with catarrh and I also find it difficult to sleep after I’ve inhaled formalin for a while; the practical period is usually for 3 hours and it’s a very looong 3 hours for me because of all these adverse effects of the formalin but we move. I’ve somehow gotten used to the smell but it’s still not bearable for me.

With time though, we got to use fresh cadavers and they were better for dissecting and they looked much more presentable.

There was a faithful day when we had anatomy practical for 5 hours and it wasn’t funny. I had never valued fresh air the way I valued it that day because I felt suffocated when we were done.

I don’t think I have any dramatic story I’ll tell my children but we’ll have to make do with this one.

Did you enjoy my little story?

Have you ever seen or wondered what it’s like to see a dead body?

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Story Corner|| I thought I was wise as a child

Welcome back to my blog 🙋 🙋

Hope you’re all doing good? I’m starting a series where I give you guys gist you didn’t ask for because why not? It’s going to be random stories from my life even though I have quite a boring life, I have days when some ‘interesting’ things happen.

So today we’ll be talking about one from my childhood. I was 7 or 8 years I think.

I’ve said that I have 2 sisters here before right? So when we were younger there was a lady who used to come to our house to make our hair and she always used to complain that my hair is very strong and hard.

This faithful Saturday, since I was tired of hearing that my hair is hard, I decided to pour water on my hair while having my bath so my hair is softer and easier to manage. Mind you, my hair was relaxed and water had no business in my hair.

I knew what I did was wrong, so I decided to wear a hoodie and used it to cover my hair so that my mum wouldn’t see it and that day was sunny so when she saw me, she asked if I was alright and I said yes very quickly so she wouldn’t suspect anything. I think that’s even what made her suspect the more.

Fast forward to when our hairdresser came, I was called first to get my hair done and when I removed the hood from my hair, she saw that my hair was wet and reported to my mum to find out why my hair was wet. When my mum touched my hair, the slap she gave on my back that day ehn?😂😂 I’ll forever remember it because I was a very good child and never gave her any issues to slap or flog me till that day.

Well, my punishment was to sit under the sun till my hair dried😂😂. Even if it wasn’t much of a punishment because we had swings in our compound then and I was busy swinging till my hair dried.

Did you enjoy my little story? I thought I had a lot of sense as a child, but looking back, I guess not.

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Make Room For What You Ask For

It’s 1am in the morning and I changed my blog name again. I’m learning not to be indecisive but change is part of nature right? Change is the only thing that doesn’t change in nature so please bare with me and this time this name is staying.

I don’t know why I’m still awake but a passage from the Bible came across my mind and one thing led to another then I got the urge to type this.

I can’t remember the particular verse but I’ll paraphrase it.

If you want to give an offering to God and you remember you hurt your brother, you should leave your offering at the altar and go and make peace with him first.

The same way, if you want to pray and you’ve sinned, because we all sin, you have to ask God for forgiveness first before you begin to make supplications.

The same way, when you ask for things whether from God or your fellow man, you have to let go of some things to make room for what you ask for. At a point in your life you’ll have to cut off some things or let go of some things to get newer and better ones. It may be a habit, a character or even a person in your life, but you have to let go. You have to make room for that thing which you ask for or desire.

When you buy new clothes you’ll have to sort through your old ones to find out which ones you’re keeping and which ones you have to give out or discard right? This also applies to your everyday life.

The phrase ‘birds of the same feather flock together’ also applies here. If you’re an alcoholic and you have friends in your clique who are alcoholics and you want to change from that lifestyle you’ll have to leave that company because staying with them will draw back your progress of changing from that lifestyle whether you want to accept that fact or not.

Making room for what you ask is also equipping yourself with value which is attached to what you ask for. For example if you’re looking for a job you should have the adequate requirements for that job.

Making room for what you ask for also means having a positive mindset that would attract that thing you want. You’re mindset matters a lot. You want to pass an exam? You have to believe that you can pass that exam and put in the required work to pass that exam.

You know how when we started learning how to write we started with a pencil then graduated to using a pen to write. If you’re asking for a pen and you don’t know how to write, of what use is that pen?

In summary, the message I’m trying to pass across is that you should equip yourself with what you need to grow physically, spiritually, mentally and all round. Also, know when to let go of things so that there’s space for new and better ones. And lastly, have a positive mindset towards things.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe☺️

Hair Update 1- Twist Out Outcome

Day 2 hair

From my last natural hair post, I said I was going to do a twist out from the twists I did a while ago. I ended up carrying the twists for 3 days then took them down for a twist out. I used just okro gel and whipped Shea butter as my styling products and they did a very good job at moisturizing an defining my twists.

Freshly installed twists
How I stretched the twists immediately after installing them because they were wet and shrunken. I used the same method to stretch and maintain the curls at night

Guys! I’ve become an okro gel addict. I don’t remember the last time I used a leave in conditioner cause okro gel had been serving that purpose. Okro gel had been serving as my styler, leave in conditioner and deep conditioner. It’s so cheap and does a great job for my hair. I don’t even use a comb as much anymore when detangling my hair because my fingers are able to glide through my hair easily. I only comb most times for the tradition of doing it and even then it’s very easy to detangle.

So, back to my twist out. I took down the twists on day 3 and it was really defined and moisturized with a soft hold. I had major shrinkage though as opposed to when I did a braid out with okro gel too. The curls lasted for about 5 days before I washed my hair again. Next time I do a twist out, I’ll do bigger twists and start on semi stretched hair to see if I’ll have less shrinkage and more volume.

A little blurry,but it’s the top view
Twist Out styled in a puff

The curls lasted for about 5 days before I washed my hair again. I was able to maintain the curls by banding my hair in about 7-8 sections before sleeping. It helped to keep my hair stretched also.

My hair is currently in box braids I did myself about 2 weeks ago, after the twist out because I was tired of manipulating my hair. The next hair update will be my 8 months post big chop update with length check and comparisons when I take down the braids, so stay tuned.

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