Blogmas Day 14|A Quick Reminder.

Welcome to blogmas day 14.

We’re 2 weeks into this and I feel so proud of myself right now. I want to use this opportunity to thank all you who have been reading and commenting😊😊 It really goes a long way to help motivate this girl, so I appreciate you guys.

Today’s post would be really quick. It’s just going to be me reminding about some things I’m sure you already know but needs to be said again.

What others think of you is not your concern.

You have the right to say no or change your mind without an explanation.

Struggling does not mean you’re failing. Give yourself some credit.

Everybody you started with can’t go to the next level with you.

A shorter process doesn’t always mean it’s the wrong way. Sometimes, less is more.

Don’t become attached to people’s approval.

A conversation about how you feel shouldn’t be an argument.

Stop choosing what’s not choosing you.

Prayer is a form of self love.

Make room for what you ask for.

Thanks for reading.

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