What Having Acne Has Taught Me

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There’s always something to learn from every challenge you face and having acne is no different. I’ll be sharing 6 things I’ve learnt dealing with acne.


This is like the biggest of all. Acne doesn’t go overnight and no product can work overnight either. It takes a whole lottttttt of patience to see a drastic difference. And most times with acne treatments it gets worse before it gets better so you have to stay strong and consistent.

Empathy and kindness

You know you reap what you sow? Do to others what you want others to do to you. Physical flaws are just physical flaws. Having acne has made me able to empathize with what others go through, be it acne or not. It has made me sensitive and gentle towards others. I would never point out physical flaws, not even in a joking manner because you don’t know what that person is going through.


And I’m not just talking about the physical part. I’ve learnt to be gentle and easy with myself. It’s not my fault that I have acne. Periodt! Acne affects mental health a whole lot and so it’s important to protect your mental health so I take it one day at a time. There’s only much I can physically do. I take time to breath and tell myself I’m more than how my skin looks anytime I feel down.


I’ve learnt to be positive because I know that one day it would go away. That’s where my love for affirmation comes from. Yes, acne can’t be cured completely but it can be managed if you know your triggers and stay clear from them.


Whew! There are days where all I want to do after a long day is to just lay down and sleep but I remember that I have to at least wash my face. It’s not easy being consistent but it’s worth it.

Don’t panic

I only learnt this last month. With every fresh batch of breakout it comes with the urge to just make it go away so as soon as it forms a head I’ll be quick to pop it😩 The breakout I had in May taught me this lesson. After 2 months plus of no serious breakouts, when I had one in May during my exams I just wanted it to go away so I began popping and pressing and stressing and doing the most so it’ll go away. When it finally went it left serious dark spots on a particular area of my face which have now set me back. But we move. Now I no longer pop my pimples. I’ll let it run its course and go away.

Do you struggle with acne? What have you learnt?

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Blogmas Day 15|What I Do For Self Care+Some Self Care Ideas.

Welcome to blogmas day 15.

Self care is one of the buzziest of buzz words these days. But it really can’t be over emphasized. It’s important that you take care of yourself and show yourself some love. Adulting can take a toll on a person so you should remember to place yourself first and take care of yourself.

You should practice self care not only when you feel down, but also when you’re in a good mood. It should be a daily habit/lifestyle. I’ll be sharing my go-to activities for my self care.


Writing on paper can be very relaxing to me. I love writing a lot. It helps me to be able to analyze how I feel because you can agree with me that sometimes you can be feeling different types of emotions at a time. I properly started keeping one(a gratitude journal) from my birthday in September but I had a journal where I write down my affirmations and basically anything. I’ve found that it’s best to keep a journal for a specific purpose.


Old gees of this blog know I love affirmations. It boosts my self confidence, keeps me in a constant state of gratitude and helps change negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s really a great way of life.

Cleaning/Rearranging my room/space.

Decluttering in general is something I do steadily because for some weird reason, I hoard things a lot so I have to declutter and arrange my room regularly. I love the feel of a fresh looking room and newly made bed. It makes me feel like I have my whole life put together.

Doing my hair and skin routines.

I love doing my hair, so it’s natural that I would see that as a self care activity. I love washdays and I’m usually extra so I plan my skin care routine to match my washdays, so that I’m doing a facial consisting of exfoliating and masking on the day I wash my hair. I usually deep condition my hair with a face mask on while taking green tea. It makes me feel like I have no problem in the world. Even doing my daily skincare like cleansing and moisturizing is self care to me.


This is literally the least, amongst everything I do, and I mean even the ones I didn’t mention. But I’m trying to do as much as I can. I started exercising again last month but I became inconsistent because for some reason, I was eating less and I exercise to keep fit, and if possible a little weight gain. So not eating well while exercising was counteracting the purpose of the exercise. But I love exercising, anytime I can.

Some Self Care Ideas.

1.) Consciously drink plenty water.

2.) Get 8 hours of sleep.

3.) Call a family member or friend.

4.) Go for a walk.

5.) Take a long shower.

6.) Drink a healthy tea.

7.) Listen to a podcast.

8.) Practice gratitude. Write a list of things you’re grateful for.

9.) Indulge in your comfort food.

10.) Cook and eat a healthy meal.

11.) Declutter your belongings.

12.) Wear an outfit that makes you feel good.

13.) Listen to your favourite playlist and sing at the top of your lungs.

14.) Read a book. A hardcopy book preferably.

15.) Edit who you follow on social media.

16.) Massage your scalp.

17.) Exfoliate your skin. Give yourself a facial.

18.) Talk positively to yourself.

19.) Write yourself a love letter.

20.) Compliment yourself.

21.) Pray

Thanks for reading.

Dpo you practice self care? What do you do for self care?

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