An alternative to mini twists: Loose twists on short 4c hair.

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Mini twists are really cute especially when they’re done right and you have juicy looking twists but are you tired of the way they shrink up or stick out after few days because your hair is short? Loose twists might be a good alternative.

When I newly big chopped, I said to myself that I won’t wear mini twists as a protective style till my hair gets reasonably long. I’m not a fan of mini twists because they’re only cute after freshly installed. They shrink up so much and tend to start looking frizzy quickly. And since my hair is still quite short, they tend to stick in various directions and not lay flat after a while.

Normal twists…you can see how they aren’t even hanging so nicely yet.

Since this lockdown where we’ve been staying at home, I’ve been doing twists more often because I can reach my scalp easily and they’re very easy to do. Any time I do twists, I don’t really do small sized twists but medium sized and I always wear a scarf or headwrap if I have to leave my house because I don’t like the way they look. If I really have to wear it out, I’ll put the twists in two ponytails and tuck them into a bun, that way it looks better.

But I found a way I can twist my hair and be comfortable wearing it out as a protective style which are loose twists. Loose twists are really easy to do and they give the illusion that your hair is thicker and there’s little to no shrinkage with this style. The way your hair hangs after installing them is the same way it would hang the next day. Perfect right?

How to do loose twists

Loose twists

Unlike normal twists, you can twist your hair dry and still get good results. I prefer to work on dry but moisturized hair or use just a creamy based moisturizer.

1.) Part out a small to medium sized section depending on how thick your hair is naturally.

2.) Apply your moisturizer and finger detangle your hair.

3.) Twist the base of the hair tightly then continue with loose twists along the shafts of your hair.

4.) Twirl the ends of the twist around your fingers then move to the next section.

Ignore my crooked parting. I didn’t use any comb to part my hair

I really love this hairstyle and I wore it a lot before I braided my hair. I used to be a cornrow girl when don’t want to worry about my hair but I prefer twists now because there’s less tension on my scalp and I have easy access to all areas of my scalp as opposed to when I have cornrows.

Have you tried this method of twisting your hair?

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