Thank You

That’s all what this post is about. As usual, it would be all over the place but you’ll get the gist. 2020 has been a rollercoaster year. I went through so many emotions at a time and it was hard to describe and place what exactly I was feeling at a point. It was really an emotional draining year for me. But I’m grateful for this year.

Yesterday, someone asked me to describe this year in one word, good or bad. The first thing that was going to come out from my mouth was bad, but then I kept quiet and thought about it. This year was actually a good year. It didn’t go as planned, but this is one of my best years.

I’m really grateful for this blog. It became a safe place for me during lockdown and this year in general. I’m grateful for everybody who has taken out few minutes from their day to read. It means a lot to me. For my ghost readers, I see you and appreciate you a lot. Thank you to all my binge readers. Participating in blogmas this year was an impromptu decision but I didn’t regret it. I will reached my goal of doubling my views on the blog and that happened because of you guys.

There were so many times I wanted to quit blogging, especially after I made it known that I had a blog. I started feeling scared that my content was wack. I mean, others are blogging about other stuff but I’m here blogging about hair. The shy person in me started doubting the quality of her blog and that’s why it took forever for me to make it known. Then I was sad at a point because the people who I thought would be reading my posts never did, but that’s alright because somehow, blogging has giving me a thick skin. I’m putting my self out there to be criticized and whatnot so it’s all good. I’m grateful for the little community I’ve built here.

I almost stopped blogmas at a point, but you guys made it so fun. I felt like I had people I was writing for. It’s one thing to see the stats increasing, it’s another thing to have engagements from nice people who come back, on your blog, so I’m really grateful you guys took minutes out of your time. I eventually stopped blogmas, but that’s because I wasn’t in the right mental space. I said it in my last post before Christmas, but I thought I was going to get better and continue. I’m fine now and ready to for the next year. 2021 won’t automatically be better, but at least it’s a new year and a fresh start. We have to work for it to be a better year. That’s the truth and some people may not want to hear that, but I said what I said.

I want to appreciate 6 people who made 2020 amazing for this blog. I would beat myself if I didn’t mention their names because we need more of these people in the world okay?


I knew Mope outside of WordPress and she’s as amazing as her blog is. She was even the first person I shared my blog link to and she was the best hype lady ever. She was so sweet and so encouraging to me and that meant a lot to me. So thank you for being the amazing person that you are.


Sabrina is my blogging baby🥰 She dropped a comment on one of my posts a while back and I was curious to see if she had a blog and what she wrote about. Best believe, I wasn’t disappointed. Her blog is so fun and you’ll really enjoy yourself if you visit the blog. You’ll certainly want to read again and again. In fact, please after this post, tap on her name and go binge read her blog. And tell her I directed you there😊.


I’ve already said I want to be like Cheyi when I grow up. She’s an amazing writer and is an amazing person. She always reads and I always look forward to reading her comments because she drops long ass comments that would make you want to hear her own view of the gist of topic. Thank you Cheyi for always leaving your thoughtful comments on my blog.


Emmanuel didn’t visit the blog as much, but when he does, he has a nice thing to say. Between his comment and Cheyi’s, I don’t know who makes my day more. He has been supportive in a way I can’t even describe but the fact that he keeps coming back to a predominantly hair blog, means a lot to me so thank you Emmanuel.


Yemi is a pretty chilled blogger, she’s one of the people who encouraged me to keep up with blogmas. Her comments are also thoughtful and kind. Thank you Yemi.


When publishing a post, I know that if nobody reads it, Blessing would. She leaves really nice and funny comments and I just love engaging with her in the comment section, so thank you Blessing for always reading my posts and being a nice person.

That wraps up this post guys. I’m grateful to be ending this year in good health so thank you once again. I hope you guys had a great year too.

Cheers to a new year✌️

Thanks for reading.

Stay Safe.

17 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. you are amazing. anyone can see how much of yourself you put in this blog, and i am proud of you (even if we don’t knw physically), so thank you! 2021 will be great for us!
    (excuse me while i wipe my happy tears, lol)

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  2. I really get that ‘this was my best planned year’ because this year I clearly wrote out, in paper my plans I had copies and the year decided to go south.

    I’m glad you made your blog known oh, because see this hair I cut, and as I’m lazy like this, this is where I run to.

    Cheers to the new year baby ❤️

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  3. Girlie hiiiiii, this is so heart-felt 😭☺️. I will always show up for you to the best of my ability and I am so glad I got the opportunity to meet you here 😊.
    See you in 2021 Girl☺️❤️


  4. What a awesome,amazing,fabulous (should i continue😅) post!! I too am grateful for this year,my blog,your blog and many more blogs and things🤩. My mom is my witness I too wanted to quit but she wouldn’t let me. She even threatened to hit me if I did😂❤. Sometimes I alsonfelt like my content was sack especially when I started out. When I gave my friends my blog link,I felt like my content isn’t good enough and that it wouldn’t impress them. Blogmas was really fun thought and even though you didn’t finish it,you kept going for a long time🤞❤✨. Yes,yes – 2020 won’t be automatically better but as you said at least it’s a fresh start. Blog baby🤭❤😁. “Best believe I wasn’t disappointed ” I guess this was my favoutite line😁❤. Thank you so much for linking to my blog and for checking out my blog on that day❤. Cheers to a new year✌❤


    • Thank you too Bri Bri🥰🥰 I’m glad you didn’t quit too. Your blog is awesome, I love your content too.
      I’m glad I checked out your blog that day.
      Cheers baby girl🥂


  5. aww, lol
    i am but i hvn’t had a smartphone since jan when it got stolen at schl. i’m using “touch lijht” phone, opera mini. your blog and a few others hv made it bearable for me, i can’t backspace any mistakes pls pardon them

    my handle/user is @blessiing__


  6. Happy new year Wendy.
    So glad I found your blog last year. The hair tips were very always very helpful. I learnt a lot from you.
    You’re right. 2020 didn’t go as planned at all but it was full of lessons and blessings. Have an amazing year ahead❤️


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