Blogmas Day 22|My Favourite Blogposts From My Blog.

Welcome to blogmas day 22.

How are you doing? I didn’t blog yesterday and I didn’t even feel guilty for not doing so because I wasn’t in a right frame of mind. None of my drafted work seemed appealing and I wasn’t just in the mood simple and short. Then I had a not so good day so I just let yesterday go. I even had plans of ending the entire blogmas. I was going to come here and wish you guys Merry Christmas and meet in 2021 but I woke up feeling a little bit better so I sort of changed my mind.

Today I’ll be sharing my favourite blogposts of this year from my blog. I blogged a lot this year thanks to covid-19 and quarantine so as the year is finally ending, I want to reshare the posts I enjoyed writing and reading (I binge read my blogposts sometimes🙈).

Make Room For What You Ask For

I think this is my favourite blogpost. This still speaks to me and serves as a reminder anytime I read it. I didn’t have as much followers at this time, so I’m bringing it back here so you get to read it too.

Dealing With Cramps During Menstruation Without Painkillers

I don’t think this post had enough credit. I shared ways you can ditch having to take all those awful painkillers we all don’t like and still get relief from cramps.

Natural Hair Trends I’m Ditching

I really loved this post! And you guys seemed to love it too because there were lots of engagements in this post and it was lovely interacting with you guys, so it’s coming back here. I shared the trends in the natural hair community that I didn’t like.

How To Be Confident With Acne/Pimple Scars

You guys seemed to love this one too, and so many people could relate a lot to this topic. I enjoyed engaging with you guys here too. If you’re new here and haven’t read it, you should seriously consider it.

6 Situations Where You Need To Be Silent

This was my first blogmas post and I enjoyed writing this. There’s so much to learn from this post so I’m sharing it again.

You Should Quit Assuming Today

This is another blogmas post and I feel like it didn’t get enough credit too. So much to learn from here too. You should read it if you haven’t.

My First Time Seeing A Cadaver

In this post I shared what my experience was with seeing a dead body for the first time. It’s really fun so you should totally check it out.

There are so many others which I loved but these are my top 7. You can binge read on the rest too. Hope you have fun doing so✌️.

Thanks for reading.

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Stay Safe!

Blogmas Day 20|4 Bloggers You Should Totally Keep Up With Their Blogmas Posts.

Welcome to blogmas day 20.

Hope everyone is doing good? I’ll be sharing some bloggers who are participating in blogmas and I totally love their posts. Even though this is coming a little bit late, you can totally just binge read the previous ones. I promise it would be worth your time.

Mope’s tales

Mope is such a good writer and I was a ghost reader who used to binge read all her posts. She gives relatable contents and when she announced that she was taking part in blogmas or 12 days of Christmas rather, I was excited because she just keeps bombarding us with nice and relatable posts like I said.


Ojocheyi is such a talented writer guys. I want to be like her when I grow up. She writes really nice stories relating to Christmas and you really do want to check them out.

Yosi’s blog

Toyosi has been giving us sweet Christmas related content throughout her blogmas posts and I’m here for it. She’s another talented writer that you don’t want to miss out on okay?

Mimmacula’s lounge

Mimma is such a cool person. I feel like I almost know her through how real her blog is. I found her blog through one of her blogmas posts and I totally binge read almost all her other posts because she’s that interesting.

Which other blogger(s) are you keeping up with their blogmas posts?

Thanks for reading!

Stay Safe!

Blogmas Day 19|A Week In My Life.

Welcome to blogmas day 19.

This post is coming a day late, but you’ll understand why once you keep reading. I’ll be taking you guys through what I did this week, well, last week now, but you get the drift.


This was a pretty good day. Church closed really early so we left early too and from church, we went to my grandparent’s place. This is like an every Sunday tradition where everybody gathers at my grandparent’s house after church. We were there till night before we went back home and I’m usually very tired after all the activities of Sundays because there’s usually lots of work to be done. If you know what a typical family house looks like, then you know what I mean.


I prepared yam and eggsauce in the morning then went out to get the extensions for my hair and for some reason the colour I wanted to use was scarce so I had to check so many shops before I found it. I got back home and stretched the hair then began curling it around barbecue skewers because the hairstyle I wanted to make needs curly extensions but that’s more expensive and you remember I’m a DIY princess right? That’s majorly what I did on Monday.


Tuesday was washday so I washed my hair immediately I woke up so I could get on with my day. I made jellof rice in the morning, then continued with the rest of the extension I didn’t finish curling on Monday. I guiltily read for about 2 hours. The student in me died long ago but I’m trying to resurrect her back so I did some reading then flipped through my anatomy atlas.


This day was supposed to be a lazy day because I was extremely tired from Tuesday so I planned to wake up late but I was up early. I ended up decluttering my room then I exercised for the first time in weeks and I felt really good. Now I remember why I used to exercise. I spent some time on my phone, clearing up my gallery and some other folders in my phone to get space. I cleared 250mb alone from clearing my screenshots. I also got to sleep in the afternoon for about 2 hours which was good.

I was meant to section my hair and twist it for locs but my hair was not yet dry and I wanted to work with stretched hair,so I skipped that.

At night, I blended tomato and steamed meat to prep things for stew the next day. I don’t know where that wave of energy came from because it was around almost 11pm I stood up to do those things.


I finished preparing the stew and white rice early because I had done most of the work in the night. My hair was finally dry so I took the braids I air-dried my hair in and twisted it for the locs.

In the afternoon, I followed my mum to go pick up my younger brother from school then my day was pretty chill from then. I got to read a little bit too.


I started making my hair quite early. I started by 10 and finished around 6. I took lots of breaks because my mum’s hotspot was on and I was surfing through Instagram and completing my incomplete downloads. When I finally finished the hair, my mum and I strolled out to see if we’ll find denim shirts but we didn’t find so we came back home and I wrote down this blogpost then retired for the day.


This was the busiest of busy days. I started off with proper house chores, then I went to see my friend whose birthday was that day. I was meant to do her makeup, but there was change of plans since my schedule didn’t match hers. So I just dropped her gift and spent a few moments with her then left to meet my family people which were already in church.

After church, we went home and I was home for a while, tried to sleep, but the heat was too much so I couldn’t sleep. My mum and I then went out again to see a family friend who was celebrating her birthday/masters convocation.

After that, we went to my grandparents’ house to pickup some foodstuffs from the yearly contribution which my mum and get siblings usually do. I carried live chickens for the first time! I didn’t want to show that I was scared when I was asked to carry it so I went there and was staring at the fowl till I was told how to do it then I did it. I was a little scared though, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy.

We came back home quite late cause of traffic and I was tired. Too tired to type out this post so the plan was to type it on the way to church which I’m doing now.

That’s how my week went. It was a pretty good and busy week.

Thanks for reading.

How did your week go?

Stay safe!

Blogmas Day 18|What My Christmas As A Child Looked Like.

Welcome to blogmas day 18.

How are you all? Christmas is already a week away. Is it looking like Christmas in your area? Me, I’m just waiting patiently for the inhabitants of Port Harcourt to travel to their village so there’ll be less traffic.

Today I’ll be sharing sharing some things that were very important during Christmas time when I was younger. Putting together this blogpost brought pack so many memories and I wouldn’t mind being a child again.

Christmas Hair

Christmas hair was very important when I was younger because that’s the only time I got to put beads in my hair since my school then, banned wearing of beaded hairstyles. Making your hair shows that you’re ready for the Christmas festivities.

Christmas Parties/Seeing Father Christmas.

Whether it was organized by our primary school, church or our parents workplaces, there were so many Christmas parties to always attend. And that meant seeing father Christmas and getting gifts. And yes, the picture is real guys. This is what our father Christmas can look like😂😂 and children usually cry.

Live chicken

We don’t rear chicken at home, but during Christmas time, there’s usually live chickens bought few days to Christmas that would be killed on Christmas day. I enjoyed feeding them with remaining grains of rice from my food and giving them bread too. It always made Christmas rice complete.

Christmas hat

This was always a necessity and I can remember wearing it around the house even before Christmas day. And my Christmas outfit is never complete without this cap.

Knock out(Bangers)

Is it even Christmas if you’re not shooting knockout or hearing people shooting it in your area? I was actually scared of shooting it myself. I was scared that it could explode while still in my hands so I shot only once but I always played with the shooters of the knockout. And if was fun asking for 20naira to buy knockout everytime.

Ball gowns

This was the non negotiable attire for Christmas every year. I loved ball gowns cause they made me feel like a princess. And they usually came with shawls which were pretty too. Christmas was never complete without a new ball gown.

Eyeglasses and wristwatches

Another part of the cool kids Christmas attire😂. The wristwatch was legit the one my mum used to get for my sister’s and I. I can’t remember the ones for my brothers though.


The best part of this was when visitors give us money on their way out. Every anger I had while entertaining visitors that wouldn’t let me watch television in peace would disappear once they share money for us. I didn’t like the serving foods and drinks part too. Then the washing plates?😩 Stressful stuffs.

This is the major part of what I can remember and they always made Christmas fun.

Thanks for reading.

What did your Christmas as a child consist of?

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Blogmas Day 17|My Updated Washday Routine.

Welcome to blogmas day 17.

Let me first say that I can finally comfortably wash my hair in twists now!! I mean, they’ll unravel at the end, but I use a scrunchie to hold it in place.

So as my hair is getting longer, I’m looking for ways to make managing it easier and make washdays easier. I wash my hair weekly or biweekly depending on how I wear my hair and how my hair feels. There’s no much difference or newly added steps, just a different technique.


I prepoo my hair 80% of the time. The remaining 20% is when I do a clay mask or I’m lazy. I don’t know how some people just hop in the shower and drench their hair in water then proceed to shampooing. My hair would be a tangled mess.

So I’ve moved from using an oil to prepoo, to using conditioners cause it’s faster, to using Shea butter and conditioner, to using an oil and conditioner. I’m back to my old gee palm kernel oil which I used to use when I was transitioning. It really does work amazingly on my hair and I remember why I used to love it. My hair does this weird thing we’re it stops responding to a product like it used to, so I’m forced to stop using it or take a break.

Palm kernel oil is a penetrative oil and is a good alternative to coconut oil if your hair doesn’t like coconut oil like me. I use olive oil sometimes, but like I said, conditioners just make things easier cause the slip is better even though ideally, oils should be used to prepoo.

Excuse my mini rant here, I just wanted to explain myself and share somethings that might be helpful. So for my prepoo, I divide my hair into 4 sections and spritz my hair with some water to make it pliable then take a smaller section and apply some palm kernel oil, working it in with my fingers, then I go over it with a conditioner. When my hair is feeling very dry, I go over the conditioner with Shea butter. After applying everything, I finger detangle as much as I can to get the products in and lightly remove any shed/tangled hair then twist up that section.

When I’m through with the 4 sections, I cover my hair with a plastic cap and let it sit for 30 minutes to overnight, depending on how dry my hair is, my schedule, and how energetic I feel.


This is the part that has the new technique. I wash my hair in twists now. So instead of unraveling the twists and pack into sections like I used to do, I’ll just use scrunchies to tie the twists into 4 sections.

I use very lukewarm water. Somewhere between cold and lukewarm. I don’t like using hot water cause I feel it just strips excess moisture from my hair. And cold water won’t easily remove the oils I slathered on my hair like lukewarm would.

I shampoo my hair twice if It’s really dirty or when I do an oil prepoo. I take down each scrunchie to shampoo the section, focusing on my scalp then running the suds through the twists then tie it back with the scrunchie when I’m through. After shampooing, I rinse off the shampoo then squeeze out the excess water and wrap my hair with a cotton t-shirt.

Deep Conditioning

By this time, the twists would be looking raggedy and hanging on to their dear lives, but I’ll take down each twist and apply my deep conditioner then twist it back. I don’t attempt to use any tool to detangle my hair until I’ve deep conditioned with heat or just wrappingng a warm towel over my head. By then, my hair would have absorbed the conditioner better and it would be softer. So I go ahead and take down each twist then use my tangle teezer to gently detangle my hair from tips to root then twist it back up.

When I’ve detangled everything, I rinse off the conditioner with my hair still in the twists. And yes, I’m able to get all the conditioner out.


I usually let my hair to air-dry to about 80% or I’ll leave it wrapped in the tshirt for a while before I go ahead to moisturize it. I don’t like working on soaking wet hair.

So I take down each twist and apply my leave in conditioner then seal it with my whipped shea butter then twist or braid it back to air-dry. When I’m done with that, I oil my scalp and massage it in for a few minutes and I’m done.

Everything usually takes about 2 hours including the deep conditioning time but most times I take breaks in between. I can shampoo my hair and leave it for a few hours to do other things before I proceed to deep condition.

The new method of washing my hair in twists has made it a whole lot easier. It keeps my hair somewhat stretched and prevents tangling. I’m through with everything relating to washing my hair for the year and I’m happy. It’s prepped and ready to be put away before aunty harmattan comes.

P.S- A little digressing, my hair goal for this year was to reach chin length and armpit length by the end of the year, but I didn’t quite get there. I’m not so far from it though. All things being equal, by the time I’m taking down my protective style next year, my hair should have grown to that extent.

Thanks for reading.

Did you reach your hair goal this year? How long does your washday take?

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Stay safe!

Blogmas Day 16|I Used A Peel Off Mask For The First Time.

Welcome to blogmas day 16.

Let me start by saying that it would be my first and last time ever!!

If you’re keeping up with the blog, you’ll know I’m trying to get my skin in a proper shape so I’ve been gathering some products together to start a proper routine. My mum randomly gave me a charcoal peel off mask last week and when I saw what it claimed to do, I was super excited to try it out.

Deep cleansing peel off mask removes dulling surface cells and impurities while vitamins and plant extracts soften the skin to restore a youthful glow.

~Bioaqua Blackhead removal bamboo charcoal mask.

So I cleansed my face to get it prepped for the mask. I read the instructions and proceeded to apply the mask on my face. I let it sit for the required 15 minutes and by then it had dried and the mask was giving my skin a tightening feel, and I was like…’this thing is really working oh’. When it got to the removal process, that’s where the trouble was.

I honestly didn’t expect the pain I felt while tearing off the mask from my skin. I was torn between continuing to tear it off or try washing it off with water, but that was out of the question so I took a mini break then gathered all the strength I had and continued the process.

When I finally took everything off, I was happy. But my skin was feeling really hurt and irritated so I had to splash cold water on my face before it felt better. At that point I wished that I still had rosewater but I had run out of rosewater so I skipped using the toner I usually use because it’s an astringent and made a green tea toner, and it further helped to soothe the irritating feel.

I’m over peel off masks. I’ll stick to using clay masks because that’s just better for my skin.

Do you know any affordable, budget friendly hydrating mask that I can try? And hydrating toners too.

Thanks for reading.

Have you used a peel off mask before? What was your experience?

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Blogmas Day 15|What I Do For Self Care+Some Self Care Ideas.

Welcome to blogmas day 15.

Self care is one of the buzziest of buzz words these days. But it really can’t be over emphasized. It’s important that you take care of yourself and show yourself some love. Adulting can take a toll on a person so you should remember to place yourself first and take care of yourself.

You should practice self care not only when you feel down, but also when you’re in a good mood. It should be a daily habit/lifestyle. I’ll be sharing my go-to activities for my self care.


Writing on paper can be very relaxing to me. I love writing a lot. It helps me to be able to analyze how I feel because you can agree with me that sometimes you can be feeling different types of emotions at a time. I properly started keeping one(a gratitude journal) from my birthday in September but I had a journal where I write down my affirmations and basically anything. I’ve found that it’s best to keep a journal for a specific purpose.


Old gees of this blog know I love affirmations. It boosts my self confidence, keeps me in a constant state of gratitude and helps change negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s really a great way of life.

Cleaning/Rearranging my room/space.

Decluttering in general is something I do steadily because for some weird reason, I hoard things a lot so I have to declutter and arrange my room regularly. I love the feel of a fresh looking room and newly made bed. It makes me feel like I have my whole life put together.

Doing my hair and skin routines.

I love doing my hair, so it’s natural that I would see that as a self care activity. I love washdays and I’m usually extra so I plan my skin care routine to match my washdays, so that I’m doing a facial consisting of exfoliating and masking on the day I wash my hair. I usually deep condition my hair with a face mask on while taking green tea. It makes me feel like I have no problem in the world. Even doing my daily skincare like cleansing and moisturizing is self care to me.


This is literally the least, amongst everything I do, and I mean even the ones I didn’t mention. But I’m trying to do as much as I can. I started exercising again last month but I became inconsistent because for some reason, I was eating less and I exercise to keep fit, and if possible a little weight gain. So not eating well while exercising was counteracting the purpose of the exercise. But I love exercising, anytime I can.

Some Self Care Ideas.

1.) Consciously drink plenty water.

2.) Get 8 hours of sleep.

3.) Call a family member or friend.

4.) Go for a walk.

5.) Take a long shower.

6.) Drink a healthy tea.

7.) Listen to a podcast.

8.) Practice gratitude. Write a list of things you’re grateful for.

9.) Indulge in your comfort food.

10.) Cook and eat a healthy meal.

11.) Declutter your belongings.

12.) Wear an outfit that makes you feel good.

13.) Listen to your favourite playlist and sing at the top of your lungs.

14.) Read a book. A hardcopy book preferably.

15.) Edit who you follow on social media.

16.) Massage your scalp.

17.) Exfoliate your skin. Give yourself a facial.

18.) Talk positively to yourself.

19.) Write yourself a love letter.

20.) Compliment yourself.

21.) Pray

Thanks for reading.

Dpo you practice self care? What do you do for self care?

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Blogmas Day 14|A Quick Reminder.

Welcome to blogmas day 14.

We’re 2 weeks into this and I feel so proud of myself right now. I want to use this opportunity to thank all you who have been reading and commenting😊😊 It really goes a long way to help motivate this girl, so I appreciate you guys.

Today’s post would be really quick. It’s just going to be me reminding about some things I’m sure you already know but needs to be said again.

What others think of you is not your concern.

You have the right to say no or change your mind without an explanation.

Struggling does not mean you’re failing. Give yourself some credit.

Everybody you started with can’t go to the next level with you.

A shorter process doesn’t always mean it’s the wrong way. Sometimes, less is more.

Don’t become attached to people’s approval.

A conversation about how you feel shouldn’t be an argument.

Stop choosing what’s not choosing you.

Prayer is a form of self love.

Make room for what you ask for.

Thanks for reading.

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Blogmas Day 13|Quick Fixes For A Bad Hair Day.

Welcome to blogmas day 13.

Have you ever twisted or braided your hair, expecting a bomb hairstyle the next day? Or you’ve imagined how your that hairstyle you’ve planned is going to be but it doesn’t come out as planned? Girl, me too.

I’ll be sharing some solutions to salvage your hair game.


I love me a pretty headwrap. It’s a perfect solution for a bad hair day and can work for all hair lengths cause you’re literally hiding your hair, except you want a style where your hair still shows. Just get a pretty headwrap and tie it to your style. The good thing about headwraps, there are different ways to style it to suit your style.


Am I the only person who thinks that wigs are lifesavers? They are a good alternative for headwraps when you need to wear cooperate clothes (this is what I just personally feel). Perfect for all hair lengths too. Just throw a wig cap on and put on your wig.


High puff has been saving the natural hair girls since 1960. Just throw your hair in a puff sis. It’s a go to style for almost everyone, but for some reason I feel high puffs look weird on me, but I wear it anyways (I can actually count the number of times I’ve worn a high puff and that says a lot). It can work with different hair lengths too.


Do you know there are satin lined facecaps too? I know, that’s amazing. You can now wear a facecap and still protect your hair with the gentle texture of a satin material. Perfect for when you don’t want to be bothered with your hair and still look amazing.

Faux Ponytails

This is another chic hairstyle that I love. But it can only be a quick fix if your hair is long enough to be put in a quick ponytail before attaching the faux ponytail. It’s beautiful anyways, and if you get a ponytail with your hair texture, you might just get away with making people believe that it’s your hair.

There, you have it! 5 quick fixes to get you through a bad hair day.

Thanks for reading.

What’s your go-to for a bad hair day?

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Blogmas Day 12|You Should Quit Assuming Today.

Welcome to blogmas day 12.

Today we’re talking about another toxic behaviour we have to leave in 2020. Assumption. Assumption is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen without proof. I’m guilty of this and I even got into a pretty heated argument because I assumed that someone was supposed to know something but didn’t.

Assumption happens when there’s an unwillingness to ask questions to feel up blank spaces of an information or situation. In the absence of complete information, you have to fill in the blank spaces yourself which most of the time, is wrong. With your own version of the story, you start connecting dots that are non existent.

It’s important to start asking questions because you don’t live in another person’s mind. I remember when this saying was trending on social media “you should hear my silence” or something around that line. How are we supposed to hear what you’re not saying? You shouldn’t assume that somebody knows something when you haven’t stated it plainly.

Some people may say actions speak louder than words, but why are your actions and words counteracting each other? That’s not meant to be so. Your words should align with your actions so that the other party can avoid assumptions. And for the other party, ask questions!

Why you should stop assuming.

1.) Assumptions can make you miss opportunities.

2.) Assumptions causes you to make errors in decision making and in your actions.

3.) Assumptions can make you overconfident and that can be dangerous.

4.) Assumptions can make you misunderstand people because you don’t give them a chance to explain themselves.

5.) Assumptions can make you cultivate a negative mindset.

6.) Assumptions can stop you from taking responsibility for your life. They allow you to hide behind the version of your story you’ve created with false information so that you won’t own your part in the true story.

Thanks for reading.

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